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  1. Demion

    Running PWADs

    Please, try Doom Launcher. And I mean, OH PLEASE TRY IT. It's a one-way street. Thank me later.
  2. I was playing on UV using Chocolate Doom, and i didn't realize it was map 6 what i was playing and totally skipped, by mistake, the whole Cyberdemon ending, i thought it was map 05 haha! Didn't know that teleporter could mean the end of the map, and I hadn't saved at all... Anyway, I've enjoyed it very much (and i mean really much), and will replay it sometime soon. The flow and pace is great, and levels are cute as hell! Obviously, i've already taken note of this one for my 2020 Cacowards mentionation post.
  3. I play vanilla, limit-removing, boom and mbf (and some zdoom compatible wads) in software mode, unless the performance in some level sucks (like level 26 of Eviternity, which I play with GLBoom). Fog in software mode looks better, imo. The only wads I play strictly with OpenGL are those specified to be played that way by the author, generally GZDoom wads. If I use OpenGL, I always disable texture filtering (or leave it at None (Linear mipmap).
  4. Demion


    YES, it is dark. YES, its design is kinda frustrating at times. NO, it's not the best i've ever played. BUT, the concept, gameplay and experience overall were kinda unique and different, compared to newest popular maps, in my opinion. For that, I think it's worth it.
  5. Demion

    Tartarus (UDMF / OTEX map for GZDoom)

    Nothing happens. Not a sound or a texture change. Great, I will try that. Thank you.
  6. Demion

    Tartarus (UDMF / OTEX map for GZDoom)

    Great map so far, but i got stuck. The same issue that happened to kaleb. The switch for red key doesn't work for me either :(
  7. Hi Lorenz0, i really like your wad, it looks great! Do you have any other wad made by yourself? I have a question regarding sector light settings. I can see you establish not to use software or vanilla sector light. Do you recommend dark, standard or bright? What setting did you have in mind while making this wad? Keep on mapping in the free world!
  8. Demion

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    - Eviternity by Dragonfly - Remnant by Aurelius - Mass Extinction by Nicolás Monti - Doom Zero by Cristopher Golden
  9. Demion

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Oh, great! Thanks!
  10. Demion

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Hi there! I've found a kind of bug when playing Doom.wad or any Ultimate Doom pwad. When i finish the first level of any episode, E1M2 starts, not E2M2, E3M2 or E4E2. It always happens. I also tried with a "clean" install of the fork. With and it doesn't happen. I hope you can fix it, as I really like this version.
  11. Demion

    FPCDoom (Updated Dec 30, 2019)

    Good job! I really liked it. One thing, could you increase max mouse sensitivity? It's too low compared to what i'm used to. Thank you! EDIT: Nevermind, I found what i was looking for! I was looking in the wrong place at first :P
  12. Demion

    Experiment: a small level

    It's a bit more difficult, but the BFG is too much "power" for the level. If you want to keep the BFG as a weapon in the map, I'd put the Cyberdemon somewhere else, i don't know, maybe in higher ground, behind the other monsters. Or maybe one cyberdemon in higher ground on the left side, and one spider Mastermind in higher ground on the right side. Two arch-viles maybe instead of one. It would be a great idea (or not) if you could somehow force the player into the last big sector, because the only thing I did to clear the sector was to kill one by one each monster as I entered the area, and it was not too challenging. Another idea could be to make the last sector shorter, and the door larger (i mean wider), so that the monsters' projectiles reach the player easier. Sorry for my english, i hope i made myself clear. I really liked the map overall. If you make another version, let me know, i'll gladly test it again.
  13. Demion

    Mass Extinction megawad: Now on Idgames.

    Con midis de Charly encima, qué genio! Muy bueno el "megawadcito". Un abrazo compatriota!
  14. Demion

    Experiment: a small level

    What a start! I really liked it. It starts very challenging. Pure infighting, but satisfying. By the end, it gets very easy. A Cyberdemon perhaps? It would spice things up. Level aesthetics are very vanilla-ish but textures are put together properly creating a nice atmosphere, reminding me, just a little bit, of E2 from Doom 1. Thank you for sharing.