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  1. Lucas

    First level

    Update: Hid many of the monsters in the dash-to-the-lift room in monster closets. Fixed a few minor bugs. Should be a little less luck based.
  2. Lucas

    First level

    Not sure how I could fix this. I made the enemies teleport when you shoot the former human to demonstrate that the next part was going to be a rush to the lift. I have it so that the walls are impassable and can be seen through by the enemies (so they think they can path toward you) but then they teleport before they can. If it were a closet that opened after hitting the linedef in the HK room, you would lose that demonstration in the beginning. I originally had the lift raise faster than its current state, but then it was frustrating to speedrun as you would exit the HK room after pressing the switch and the lift would be raising. I added the door to make the player shoot while not in line of sight of the enemies but that doesn’t work too well. I think you’re right in that I should add monster closets (and maybe add a few extra imps/shotgunners) and make the pinkies chill there at first. Would remove a bit of the luck involved with running it. Not sure how to avoid the player being able to cheese that section by letting the enemies just go down the lift, any thoughts?
  3. Lucas

    First level

    I expect the player to blaze through the first section (guess I should probably make that more obvious in the level design) and then once the player has a shotgun, they can take it more slowly and backtrack to the exit.
  4. Lucas

    First level

    I feel like I've done alright in terms of gameplay, but I don't know where to start with visuals. It feels fairly bland. Gameplay wise I think it is too luck dependent, what do you guys think? PB 22 seconds UV 22 seconds NM Par 30 seconds Edit: I forgot to mention what I'm aiming for in terms of gameplay. I want this level to be a fast level going toward the switch to open the exit door and a more careful level going back to the exit. I intentionally made ammo scarce and health non-existent on UV and NM. I think HMP may be too close to UV in difficulty. Edit 2: I just realized how much I suck with texture alignment. Some of those issues have been fixed in the new zip file. Edit 3: Somehow didn't add the correct version, now it's actually possible to hit par time. Update to the map (1.1): Made the initial dash-to-the-lift less luck based by hiding many of the demons behind closets. New PB on NM. gibus_v11.zip