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  1. Steve88

    PUSS XVII: Pandemonium Speed Weeks

    Completely fine! Don't sweat it! Maps are looking great everyone! :)
  2. Steve88

    Never Skip Leg Day!!

    Boi My legs R tired....
  3. Steve88

    PUSS XVII: Pandemonium Speed Weeks

    So yeah the discord link I had expired, it's been updated above, but here it is again if anyone needs it https://discord.gg/fWKuC7V8fE
  4. Welcome to the latest installment of PUSS This time around we're changing the rules up bit with regards to mapping time. Rather than having a given number of hours to map, we will have a given number of days, and that number is 7, one week, yes one whole week to build your map! While getting away from the traditional speed-map, this will be more of an endurance race or marathon, whatever works for you... Critical Rules: Mappers have 7 continuous days to work on their map, and mappers must have a "playable" map at the end of this time period You will be able to select any continuous 7 day period between now, 5/12 to and 6/16 the deadline To help keep track of things, mappers will be required to post the on the day they start on either here on doom world OR in the channel on the Pineapple under the sea discord(see below for discord link) this to timestamp their start, then at the same time seven days later their map is due. One other thing, with a full week of unrestricted mapping time, a skilled mapper could make a huge map, that said, please try to keep game play time on your maps under 40minuts in length, I plan on playing every submission so please don't make me regret my life choices. OTHER LESS CRITICAL RULES: To spice things up we will have list of gimmicks, though I am choosing to rebrand them as "Mapping Achievements", and I encourage you to go for cramming as many as you think you can do within the week. They are much like gaming achievements in that you get them for completing some milestone or implementing some concept. Really you don't have to incorporate any, but what would be the fun in that. These Mapping Achievements will be tier listed, because tier lists are awesome TIER LIST!!!! S tier 9k linedefs (9k or more linedefs)(flavor text: It's over 9000!) 128 secrets (Can be nested)(Flavor Text: Can you find all 128?) A Tier Boss Battle Builder (Incorporate a boss battle into your map, level effects, timed monster spawners, etc, look at boss battle bonanza for ideas) (Flavor Text: Gonna need a BFG For this) Factory Assault (Extensively utilize conveyors and effects to make your level feel like working factory)(Flavor Text: what are we building exactly?) Death From All Directions (Extensively utilize 3d floors, Slopes and Arches) (Flavor Text: Its still doom right?) 22 Sectors for 2022 (Build your map with only 22 sectors) (flavor text: This is painful...) Space is the Place (Build a level that takes place in space, ie a spaceship, spaces station, space platform you get the idea) (Flavor Text: In space not one can here them scream) Code master(Utilize 10 ACS scripts in your map) (flavor text: zscript or bust) *NOTE will alternatively accept voodoo scrips for this, but you must have 10 voodoo scripts events B Tier: Build map within vanilla limits(I will test in Chocolate doom) (flavor text: 1994 called, they want their map back) All the Keys(build a map that uses all 3 skull keys and 3 key cards)(Flavor Text: Yay even more keys!) Another goddamned ID level remake (Re-Imagine an Iwad Map) (Flavor Text: Perfect Hatred Rules!) Water World (Build a map with water players must swim in) (flavor text: Sink or Swim) I'm Puzzled - (include a puzzle in your map)(Flavor text: Can you solve this one?) C Tier: 3 key Monte(build a map with all 3 key colors)(Flavor Text: Yay keys) BFG Acquired (build a map that necessitates the BFG) (Flavor Text: Gonna need some more cells...) Beefy Bruiser(Build a tyson map) (Flavor Text: Rip and tear until it's done) Its Dynamic (make use of dynamic lighting) (Flavor text: I see the light) The minimizer(Build a map with avery tight ammo/health balance and monster count under 40)(Flavor text: I keep things simple) Oh that's destructible(Build a level with some kind scripted map destruction or breakable pathway)(Flavor text: Lets Break on Through... to the other side) D Tier: Pinky Puncher(Have berserk pickup with a large pinkie fight)(Flavor Text: I'll sucker punch ya!) The floor Hurts(Level has some damaging floors) (Flavor Text: Somehow this rad suit works in lava) Thwomp Me Baby(Utilize Crushers in your Map) (Flavor Text: I don't think you can handle the pressure) Barrel Me Over(add 100 explosive barrels to your map)(Flavor Text: The barrels go Boom) Fireblu and you (utilize fireblue in your map the more the better)(Flavor Text: Texture of the Gods) I Sawed The Demons(include the chainsaw in your map, bonus up to C tier if part of the level is built around using it)(Flavor Text: Do I look like a lumberjack to you?) Format: You may map in any format you like, but it will ultimately be spliced together for GZDoom play Difficulties: Difficulties must be implemented at some level, at least make the ITYTD difficulty easier than the others and we'll be ok CO-OP: Not required, as this will be target SP, but but but, if enough people make their maps co-op compatible I will put a second wad together with the CO-OP maps and we can have a co-op sesh later on! Textures: We will be using the ever so classic community chest 4 texture pack, feel free to get skies from wherever you like LINK TO CC4 Textures: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1n45UO3mjSV3oGh_EdvXXlBvQwMGvR93B/view?usp=sharing Custom Midis & Skies? Highly encouraged After My Timer Is up what now? After the timer is up, you are still allowed to fix bugs, no major layout changes, additions or detailing though. Final fixes are due 2 weeks after I complete playing the final map. I will attempt to play everyone's map, but it may take me partway through the summer to get to them all if their are a lot of submissions. Submission Format: Map Name: [ X ] Author: [ X ] Music: [ Song + Author ] Sky: [ X ] Format: [ X ] Difficulty Settings: [ X ] Build start and finish time and dates: [ x] List of Attempted Mapping Achievements: Comments: Include here a short description of what your map is all about really. I'll (probably) be creating short map descriptions for each map for the RC1 so this will help me. Screenshots: Name - Start Date (M/D) Engired 5/13 Stork Green 5/14 Vrhrlv 5/15 Late Night Person 5/14 Not Tyrone 5/15 Death Bear 5/15 Heichy 5/15 Beneath the fans and heart pounding action lies the Pineapple under the grandstand, https://discord.gg/fWKuC7V8fE We are a fun community of mappers who like put together fun mapping events! Whether you are a rookie mapper just learning what a line def is or a veteran pro with hundreds of hours in doom builder, we welcome everyone to come join our events! Come join us and raise some hell! PAST EVENTS: ViolentBeetle's Skulltiverse - Now on idgames! Hellevator Hot Potato Line in the Sand MemeMind's Musical Mapping ViolentBeetle's Solar Struggle Pineapple Under the Sea Speedmapping: The 2022 PUSS Collection: PUSS XVI: Pac-Man Doom PUSS XV: Mysterious Mayan Madness - Now in Beta! The 2021 PUSS Collection: PUSS XIV: 12 MORE Days of Doommas - Final Version Coming Soon! PUSS XIII: TH1RT3EN - RC1 Out Now! PUSS XII: Trick and Tear 2 - RC1 Out Now! PUSS XI: Anniversary Under the Sea - Compilation Out Now! PUSS X: The Summer of Slaughter - Beta 2.3 Out Now! PUSS IX: Mapping at Warpspeed - Beta 3 Out Now! PUSS VIII: Speed Squared - Final Version Coming Soon! PUSS VII: Rowdy Rudy in... March of the Speeddemons! PUSS VI: Imperfect Hatred PUSS V: Clandestine Castle Crashing The 2020 PUSS Collection: PUSS IV: 12 Days of Doommas PUSS III: Boss Battle Bonanza PUSS II: TRICK & TEAR I PUSS I: September Under the Sea
  5. Steve88

