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    Shouldn't be here.
  1. Because it pissed me off that it was. I hated the level design also. I wish the cities would have been more city like! Well, time to go shoot some Imp's! <b>And yes, I know I shouldn't be showing my face in here again but I just had to!</b>
  2. I don't have one, but I want to hear what you think! When I mean Doom Related thing I mean like Wad, Mod, TC, Megawad, News, Source Port, Net play thingy, etc.
  3. SonicTheHedgehog


    What the fuck is wrong with the ORANGCARD avatar? Granted I haven't seen it yet (haven't posted here for fifteen days but, well, you know what I mean.
  4. SonicTheHedgehog

    Are there any upcoming Doom Megawads and/or TC's that look good?

    Besides, Arioch has called for a jihad. Everyone in Lüt's cult is gonna die! o_O Glad i'm not in Lüt's cult!
  5. Because I'm getting bored with the current crop of levels I have and planetmirror.com won't let me access their servers. My ISP says it's a forbidden server.
  6. SonicTheHedgehog

    Was I banned?

    That brings back memories. And anyways, NEW DOOM sucks. Just visited the forums for the first time to see what all the hate about it was for, my god, you people are right, NEW DOOM sucks fucking ass.
  7. SonicTheHedgehog

    Was I banned?

    And be tmscdc or what the hell ever. Dude, that was the past. Who the fuck cares about that? Tmansdc (the name anyways) is fucking dead, shit it's over. I was stupid when I was Tmansdc, I was even stupider when I was Cypher, and I'm trying to change with this new name. Besides, there must have been some people who posted here who were banned before who were even stupider then me!
  8. SonicTheHedgehog

    whats your homepage?

    My homepage is http://www.sonicfoundation.org/ Has nothing to do with Doom whatsoever but I wanted to have a home page icon above my messages so that's what I picked.
  9. SonicTheHedgehog

    Was I banned?

    I'll be good, I promise. I haven't done anything ridiculously stupid except for creating this topic.
  10. SonicTheHedgehog

    Was I banned?

    The reason I made this thread is because I replied to four different topics and I refreshed page 1 about five times. All the times I refreshed it the message didn't appear! And I had posted to all four of them too! That's why I asked this question. I didn't mean for you to get all pissed at me.
  11. SonicTheHedgehog

    Was I banned?

    That's correct!
  12. SonicTheHedgehog

    Was I banned?

    As long as I keep following the rules, I won't get banned. I'm not going to be so dumb as to resurrect old topics or to spam the forums. Besides, I've been registered for two weeks and I only have sixteen posts. When I was Cypher I had 135 posts by now. I have learned not to resurrect old topics and spam forums anymore.
  13. SonicTheHedgehog

    Was I banned?

    Because none of my messages are appearing anymore!
  14. SonicTheHedgehog

    I'm having a problem with JDoom!

    Can't even get good help anymore
  15. SonicTheHedgehog

    I'm having a problem with JDoom!

    Why is it when I start it from the Start Menu it loads up Doom 1, but if I use the launcher, it loads Doom 2! And I can't do anything to fix it! Why is it doing this?