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  1. very very small update. I was just playing and didnt like the shotgun sound anymore. so I changed it. I may have changed other stuff but its been like, a year, man. idr
  2. woah!! thanks so much for playing w/ both, I hadn't considered how it'd pair with colander but it seems like a really tight combo. that was really awesome to watch. The tunnel system in map01 being marked secret was sort of just something to amuse myself tbh. I noticed how many people never noticed it and marked it lol.
  3. I've played so many maps that are a lot like the former, with map01 I tried to make the secrets like, tucked away but not reliant on having texture alignment senses. I enjoy secrets you can just accidentally walk into. and yeah! I was trying really hard in map02 to squeeze something gross looking outta the stock textures. Just going whole ham on making the level like a metal cover or something w/ blood and machines everywhere. will probably use a similar texture palette in future.
  4. awesome! thanks for the demo haha, glad yall had fun. It's really cool to see these encounters in motion from a totally blind playthru. wishing I made map02's opening area as open as map01's in terms of allowing the player to stretch their legs a little in a heated moment. everybody just retreats to that little nook next to the blue door but there aren't a lot of options besides that. tbh the most surprising part of demos/videos of these is people missing the secrets in map01 but zooming right in on map02's. seems way more obscure, but like doomers are trained to zoom right in on out-of-place textures lol.
  5. Loved watching this! Really flashy set of mods and your reactions were golden. And yeah, you really put it well how I approach setting up encounters lol.
  6. A couple of challenging maps built within vanilla format and constraints (tested w/ chocorenderlimits). No SSG. Inspired by BTSX, Plutonia and E2/E4 vibes. IWAD - Doom 2 Port - Tested with Eternity and Chocolate Doom, should work fine in anything. Difficulty - UV and HMP have been tested but I've flagged some stuff to be different on lower, too. Texture credits in the CREDITS lump post demos if you dare linky
  7. Colander 1.5 aka Slaughtertools is now out! Download here, changelog in OP: DOWNLOAD
  8. yo, so colare has had a very very very minor revision regarding a few palette related issues. you can get it here. enjoy.
  9. Colander is now out! 1.0 aka Interloper is here. Download here: DOWNLOAD
  10. Colander (Colare) is a gampeplay mod for the Eternity Engine (DRDTeam builds advised. you can get the latest HERE) 1.5 out now! Get it here: DOWNLOAD The project started as a recreation of STRAIN's gameplay and feel, intended to be a scary, stressful experience without totally betraying the player. STRAIN has a lot of abnormalities which I like that come from it trying to be a "real sequel" to Doom. I expanded the scope to be more of an elaboration of STRAIN's ideas, turning into it's own beast with it's own gritty occult vibe. Almost all monsters and weapons are altered, some beyond recognition. All the tweaks and changes should compound to encourage a more Ultimate Doom playstyle; more movement, less camping corners and chokes with the SSG. UV is not-insignificantly harder than vanilla in the majority of cases, but your mileage may vary. Playtests are usually conducted with the Scythe series, BTSX and Plutonia. Add-ons and small mutators are planned. Come say hi in the #colare channel at [Secreta Lounge]. I'd like to hear from you if you've got any questions or suggestions, and you can get indev versions that are posted. v1.5 changelog: CREDITS:
  11. _sink

    Why Linux remains unpopular?

    I think it's a perception thing. Before moving to Linux thinking of dual booting was very daunting and moving entirely was all about weighing up how much I'd be giving up to move to the mysterious programmer operating system. Now I'm here, as a casual desktop user learning Linux has been the best decision related to computers I've ever made. Although I've had a lot of help, nothing I've learned or been shown how to do couldn't be gleamed from reading a little bit of a manual or looking at a comprehensive wiki like Arch has. Finding replacement software is more daunting than it seems imo. It's one line to find something I want to install and one line to install it, and one to remove it. Most of the replacements I've grabbed do exactly what I need them to, some work even better than I anticipated. Emacs alone is far superior to any tools I had on windows. My gaming habits generally don't demand anything beyond what proton can handle, though, so I can't be sure gaming on Linux isn't a bigger issue than I've experienced it being. I started learning Linux last fall, on Debian and then Void. Since then I've learned all the weird idiosyncratic shit windows does is just to keep you in fear of your computer. To encourage superstitious thinking. There's a learning curve to Linux distros, and incantations to learn, but nothing as ridiculous as having to navigate through generations of windows UI to change DNS settings, or like virtualstore. My PC doesn't hide anything it doesn't trust me with anymore. Windows seems maliciously designed with how limiting it's core features are and how hard it makes it seem from the inside to switch to anything else. Like it's geared towards selling it's tech support rather than providing a system its users can understand.
  12. Hey, is it too late to join in? If not, sign me up for a doom 2 episode! I'm looking to do 12 maps + custom music.
  13. _sink


    These are pretty engaging maps! I'm not that great at doom so I died a couple of times in both maps. The outdoor area of the second one was my fav. The final room of the second level in my opinion sorta spikes in difficulty and doesn't seem as structured as the rest of the level, though.
  14. hey! thanks to everybody who's played so far. im really glad if you've enjoyed the maps and hope you'll enjoy what I'll be making soon! i wanna stick to these sort of dreamy weird vibes. next maps I make might involve a portal gimmick or two. this was really awesome to see!! thanks so much for streaming them. also to clarify these aren't my first maps i've made or released, I have a wad on the zdoom forums as well iirc but that was a while ago. the music is also .ogg, to save filesize. I'll drop MP3s in the OP soon.