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  1. Nice work everyone looking forward to playing this!
  2. Steve88

    I am having difficulties with completing my maps

    A trick I use, First I pick a few features I want specifically, such a a key fight with x monsters, a lava pit with pinkies, or whatever gimmicks you can come up with. Then I pick a start point and end point. After that I only draw lines to make the basic layout, I don't mess with textures heights or things until I have the layout mostly done. Once you get to that point you can start changing heights, textures, etc. And adding things. That's what works for me anyways.
  3. Steve88

    Hot Potato - Team Mapping Event [JUDGE VERDICTS COMING]

    Hello Everyone Here are my playthroughs of the Boom League Maps Twice Fried Overnight Apocalypse The Verdict:
  4. I'm in, sign me up
  5. Steve88

    Clandestine Castle Crashing [ January Speedmapping Event]

    Updated -Fixed some texture issues, -more balancing -fixed an issue with getting a secret. -Map Name: Keep of Eternal Torment Get it Here => https://drive.google.com/file/d/11EpWOZ9b4Gai5qY4As7pnVNXEunG7NKp/view?usp=sharing -Author: Steve88 -Music: Midi Cover of "Would" by Alice in chains -Sky: Ksky29 - From Kuro's Skies - Format:Doom 2 UDMF - Difficulty Settings: implemented not well tested - Build Time 8 hours build 1 hour testing/balancing (so technically over 8 but w/e) - Comments: phew..... - Screenshots:
  6. Hey Suitepee If you are feeling frisky give these maps a try! None are terribly difficult even in UV. Includes levels from mappers of a variety of skill levels. Gimmick based speedmaps, you can see them in the post if you like. Have fun
  7. HEY THERE DOOMERS, Come Join the Pandemonium FFA Tournament! BE THERE January 2nd 2021 @ 2pm EST (8:00Ppm) CET Signups close @ 12noon Jan 2nd 2021 Port will be Odamex or Zdaemon, this is TBD yet. Sign Up here on the Multiplayer Doom Federation Discord: https://discord.gg/aJsA9vpHNd
  8. Ah Man I suck at doom but I'm going to have to try it because I love ep4
  9. I had not planned on participating this month, but.... I might not be able to resist. And 400 cacodemons may "accidentally" show up to pull Santa's slay...(no spelling error there)
  10. Great work, another successful issue. Congrats to all the contributors! 👏👏
  11. Going to need you to map through your weekends, MmmKay
  12. Steve88

    Cursed Doom Images

    A bad attempt at a pun