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  1. bond

    Need help with Doom Explorer

    Interesting.. never used ZDaemon/Zandronum installers and didn't know where programs are placed by default. Imho its not good idea to place program files in hidden folders - Doom Explorer in this situation cant find them (unless the user allows hidden folders in windows explorer). TheRevenant212: I suggest you install all programs (and wads) in a folder with normal access, for example C:\GAMES
  2. Doom Explorer works fine in wine (isnt poetic ?:) , operating both windows and linux doomports Chocolate Doom isnt client-server - it only provides information about "ready to start" games, without detail info about games itself, at least pwads - who wants to play iwad only. I asked the author of the port to add such information, but to no avail
  3. In Doom Explorer select server and click in first column
  4. bond

    Doom Explorer doesn't save settings

    What version of Doom Explorer are you using? If 2.17 - update to a new one
  5. I was able to get the program to behave similarly when installed in the Program Files folder and run with the -appdir (or -portable) command line option. If this is your case, remove this option - check the shortcut properties for -appdir or -a or /a or -portable or -p or /p and remove it. If these options are required, install Doom Explorer to a folder that does not require UAC privileges - C:\GAMES for example. Edit: I fixed a bug in the program - please update it
  6. bond

    Odamex 10.5.0

    Well, the server browser does it much better (at least for now) - i know such one :) First, it searches not only .wad but .zip too - and many doom archives store wads in zip (idgames for example) Second, it can search and download several wads simultaneously - that is, many times faster than a sequential search Also, it was not good idea to remove wad download from server - sometimes user could start server with his own wad not caring about uploading it to public servers
  7. Well, Doom Explorer is still a Windows program, but working in a Wine environment, it can run native Linux applications alongside Windows programs. In the latest Doom Explorer update compatibility with Linux applications has been significantly improved, which allows you to run Doom ports of both formats (Windows and Linux) in all modes of Doom Explorer: single and multiplayer play, setting up and running servers, playing demos, etc. Doom Explorer homepage
  8. bond

    Delta Touch on Android

    Some time ago I made a library of functions for creating launchers for Doom ports - ide_net I think it might work here as well, because it supports Linux - someone only needs to create the necessary UI
  9. errorcode = 740 means "The requested operation requires elevation", that is in order to open the file you'll need the elevated permission of a local administrator to take ownership and gain access. It seems you changed something in your operating system settings (if all worked fine before). Try to turn off UAC. Or run Doom Explorer as administrator. Odamex also comes with a built-in launcher.. )
  10. bond

    Need Help Setting Up a LAN Multiplayer Game

    Doomsday Engine
  11. bond

    Doomsday Engine through Steam

    Doom Explorer supports Doomsday, as well as other ports - allow to start any pwads, select skill, map etc - any parameters supported by command line, and also save/load configurations
  12. Yes it does: download Default language file for Doom Explorer and use delang_eng.ini as template for you translation. There is Spanish translation for IDE alreday - though it is outdated and doesnt fit Doom Explorer, it can be used as example. If you make this file - send it to me ( or link to it ), i'll put it on download page
  13. bond

    Can not join/create a lan server on zandorum.

    ZDaemon and Zandronum servers can broadcast special 'launcher' packets, so if your network configured properly, launchers can receive such packets and show server 'automatically' in the list. Doom Explorer (dont use IDE - it is outdated) has these capabilities. If you want to play LAN party - install Doom Explorer on all computers and start it with command-line parameter '-lan' - in this case it will not communicate with master servers and you will not see external servers - only those in your LAN. Dont forget to configure Doom Explorer to indicate location of zandronum and wads. Start server from Doom Explorer on one of comps, do not forget to check 'LAN server' in 'Visibility' section. If all was done correctly - server will appear in list, and players only require to double-click it to start game. If it doesnt appear in the list, other players can try to add it manually - in server list press 'Ins' key and add custom server with your (server) _local_ IP
  14. rather surprising statement, especially from players who continuously move the mouse for hours )
  15. bond

    Doom Explorer - new launcher for Doom

    Doom Explorer is a new launcher that is based on IDE (Internet Doom Explorer). Virtually all components of IDE were substantially revised and improved. Among them are:A significant increase in the refresh rate of serversVarious styles of the program interfaceFull control over the server and player tables - you can move, resize and hide any column in the tableWads control, selection one of multiple copies with true checksum (if the port allows)Improved support for demos, full display of the demo info (as possible)Significantly redesigned start server page interface, added a large number of parametersImproved support for a single mode for the most popular portsAnd much more ...