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  1. The resurrect cheat was my absolute beloved when I started playing Doom, in fact I'm pretty sure it taught me how to spell 'resurrect' (I was probably 11 years old).
  2. spineapple tea

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Since when was there a secret invulnerability in MAP32?
  3. spineapple tea

    St. Anger isn't bad

    My biggest problem with St. Anger is the same problem I have with almost all their albums: Metallica can't write a song shorter than five minutes to save their lives. I honestly enjoy all Metallica albums (except for Reload, after Fuel it's fucking worthless frankly), but you can cut out at least two songs off of each one and trim down most by like 25% and doing so would make the experience of listening to one much more tolerable. Probably explains why Ride the Lightning is my favorite of theirs: it's the shortest one and the two "long" songs (Creeping Death and Call of Ktulu) are deservedly so. This cover of the whole album fixes this by cutting down on some of the longer songs and has a much more tolerable snare sound which, in my opinion, makes this is the definitive way to listen to the album. It's all very faithful while still having the best of St. Anger (plus the vocals are uncannily similar sounding to James Hetfield which, if they weren't, would be a pretty big pet peeve of mine). Then again though, I also love Risk, Super Collider, Load, and pretty much all "bad albums" of bands I like so maybe I'm talking out my ass here.
  4. spineapple tea

    grungo head art archive thread (ART IS SLOW BUT HERE)

    God this Doomworld story-arch is a doozy.
  5. spineapple tea

    grungo Q&A - ask grungo anything

    And to think this was just another dumb thread on the level of "why are cacodemons red."
  6. spineapple tea

    What are the most coherent original Doom level names?

    Knee Deep in the Dead has a lot of the level names could vaguely describe what's happening considering it's also the most 'normal' of all the episodes. Toxin Refinery has nukage pools that aren't just seeping into the level itself and the computer rooms could imply that it is, in fact, being refined. Computer Station is much more obvious being considering that yeah no shit it's a computer station. Phobos Anomaly kind of applies in a technical sense considering there is an Anomaly on Phobos. The Shores of Hell's opening map, Deimos Anomaly (which I just now realized is literally the same as E1M8's name but for a different moon), follows the same logic as E1M8. Containment Area is pretty dead on considering a large portion of the map is a crate maze, although that doesn't really explain why there's weird shit like crushers and a river of nukage. After that, most levels names don't make much sense, but the Tower of Babel is pretty spot on if we assume that we're at the top of it and that the intermission screen's depiction of the map is to be trusted. Inferno is basically just a bunch of nonsense when it comes to the levels and their respective names, pretty much just being whatever sounded cool. Unholy Cathedral I guess can be seen as a cathedral with its scale and architecture mixed with the 'unholy' imagery. Mt. Erebus deserves a shoutout for possibly being the least accurate level name considering the real Mt. Erebus is in fucking Antarctica. Besides that nothing else matches up and while I would've also done Thy Flesh Consumed, all of its map names are just random biblical phrases so literally none of it applies. In fact, if we're back on Earth after episode three, then Hell Beneath (E4M1) makes less than zero sense. In summary, Doom has mostly gibberish level names and they're just about as important as Doomguy's own name.
  7. I guess you're in luck because I'm deciding to drop my slot. I've just mentioned this in another project thread but I've been completely burnt out on Doom mapping. Hopefully that interest will return at some point but as it stands I'd rather someone else have this slot.
  8. spineapple tea

    Embryo: where each map is smaller than the last

    Sorry for the delayed response but I'm going to be dropping my slot due to a lack of mapping interest as of the last few months. I've somehow just completely burnt myself on mapping and God knows when the motivation will return. I wouldn't want to slow down the development of this project by holding this slot any longer. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. spineapple tea

    What are your favourite "Thanks for playing!" maps?

    I was almost certain someone would had to've mentioned Vanguard's last map by now.
  10. spineapple tea

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    After the original Doom's release, iD knew they wanted to deisgn larger maps with more vertical areas for its sequel. This meant that they'd have to add a jump mechanic to the game. Unfortunately, all of the people at iD were big fat idiot nerds who had never done anything athletic before and the only way those dumbasses could imagine someone suddenly ascending then descending was if some scary monster summoned a magical fire upon ye sorry ass. They created the archvile with this in mind, but they didn't like how awkward it was having to place a specific enemy where you needed to jump (let alone the damage you'd take), so they only put like five archviles in the whole game and "true jumping" is never required. The Doom community is full of dusty old idiots who like archaic and stupid rusty things though which is why these archvile jumps are so prevalent in PWADs. This post is an accurate account of the creation of the archvile.
  11. spineapple tea

    What did you miss

    Sounds stupid but I've never watched an episode of Spongebob. My mom told me that watching it would "make my brain rot" which actually scared tiny little me from watching it and I'd always hide from the big CRT if it ever came on. Here I am now five days away from turning 18 years old and my friends still make fun of me for never watching a single episode of it. I don't really regret it or anything but it seems like literally everyone else watched it and I just missed out on a massive part of everyone else's childhood.
  12. spineapple tea

    Favorite Sound In DOOM

    The pinky's death sound is funny because it sounds like a loud thud on someone's desk when it falls over.
  13. spineapple tea

    Favorite Band Logo?

  14. Picking up a bunch of health/armor bonuses shouldn't stack the amount of time it takes for the yellow tint to wear off and reduce the opacity of the red tint when you take damage because being completely blinded by it is the reason I die like 90% of the time after taking massive damage from a rocket or something. Also, the light amplification goggles shouldn't turn every sector to full bright, maybe just raise every sector's brightness by like 32 or something so you can still have lighting effects and the map doesn't turn ugly as ass all of a sudden.
  15. I've been almost completely burnt out when it comes to mapping these last few months. I'll try to finish what I have (which I think is mostly done layout wise) and then that'll probably be my last map for a while.