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  1. Hey, is it too late to join in? If not, sign me up for a doom 2 episode! I'm looking to do 12 maps + custom music.
  2. _sink


    These are pretty engaging maps! I'm not that great at doom so I died a couple of times in both maps. The outdoor area of the second one was my fav. The final room of the second level in my opinion sorta spikes in difficulty and doesn't seem as structured as the rest of the level, though.
  3. hey! thanks to everybody who's played so far. im really glad if you've enjoyed the maps and hope you'll enjoy what I'll be making soon! i wanna stick to these sort of dreamy weird vibes. next maps I make might involve a portal gimmick or two. this was really awesome to see!! thanks so much for streaming them. also to clarify these aren't my first maps i've made or released, I have a wad on the zdoom forums as well iirc but that was a while ago. the music is also .ogg, to save filesize. I'll drop MP3s in the OP soon.
  4. Architecture and Mortality is a boom compatible 3 map set for Doom 2, with new graphics and music by me. Tested primarily with Eternity, as well as PRBoom+ (boom complevel) and GZDoom. Easy to medium difficulty. Third level takes a lot of inspiration from Plutonia :P <Screenshots> The level design was primarily inspired by my recent experience traversing airports. <Download>
  5. _sink

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Clean your Doom: The official self help mod.