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  1. Loving it so far, running on Arch Linux. One small thing, I can't select optional configs. It seems it doesn't know the path to where config files are stored. Probably since the G/L/ZDoom executables are stored in /usr/bin/ and configs are stored in /home/<user>/.config/gzdoom/gzdoom.ini for example. I also can't find a way to setup that path. Going to test some more and leave some more feedback. Another small thing is the engine path being displayed as ../../../../../usr/bin/gzdoom Not sure where all the ../../../../ are coming from, but it shouldn't be needed.
  2. spinvis

    Smooth Doom: Brightmapped Edition

    Just registered to say thanks a lot, finally Smooth Doom with bright maps. This will be in the autoload section for the foreseeable future. I hope you continue working on this, I'd love to see bright maps for the variant monster skins.