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  1. spineapple tea

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    E2M7 still has work do be done but a good chunk of the layout is complete (there's still quite a bit of work to be done though). I haven't worked on it in a while because of other projects taking priority.
  2. spineapple tea

    Where can I find a website to buy/download Doom 1993.

    @S1NN3R_R Just for your convenience, I've gone through and checked: these are indeed safe and work alright. Happy demon hunting!
  3. spineapple tea

    Hexen not working well on GZDoom

    You're really just gonna say something like that without screenshots or anything? I'll just have to assume it's as bad or worse than when I tried playing Blood: Fresh Supply on a 15 year old laptop.
  4. spineapple tea

    Dreamed features in editors

    The classic renderer in UDB that mimics Doom's light-banding is really cool, but it'd be way cooler if I could also preview dynamic light effects in the editor. I have not even the slightest of an idea regarding how the sector glow effect works and it's very annoying to launch the game every time I make a change to see if it worked correctly.
  5. spineapple tea

    Is there any wads that go past map32

    Whenever 10-Line Massacre comes out, that'll beat it since that had 230 maps submitted. It's arguable whether or not maps in it would be considered troll maps though.
  6. spineapple tea

    Thrash Metal appreciation thread

    The other day I introduced my brother to Megadeth by playing The Conjuring while we were outside looking towards the thunderstorm going on. I wasn't expecting him to catch onto it too much, but he's been going through their albums chronologically the past few days. He just heard Rust in Peace and has been loving it. There's no better feeling than introducing somebody to a band and them actually liking it.
  7. spineapple tea

    Is this subforum new?

    I don't think I've ever recognized it before. Maybe we have been Mandela affected.
  8. I need this mug. Edit: how the fuck have you made that many posts in less than three years?
  9. How will skies be handled here? Will we be using episodic skies or will mappers be using sky transfer?
  10. spineapple tea

    TF2 screenshot appreciation thread

    This screenshot was taken six years ago. Time flies like a tennis ball in a tennis game; fast.
  11. Thank you very much for starting a proper Scythe tribute project. MAP24, please.
  12. It seems a little awkward since there aren't exactly "slots" per say, but I'd like to drop my equivalent to a slot if possible. Currently I have one other community project to contribute to and I'd like to finish that soon so I can have a clean schedule and do some personal mapping as summer vacation is approaching. Plus, the map I was working on has been a bit of a technical puzzle for me and it would either seem rushed and unsatisfactory to me, or scrapped and severely limit my vision of the map. Good luck to this project though, it really does seem to be shaping up to be something great.
  13. spineapple tea

    Who made the first Doom Source Port?

  14. spineapple tea

    Derpy Doom

    Cacoward material right here.
  15. spineapple tea


    As somebody who played for like two hours and hasn't seen even a tenth of what I've seen described here wondering how this has gone on how 25(!!!) pages, couldn't agree more.