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  1. Dusted off this old account to say this is awesome. Maybe I will finally be motivated enough to complete something.
  2. mikeo007

    TEXTURE lumps question for pwads

    perfect, that's easy to handle then. thanks
  3. mikeo007

    TEXTURE lumps question for pwads

    The way I have it set up now is that it paints the texture even if there's a missing patch, just leaving the "empty" area white. That way I'm not discarding the data or making it seem like it doesn't exist, but I'd still like to try and handle the multiple WAD scenario. I guess an easy way to deal with some cases would be to also allow the user to specify an IWAD and search it for patches if they're not found in the PWAD. Allowing multiple PWADS to be loaded should also be doable, although I'll have to look into some things like which one is supposed to take priority when there's more than one PWAD.
  4. mikeo007

    TEXTURE lumps question for pwads

    Ok, that's what I thought might be happening. The PNAMES entries are definitely there, there's just no patch data between the patch markers. Only dealing with vanilla WADs for now, so no worries about cumulative lumps. I will just handle these similar to how SLADE does by giving a "missing patch" message and not displaying the texture.
  5. Is it common for a TEXTURE lump to refer to missing patches? I'm asking because I'm writing a tool to parse WAD files, and I'm finding that many PWADS contain textures that reference patches which aren't included in the actual WAD. I'm not sure exactly how I should interpret this behaviour when parsing the WAD files. For example, GOTHICTX.wad's first texture (AASHITTY) references the patch "BODIES" which doesn't exist in the WAD. Same thing with ASHWALL2, ASHWALL3 & ASHWALL4 (RW22_1, RW22_2 & RW22_3). Should I just discard any textures with missing patches, or is there a use for these that I'm not seeing?
  6. mikeo007

    Basic question - room over/under another room

    You can stack any of the modules. You just change the elevations so they don't clip into each other, then connect them with some halls and stairs. Right and left bumper change elevations on PS4.
  7. mikeo007

    Mapping questions thread

    I can't remember, do the HUD messages allow you to display a string variable? If so, you could set the hud message to be a single string variable, and then modify it and concatenate the values you want. You just need to build the string whenever you update any of the variables that it's displaying.
  8. mikeo007

    Snapmap puzzle solutions?

    You need to teleport yourself into the exit room to complete it. Use the AI proxy with an action that had the attacker as the activator, then tie it to the teleport destination (which you put it in the exit room).
  9. mikeo007

    E1M8 Remake - My first SnapMap

    Hey look at that, I'm in the community picks section. Give it a try folks!
  10. mikeo007

    Snapmap Has Issues

    If you've hit the ceiling on code allowed, then there's undoubtedly some optimization you can do. Welcome to the life of a programmer.
  11. mikeo007

    Snapmap puzzle solutions?

    You can only revive if you're incapacitated. If you're dead, it won't work. So you need a trigger to incapacitate yourself and then a slightly delayed one to revive.
  12. mikeo007

    Mapping questions thread

    You're right, it only allows you to adjust overall player damage. You might be able to rig up logic to change this on weapon swap by using player input and tracking what weapons a player has. Seems like a lot of work to implement though. Still, if you want to try it, that's where I'd start.
  13. mikeo007

    Snapmap puzzle solutions?

    That's the player blocking volume one. That's the only one that stumped me for more than a minute or two.
  14. mikeo007

    Snapmap puzzle solutions?

    If I remember that one right, the explanation is a bit misleading. What is the actual win condition? I thought it had something to do with teleporting the player using the AI proxy (and attacker property of the on-hurt output). Its been a while since I completed these, so not exactly sure.
  15. mikeo007

    Mapping questions thread

    You want to use a single demon encounter spawner. Spawners have an "Assign Team" input, so call that when you start your map and assign each spawner a different team. Alternatively you could use the team proxy to assign a team with the "on spawn" event from the spawner. Hell Knights seem to wreck revnants in most areas (no room to fly).