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  1. Thanks, I'll try it. Still don't know how to fix eviternity though. By the way, with eviternity, there's one new monster that appears in game- the nightmare demon. The other ones are normal. I looked at Doomwiki and found out, that the nightmare demon replaces the helper dog, which probably isn't in zandronum so the demon has it's own number. Other monsters replace monsters like commander keen, SS, or the Baron of hell. Those ones already have existing numbers, so for some reason, they are not replaced.
  2. I use Zandronum. Currently I'm playing Eviternity.
  3. I'm sorry for bothering people around, but i've got a problem. When I'm playing wads such as eviternity or strain, the custom monsters that are supposed to replace normal ones do not appear. Normal mosters appear instead. I've never seen any thread about this issue, so I would be really grateful if anyone knew the solution to this. Thank you very much.