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  1. Hello, like as title says looking for this book, but I wish to find it in Europe (there are some pieces in US though) Thank for any help.
  2. TOVA

    Mapwich 2!! Come join the chaos

    Well In my situation joining there would be like going out from comfort area but Alright
  3. TOVA

    Katyusha - my 2nd map for DOOM 2

    @eirc thank you for your time to testing my map. After few minutes I think I'll move rocket launcher to Archies' area, just close to invulnerability sphere. About marking secrets: I don't know, how to "hide" them properly on the automap.
  4. TOVA

    Katyusha - my 2nd map for DOOM 2

    Thanks for your feedback. The issue fo red door requires maybe single action to add. About rocket launcher issue: The reason to change it was second half of map (in my opinion) got too easy. I moved R. Launcher from northern area to use SSG there and to make fight a bit more challenging. Maybe I overdone with Combat Armor. I'll think about BFG and blue armor in the future. Maybe moving BFG back to Archies room and move Armor to wide bright secret area. About some Secrets: maybe I will think about some "visible" markers, like a bit darker sector near wall or other spots.
  5. TOVA

    Katyusha - my 2nd map for DOOM 2

    Sorry for further inconvience And, thank you for suggestion, new .rar file has been set to first thread.
  6. TOVA

    Katyusha - my 2nd map for DOOM 2

    Update!!! - Changed issues with armour (replacing plasma gun with rocket launcher, removing rocket launcher from northern area. - Combat armor instead of BFG - Extented red key area. - All difficulties provided. katV2.rar
  7. TOVA

    Katyusha - my 2nd map for DOOM 2

    @mewbusi thank you for your will of test it, but can you wait a little bit? I'm gonna release "fixed" version, that some things will be changed according to my thoughts after few attempts. ;)
  8. UPDATE! See: katV2.rar Welcome again. Today I want to show to you my second map created for "The Descent of Evil" MWAD. In this map you have to run next to 48 Cyberdemons few Times and find 3 keys to activate crushers that kills these Rocket Bois. WAD tested by PrBoom+ and it is classic DOOM map, so no crouching, jumping, etc. There is "Ultra-Violence" difficulty done, lower ones will be given to you in next updates. Music used for this map is "Havana Smooth" from "Rise of the Triad" game. Feel free to test it yourself and to send feedback. Images below. .rar file: kat.rar katV2.rar
  9. Thanks for your advance comment. About flatness, I can surprise you, it is intentionally. My goal is to make maps where floor and ceiling height changes every 64 units only (64,128,192...) with 90 degrees walls. I have been inspired by Rise of the Triad game, despite Doom engine limitations: trampolines, wells, vertical spikes... so I am trying to compensate for flatness with features like secrets (i.e. well hidden ones there). About decorations: it was my 1st map and while creating it I was rather focused more on rooms shape than decor's, sure I want to improove it in my next releases. To sum up: I am aware flatness would downgrade my maps' ratings, but I wan to create as many maps as possible in the style between Wolf3D and RotT And below is my run on Fast Ultra-Violence
  10. My map ("Details Hunter) has been updated: - Added difficulty variety. - Added custom OST ("Oww!" from "Rise of the Triad" game) So I made a map. Tested in Crispy DOOM and Zandronum. It's just a vanilla DOOM map, so no jumping, crouching, etc... This is DOOM 2 map. I've forgotten to mention it. P.S. This level is UV only so far. I'll work with other difficulties later on. DetHun.rar
  11. TOVA

    Question about Zandronum and PrBoom+

    I have already checked it out. Can I use parameter "2" for every wad or use specified if I play, e.g. Ultimate DOOM and other one while playing D2 or FD ? I am just not sure yet and sorry if it may look like dumb.
  12. TOVA

    Question about Zandronum and PrBoom+

    Can you tell me more about Pr's complevels or link some article/thread that I could get to know myself?
  13. Hello I am the newbie that has created : - 0 wads - 0 midi Fortunately (or unfortunately) during last few months I have got an idea for many maps, that I divide into 3 megawads (all will use nothing but D1 and D2 assets as I am poor graphics designer): - The Descent of Evil - The 4-episode Ultimate DOOM MWAD (because D2 ones are more common). It would conaist themed ep's. (Labs-Earth-Hell-"Slaughter Maps"). I would like to create my own MIDI for it. (Thank you, Mr. Paddock for advising me Sekaiju.) - The Extreme Descent of Evil - The title is similar to "Extreme Rise of the Triad" as It inspired me to try to make so called Sequel of TDoE, with difficult and sometimes a bit unfair or dumb Maps. - TOVA's Files - The only MWAD for DOOM2 that is in plans. It would be a set of 32 maps that aren't connected by any plot or main theme. And it would contain .txt file with description of each level, like in Hell Revealed. I am not experienced in mapping but huge thank you for everyone who post in this forum tips and advices, especially for @Linguica for his/her tutorial, that I have read here before sign in here. I don't want to spam with threads, so how should I release here my works, suppose there might be many? As a bunch of wads in each thread or realising single one would be fine as well? Also how do these concepts look like in your opinions?
  14. Welcome. I have used Zandronum since my first approaches in Ultimate DOOM, but there is one thing that drives me irritated. While beginning a new game I have to disallow freelook in options and then save a game. Is it possible to save it permamently? Some recommend PrBoom+. Suppose I play wads based on classic DOOMs, do you agree with statement above? I don't complain about Zandronum, exept freelook issue. What should I do start each level Pistol Start? I have typed so far "changemap e...m..." in D1 or "IDCLEV..." in D2, being back in 1st map. Thank you for help and replies.