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  1. Steve88

    Tartarus (UDMF / OTEX map for GZDoom)

    I gotta try this out it looks sweet
  2. Steve88

    Live Through DOOM - Survival Gameplay Mod

    @Grey_WolfWhen I get some more time on my hands I think I might try to make a short level set around your mod. I find the gameplay ideas very intriguing.
  3. Steve88

    What was your first ever wad published if you make doom wads?

    Ah man I was just had the same idea for a topic however I was going to ask people to post their first release and there most current release. That way I could see peoples progression. First released in 2007: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/d-f/demona Latest release is a speed map on the last level of the last hellforge speed map session 2 link to dl in this post
  4. Steve88

    Live Through DOOM - Survival Gameplay Mod

    Pretty sweet looking, is there any plan to develop a new level set based around the changes to the game mechanics?
  5. @RonnieJamesDiner Holy Heck was that hard on UV, Especially the Blue Key area with a million AV constantly resurrecting a BOH meat shield... combine that with all the cyber demons and effing caco's sneaking up on my ass. The orange and Red keys were not as rough but still a tough challenge. The switch puzzle took me awhile to get the timing on. The map was beautiful as a hell infested slime Colosseum can be XD. I particularly liked the scale of everything, made me feel quite insignificant. I am going to have to steal a few of your design tricks, i really like the use of the mid texture marble with marble posts and green flames on the tops in the background of the map. High quality stuff. Overall great map, though after playing through that I am going to need a drink or seven...
  6. @RonnieJamesDiner Ronnie, Thanks for the feedback on the level, I am going to give yours a shot today when I get some time :) I've fixed the bug you mentioned. Should be good to go now.
  7. Steve88

    Motion sickness options

    Have you tried Dramamine? Or any other motion sicknes OTC meds?
  8. Hello All, Here is my submission for the Omega2019 "Speed Map" It is currently replacing map Map01, (Can be changed as needed) Hell Themed Map Build time Approx 30 hrs New Textures, just omegav2 included in zip. One additional Texture Added- CSKY006 --> id Software New Midi Music - retrieved from freemidi.org - could not find author. Port: Limit Removing, tested in GZdoom & PrBoom+, MAPINFO Used to rename level Skill Levels: implemented, tested in UV max, and in the lower skill levels to a lesser extent. Was design to be completeable without jumping, but jumping shouldn't break the map. If you find any errors, bugs, etc. please let me know :) Download ==> Burning Deep.zip Map Updated As of 12/25/19 bug fix in yellow key room & SSG missing from lower area in easier modes
  9. Doom isn't a game, it is a lifestyle.
  10. Steve88

    Which version of DoomGuy is your favorite?

    I love the classic doom guy, but the doom Slayer is definitely a close second
  11. Steve88

    Original ID design team Megawad

    Bring him back for the midis for sure! Give him some new metal bands to rip off 🤣
  12. Steve88

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A BFG edition wad where BFG stands for big fn' monsters and it's really just the doom monsters at a gargantuan size on huge maps.
  13. First off, I am certain this has to be a re-post, if so i would be interested in seeing a link to a thread. If somehow, unrealistically, the OG level designers for Doom 1/2, Romero, Petersen, Hall, McGee, Green ect got together and made a mega wad, would you play it? I would probably be willing to pay money for it, or buy related swag. Thoughts?
  14. When is the next session? I got a map for you 😉@me_
  15. When you say speed-mapping do you mean in a sense they need to be submitted by the 23rd but no limits other than that and the rules specifically mentioned in the original thread? Or were you thinking speedmaps done in a specific time restriction?