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  1. 4 minutes ago, Egg Boy said:

    Cool can’t wait to see it, hope you use some different textures and craft some unique themes. May I suggest 32in24-15 Tex?


    I'm definitely gonna be using custom textures. Vanilla textures are fine and good, but now I'm at the point where I want more variety.

  2. I began to seriously consider switching over to Linux shortly after Microsoft started forcing people to upgrade to Windows 10. That was back in October 2015, I believe. I figured out how to avoid the forced upgrade and keep using Windows 7, but the fact that Microsoft was forcing people to use a product they didn't want left a really bad taste in my mouth. I then learned that Windows 10 spies on you to a terrifying degree, which gave me even more of a reason to not use it. I tested out several Linux distros in virtual machines over the years and I've taken the greatest liking to Manjaro. I still use Windows 7, but I know that support for it has ended, so when the time finally comes for me to get a new computer, I'm switching to Linux in a heartbeat.

  3. I disagree with Dean of Doom's latest video. Hell Revealed 2 is actually one of my favorite wads. Sure, the quality is inconsistent because it was made by multiple mappers, there are plenty of dickish traps, and there are certain parts that are definitely a pain in the ass (that archvile jump secret in MAP04 is an obvious one), but the spectacularly brutal slaughterfests of maps like "The Path II", "Resistance Remains", and "Playground" make up for it. I also don't think it looks ugly. Not entirely, anyway. Certain maps, especially those by Jonas Feragen, feature some amazing vanilla-compatible detailing.


    10 hours ago, VoanHead said:

    I think I might just personally rip the midis of HR2 for my own enjoyment than ever play it lmao. I've seen decino's playthru of HR2 and I gotta say it has to be one of grindiest wads I have ever seen.


    Trust me, the first Hell Revealed is way grindier than the second.

  4. 1 hour ago, Major Arlene said:

    This stuff happens relatively often on the wiki (less often than it has been but just be patient folks).

    I'm guessing it was down for maintenance?

  5. Has anyone found any other game-breaking bugs or glitches? If not, I'll go ahead and upload this to idgames after one final round of playtesting to make sure everything works. By the way, I also made an ENDOOM using the ENDEDIT tool @jval made. It's just another one of those "teehee funny" things the wad is full of.



  6. I recently made a vanilla compatible wad that got a great positive reaction, so yes, there's still demand for those kinds of maps. It's well-known that modern source ports give you a lot of freedom, but sometimes it's more interesting to work under the strict limitations of vanilla.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Snark said:

    Short and simple but efficient. Liked the archvile/hellknight trap in map 05. Considering it's this short it could've been a little prettier, but I guess I'm just a vain shell of a person. A good thing to do with your hands while listening to a podcast, thanks.

    I wished I could make it prettier, but the visplane limit wouldn't let me.