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  1. By the way, it seems that Raze does not currently support skyboxes. I assumed those worked like any of the other texture packs, is that not the case?
  2. I see that Phredreeke asked how did I load Cryptic Passage via CLI. This is how: @echo off cd D:\Raze folder\Blood folder ren tiles007.art bart007.ar_ ren tiles015.art bart015.ar_ ren cpart07.ar_ tiles007.art ren cpart15.ar_ tiles015.art cd.. raze -iwad blood.rff -ini "CRYPTIC.INI" -file blood_ogg.zip bloodbgupscale.zip bloodupscale207b.zip smoothbloodupscale.zip voxels_blood_093.zip -mh nbloodbg.def bloodcpsafe.def smoothblood.def smoothblood_sprites.def cd D:\Raze folder\Blood folder ren tiles007.art cpart07.ar_ ren tiles015.art cpart15.ar_ ren bart007.ar_ tiles007.art ren bart015.ar_ tiles015.art cd..
  3. So, FAITD can be run with Raze now: Put all data files in the same folder as the ones for the other games. Put FAITD.RFF, however, in Raze's root folder. Use the following CLI: raze -iwad blood.rff -ini FAITD.INI -rff FAITD.RFF -snd FAITD.RFF -quick
  4. I might be able to try a few permutations out on this machine, if you want. This is a laptop with dedicated switchable graphics. I unfortunately can't recall if the first couple of times I saw this, the renderer was set to use the dedicated graphics or not. In any case, we can set up some scenarios and then I can try to reproduce them. Let me know. :)
  5. Yeah, I eventually managed to realize that it was just the Main Menus that were not being upscaled. As for the upscale packs, here they are: https://www.moddb.com/games/blood/addons/blood-upscale-pack-207 https://www.moddb.com/games/shadow-warrior/addons/shadow-warrior-upscale-pack I'll see about creating a GitHub account so I can post whatever else I find in there. Thanks!
  6. Using the abovementioned console I was able to solve Final Alone in the Dark's problem. It couldn't find FAITD.RFF, even though it was in the exact same folder as FAITD.INI (which it loaded without issue). So, I simply moved FAITD.RFF to the Raze root folder and that was it. Now the mod is playable! :)
  7. So, I noticed v0.7.1 is out, and I did a little testing. I deleted every configuration and log file to start as fresh as possible. So, most of the differences could be tracked to having to re-enter my configuration settings again. In any case, here are some findings compared to v0.6.0: * Final Alone in the Dark (Blood Mod) still doesnt work unless you use the exact same ZIP file found in ModDB. However, now it at least launches into the main menu and when you try to launch a chapter it gives you a console message telling you the error. * It doesn't seem to be loading the HRPs for Shadow Warrior (+expansions) and Duke Nukem. This can be seen because in SW's HRP has a high-resolution version of the Main Menu, and Duke directly tells you the HRP is loaded. * In Blood and its expansions, loading the upscale pack now makes the weapons severely oversized. * I noticed the whole screen becoming corrupted upon entering an episode in Blood (+expansions) and Shadow Warrior. Any kind of enemy movement clears it locally, and moving your character clears the whole thing at once. It doesn't happen always, and I couldn't identify the cause yet. * The Blood Upscale Pack breaks something in Cryptic Passage, causing the boat you appear in to become corrupted and some parts of (at least) the first stage to exhibit noclip-like artifacting. Now the boat is still corrupted, but in a different way. And the noclip-like artifacting seems to be gone. * In Shadow Warrior, the katana's default position on widescreen resolutions caused it to appear cut-off. Now it properly "leans" against the right side of the frame.
  8. So I forgot to report this, but NoOne did get back to me at the beginning of June and updated ModDB with a version of FAITD that does work with Raze. If one follows the readme to the tee, the game can be run. In my limited testing, I was not able to simply dump the FAITD's files in the Blood data folder I keep within Raze and create a .BAT that allows me to run the game there, but at least it CAN be separately played through Raze now.
  9. Perfect, that did the trick. Thank you both! :)
  10. Might be a mod issue, yeah. I still find it weird that apparently only a couple of spots are affected (the first two boats and a few secret doors). In any case, I looked for the SMK/WAV files in GOG's OUWB and didn't find them. Gonna try to find them one more time.
  11. Would it be feasible to include non-Build based engines on Raze? Or is Build an intrinsic, unavoidable part of it?
  12. Well, I managed to get in touch and they said they will take a look at it. So, fingers crossed. As an aside, I found out that Phredreeke's Sprite Upscale pack breaks the first couple of boats in Cryptic Passage. The Background Upscale and Voxel Packs get along with it nicely, though. Also, GOG's OUWB does not seem to have Blood 1's cinematics. I copied the ones from Fresh Supply and edited BLOOD.INI accordingly, but I still can't get them to display.
  13. So I started to tinker away. I was feeling pretty confident, having isolated the .ogg music in a .zip file, putting the movies into the base folder, changing every file to have a FAITD prefix like other Blood mods and editing the .INI accordingly to pick up all those changes. Then I saw that the FAITD did not have any .MAP files whatsoever. No problems, I thought: I'll just take a look at every iteration of the mod, take the files from them and use those. But there were two maps I could not find in any other version of the mod. And then I discovered that FAITD did not have a single KVX file within it, so there was not going to be any voxels in the game. I gave up. Does anyone know if NoOne can be contacted and asked to produce a proper final version of the mod, one that already has all needed files (including the weapons mod) and can be played with NBlood/Raze?
  14. So, in order to install this in Raze, I extracted the contents of the .zip file into the folder with the Blood data files. I then utilized the following CLI: raze -iwad blood.rff sounds.rff -ini "ira.ini" -file bloodupscale207b.zip bldvxp092.zip -mh bloodupscale.def I did not include -art WD\IRA because that folder is empty in the zip file, so it provides nothing extra. The rest is me toying with Phredreekee's Blood upscales and the Voxel pack to see if they make any difference. It all seems to run fine, but i'm going to check out against some youtube videos to confirm. Anyway, I have a question. I am trying to add Final Alone in the Dark (https://www.moddb.com/mods/final-alone-in-the-dark/downloads) to the mix. I see a couple of issues with that, however: None of the files in this mod have a FAITD-specific prefix. It has many files with the exact same filename as the base game. I could try to sort-of hack it together like with TWOI, but there are just a few more variables to consider than I am comfortable with. So, has anyone successfully gotten Final Alone in the Dark (and its separate Weapons Mod) to work on Raze?
  15. You know what would be amazing? If eventually grandgreed or Phredreeke could make upscale packs, much like what they did with Hexen and Blood.