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Everything posted by E.M.

  1. Sneak peek of a little project I'm working on.
  2. E.M.

    Mass Extinction megawad: Now on Idgames.

    This is a great wad. I love the abstract level design. However, I encountered a problem with MAP15. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get into this secret to flip the switch that opens the door to the secret level. Is it broken or do I just suck?
  3. I'm glad you thought my map was decent, despite it being something I quickly made in only 3 hours late at night. If we ever have another community project like this, I'll be sure to put a lot more work into the map I make.
  4. E.M.

    Doom Eternal TV Spot Trailer

    I agree that the use of hip hop in the ad was cringe, but as someone said earlier, this is meant to be aired on television. Television is the realm of ultra-normies. Metal scares them, so they had to go with music that was less threatening.
  5. E.M.

    What are you playing now?

    So I decided to play around with the Pingas mod. It's funny, but my problem with it is that there's not enough Pingas. Every single sound effect should have been replaced with Pingas. If you're gonna make a Pingas mod, then there should be a deafening cacophany of Pingas.
  6. E.M.

    Your wads, hand em over.

    Put the wads in the bag! PUT 'EM IN! Anyway, here's this thing I made a little while ago.
  7. E.M.

    What are you playing now?

    I just played through Perdition's Gate. It was nice and challenging and I liked the custom textures throughout. Some encounters even reminded me of Plutonia. The final level was a letdown, though. Your only major obstacle are two cyberdemons and an archvile, and you can cheese that fight by standing between the stairs and one of the pillars. If you do that, then the cyberdemons won't even notice you. Once the wall lowers, just ran past the archvile and you're done. I still liked the overall experience, though. It almost makes me want to make a map in that style and using those textures.
  8. Here you go. https://www.wad-archive.com/wad/4b73f1c763d860d4b390a84071cf4ddd Make sure you click the link that says static.dudoomers.com. The other one requires a Wad Archive account.
  9. E.M.

    Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid

    This wad is so bad I actually kinda like it. 10/10 IGN GOTY
  10. E.M.

    Worst WADS?

    Nazi Auferstehung is objectively the worst wad. wow.wad had the excuse of being made by someone who was only 10 years old at the time. The author of Doom: Rampage Edition at least put in the effort to make actual levels, even if they sucked. Joke wads and troll wads are intentionally designed to be bad. Nazi Auferstehung doesn't have any of those excuses. The author ripped a bunch of assets from other wads without giving any credit, and then he used SLIGE to randomly generate 29 maps. The exceptions are maps 30, 31, and 32, which were ripped from Freedoom. The whole thing is the epitome of laziness. It's made even more infuriating because the kid clearly knew how to import assets, but he couldn't be bothered to put in the effort to make actual maps. Oh, and the gameplay is unbelievably boring.
  11. I worked on this WAD over the past four days. I'd like to thank @Walter confetti and his 64KB map challenge for giving me the idea. This is a set of seven maps, each one being 64KB in size or less as well as being vanilla compatible. These maps were fun to make, though in all honesty, I wish I could have expanded upon them more. There are certain parts where you could tell that I wanted to make the map bigger but the filesize limitations prevented me from doing so. In regards to the filename, that was the name I gave to the final project file that I saved the individual maps into and I couldn't be bothered to come up with a better name, so I left it as is. Anyway, here are the technical details: * IWAD: DOOM2 * Compatibility: Vanilla * Tested with: Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom, prboom+, glboom+, Eternity, GZDoom * Jumping and mouselook are allowed * Each map can be pistol started * Difficulty settings are implemented Screenshots: Download: EM64_01.zip
  12. I'm glad you liked it. Doom 2 and Doom 2 The Way Id Did were my main sources of inspiration for these maps. In regards to the Hell Knights, perhaps I could have diversified the monster encounters a bit instead of just putting a bunch of Hell Knights in places. As for the Chaingunners on the boxes, that was sort of an homage to MAP02 from Alien Vendetta with the Shotgunners on the boxes. Though in all honesty, perhaps they could have been put to better use elsewhere. I'll also try to come up with better ideas for secrets.
  13. Tutti frutti not fresh not fruity. EDIT: Changing the texture to SILVER1 seemed to fix it.
  14. The 64 KB community project has inspired me to make a series of maps around that concept.
  15. Since this is now a serious community project, can OP rename my map to "Doomy Bridge"?
  16. I was reminded of this:
  17. That was a nice short wad. I should make one of my own. EDIT: And here it is. I whipped this up in about three hours. SEEXTEEFOOR.zip Name: SEEXTEEFOOR (I couldn't be bothered to come up with a proper title.) IWAD: DOOM2 Compatibility: I didn't use any Boom features and I didn't find any visplane overflows, so I'm pretty sure this is vanilla compatible. Use Crispy Doom or above just to be safe. Tested with: GZDoom, GLBoom+, PRBoom+, Eternity, Crispy Doom Custom music: A MIDI rendition of "London's Bridge Is Falling Down". The babby music in OP's wad inspired me to do this. Size: 43.8 KB Screenshots:
  18. E.M.

    Least favorite classic Doom or Doom 2 map?

    The Chasm. Just, The Chasm.
  19. E.M.

    Bloom - Doom/Blood crossover

    This mod made the big leagues, because GmanLives just did a video on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IL0YOvsZchA
  20. I'm close to completing my 11th map. I recently developed pink eye which has made it hard for me to concentrate, so I'm not going as fast as I had hoped. I might be able to get it finished if I stay up all night tonight. EDIT: As promised, I stayed up all night to finish the WAD. I call it Extra Spicy. There's not much of a story to it. Just go out and kill some demons. It starts off rather easy but it gradually gets harder. This is the first beta. After working on this for a month straight, I think I'm gonna take a break. It was still fun to make, though, and it was a great learning experience for me. I can confidently say that I'm much better at making maps now than I was when I started the project. Anyway, here are the technical details. IWAD: DOOM2 Required Sourceport: ZDoom-based, GZDoom is recommended Jumping is allowed, freelook is encouraged New maps: MAP01-MAP11 Screenshots: Download link: EXTRASPICY_BETA_V01.zip
  21. E.M.

    Which monsters you have faced as ghosts?

    The exact same thing happened to me in that level.
  22. E.M.

    The longest WAD ever made

    Absolutely incredible experience 10/10 GOTY
  23. I'm working on my ninth map right now. Some are homages to my favorite maps from WADs like Hell Revealed, though I do change things up a bit so that way they're not exact copies. I also read an old thread from here which talked about Pueblo architecture in Doom, which inspired me to make this. Oh, and a cacoswarm.
  24. E.M.

    Doom Eternal release posponed to March 2020

    Bethesda is notorious for releasing unfinished products, so I'm surprised they chose to delay the release.
  25. E.M.

    What makes a level fun?

    HERE COMES FLAME BOI Serious answer: Fun is incredibly subjective because what one person might find fun another person will not. Some people like slaughter maps. Others like maps with lots of puzzles. Others just want to run and gun. You're never going to please everyone, so as others have said, make something that you enjoy.