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  1. So also like that I don't the data file (com.opentouchgaming.delta.touch)? I just want to play normally in peace without any complications
  2. Thank You so much for the help, just want to know that I am using zandronum to play MegaMan 8-bit Deathmatch which is a complete mod for zandronum or doom2 as I remember but replaced with Megaman character and assets. So my question is would it work well in my tablet 7.0 android?
  3. Thanks but I would be appreciated if you showed me steps like with photos or just obvious words steps. Because this process seems hard to me to do, and I really want to play
  4. Hello everyone I am new here! I also have a problem with delta touch. Whenever I download it and download a Wad file for it (MM8BDM.Wad), the game doesn't open. I searched for internet about how I can solve,and the solution was to have an specific folder which is called (com.opentouchgaming.delta.touch) as I remember, and I need this folder to put my Wad files in it to play, but my issue is I can't find, it seems that this folder should be in "Android" folder but I searched for it I found nothing about that delta touch folder. So please if anyone know why or how I can fix that problem, so please tell me Thanks for reading!