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  1. I'm not at home to check, but this used to happened to me. I think it was something related to using SDL, instead of FluidSynth or Portmidi. Try changing to FS or PM.
  2. Demion

    Underwater-themed Doom mods?

    This one: Aquatic Wonder by DBP Team. A great wad. Edit: I've just seen someone had already mentioned this one :(
  3. I want to mention Dreamcatcher Apparatus Incredible work, the most consistent wad until now by the DBP Team, in terms of design and difficulty. Also, it looks gorgeous! Thank you so much to the mappers!
  4. Abrazote desde el conurbano! Creo haber jugado un par de tus mapas, y creo que me gustaron...todo "creo" viste, ja! <3
  5. Demion

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Auger;Zenith. Genious and ultra fun. Please, do play it if you don't.
  6. Demion

    Source Ports Doomworld Uses [adding up later this month]

    Prboom+ - 8 GZDoom - 1
  7. Demion

    What were the first three PWADs you downloaded?

    -Requiem -Scythe -Memento Mori
  8. Demion

    What is a game you play a lot except Doom?

    I play CS:GO a lot.
  9. Demion

    Do You Watch Sports? What Sports Did You Last Watch?

    I'm from Argentina, so I watch football, which in USA it's called soccer. I like football as a spectacle, I'm not so crazy about it. If some match is boring, i stop watching. Once in a while, I watch tennis and basketball.
  10. Demion

    PrBoom+ UMAPINFO; naming conventions woes

    I like the name PrBoom+ and wouldn't want it to be changed.
  11. Demion

    New Wad - Attack on IO

    What a pleasant surprise this wad has been! I love the design, aesthetics and gameplay. Full of traps with arch-viles, which I hate, or love, or hate, i don't know haha. Thank you for giving us this wad.
  12. Demion

    What was your favorite subject in school?

    Math. I love consistency.
  13. Demion

    Should I continue playing Wolfenstein 3D

    That's why I like Spear of Destiny more than Wolf3d. Less levels, shorter episodes, more variation among them.