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  1. N1ck

    What's your greatest Doom accomplishment?

    I don't know man. I looked at this thread when it was first posted and I still cant think of anything.
  2. N1ck

    Cacodemon 3D Print

    Damn, I could probably fit that in my mouth.
  3. N1ck

    The Backyard

    I sit in a white plastic chair, slightly reclined back and ready to give dad-like advice to anyone who stumbles by. I am also wearing sunglasses despite being under the shady overhanging roof.
  4. N1ck

    Do you consider videogames an artform?

    Find one reason to not consider it an artform.
  5. I'm gonna be honest with you guys, I am completely stinky when it comes to Doom. Doom II is nothing to me, but Plutonia is just too much at times, mainly around map 10. Any wads (preferable megawads) with a difficulty somewhere between Doom II and Plutonia that progressively gets tougher?
  6. N1ck

    Melee combat in old FPSes

    The first time I found a sledgehammer I just bashed everyone's skull in. Literally everyone's. I didn't even know there was an achievement for it at the time. (Also minor necroposting)
  7. I prefer linear maps because I'm stoopid.
  8. N1ck

    So how do you make chainsaw usefull?

    That's why berserk is a powerup that lasts one level, not a weapon.
  9. N1ck

    So how do you make chainsaw usefull?

    The chainsaw isn't meant to be that powerful though. Its main goal is to be a last resort if you have it.
  10. N1ck

    Why Do Pwads Almost Never Have a Story

    I don't think most need one. Doom I and II's story was nothing more than a few text boxes every few maps. Doom focuses more on gameplay, not story.
  11. N1ck

    Archive Your Wads

    Alright I've updated Lost Moon Outpost's readme to have my credits. Also I'd recommend having the logo at the top be a link to the main page.
  12. N1ck

    Archive Your Wads

    Thanks for the offer, I'll do it when I get the chance.
  13. N1ck

    Archive Your Wads

    I've just realized the readme file for Lost Moon Outpost doesn't have any text saying that I made it. Oh well.
  14. N1ck

    Old music cds

    I have a Jar of Flies CD that I keep in my disk drive. I only bring this up because after starting up Quake's original executable, it tried reading the Quake disk so it could play the soundtrack. Gotta say, Nutshell isn't a good title theme song thematically for Quake.
  15. N1ck

    Favorite Map in Doom II?

    Map 29 without a doubt. Also downtown is like a close fourth.