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  1. GeneralHiggs

    Doom SourcePort Texture Glitch

    I did watch a video of someone playing this level on the same port and this appears in there game as well. I guess Zandronum pushes the limitations of ID Tech 1 engine. I am glad to hear this is intended and not issue on my end.
  2. GeneralHiggs

    Doom SourcePort Texture Glitch

    You sure it looks fine Edward850? Watch this clip I recorded with Nvidia Shadowplay.
  3. GeneralHiggs

    Doom SourcePort Texture Glitch

    I was playing Doom on the Zandronum sourceport today and noticed this wierd texture glitch/artifact on level Nirvana, I have never seen this before and I played this level dozens of times. Is this caused by my GPU or caused by a software bug or driver problem?