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  1. Squashfoot

    Reeking Of Mordeth

    Isn't that the charachter from Return to Castle Wolfenstein?
  2. Squashfoot

    im too lazy to update my page

    What does tobester's sister look like?
  3. Squashfoot


    Can you find the post with the most references to the word "Nuzzle"? I'll give you a hint. Lake of Fire.
  4. Squashfoot

    The FCC

    how did south park get away with there shit episode. What made it legal. It was one of the most remarkable things i had ever seen on cable television.
  5. Squashfoot

    I love...

    I should be careful though, cuz i don't really want such a scar. Too much character is bad karma. And besides, what would be funnier?
  6. Squashfoot

    half-life outrage

    yeah, I missed the button part, but still just typing it is easier than bb code. "Damn, YOu think Squashfoot'd get it all straight."
  7. Squashfoot

    I love...

    Yes, and I should be a mod too. If i were stupid i would have meant that and asked and pleaded to be a mod, so i could get the word Lout under my handle. But i didn't mean it, i don't smoke that much weed.
  8. Squashfoot

    half-life outrage

    yeah, i understand the bbcode, and i found the FAQ that's around like a week ago, but i stil find it easier to just type quote: and paste. i think,,,, ok, well thanx
  9. Squashfoot

    half-life outrage

    quote: Free LAN? $*#&@! I have to play $6 an hour...or $10 for 3 hours, if it's a tourney... this way of quoting is so much easier. sorry. I play free lan at Uni with some guys on friday. TFC. It's great.
  10. Squashfoot

    Stupid Page I did

  11. Squashfoot

    Stupid Page I did

    Once some of my friends and i were pranking, and my friend, in a deep voice, asked the man who answered if he could borrow some pantyhose. I lmao(passed tense)
  12. Squashfoot

    Michelle Branch

    One time i heard one of her songs on the radio while my girlfriend and i were driving around town. And i said, "who's this? Ashley Jo... stop....(in my head) oh shit cuz ashley jones was this girl my GF didn't like cuz she was trying to get me to leave my gf and fuck her instead. BAd slip
  13. Squashfoot

    Gun control

    I remember a semester ago in college three Proffessors came to speak about "violence, the up and coming pandemic" or some shit. Well, one professor was very targeted on violence in nature and the human species is the only one that kill it's own kind the way we do. We do it out of anger, pride, selfishness, protection, sometimes for fun, when it comes to the phycos. Not to say being a pshyco is a bad thing, different story. But sure, some animals are trained to kill another, dogs and things, but wildly, it's quite rare. Unless someone has some evidence otherwise. I'd be happy to know of it. We are also the only species that commints self violence to end suffering or when we feel bad. Some species have been known to know a tail off, but only when caught by something, like a trapp or fallen rock, something of the sort.