    PUSS XVI: Pac-Man Doom - Version 1 out now!

    @Athel The original deadline was the end of April, but it has been extended to May10th so there is still time to crank one out! Hope to see this "Dark Deception"-ish style!
  6. Steve88

    PUSS XVI: Pac-Man Doom - Version 1 out now!

    Map Name: "A Pac too Far" Author: Steve88 Music: Passport - from win95 Sky: PSKY3 - Steve88, modified from Rsky3 made by Redead-ITA Format: UDMF Difficulty Settings: Yes Build Time: 3 hrs on the map + 2ish hrs on testing and debugging the code Comments: Just made a simple map based on the Original pac-man maze P2F1.0.zip
  7. Steve88

    PUSS XV: Mysterious Mayan Madness [March Speedmapping Event]

    Whoops, forgot to add the link 😅 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SWfJIKLaxINaMn7jqTOQC88TvaI-F1PM/view?usp=sharing
  8. Steve88

    PUSS XV: Mysterious Mayan Madness [March Speedmapping Event]

    Map Name: Temple of the blood god Author: Steve88 Music: Beneath the stars - Eris Falling Sky: SkyND09 (In pack) Format: GZDoom UDMF Difficulty Settings: Sort of Build Time: .... I have a problem.... i can't seem to build in time limits.... there is probably 10hrs into the build and another 2 hours in testing and fixing all the broken stuff made in that 10 hrs Traps Built: 4-5 Secrets: 8 Known issues: Switch in water pit does not change, maybe that's fixed now? Comments: Monster placement is pretty weak on this one TBH, I sort of started making it, then and I totally ran over time. There are still probably tons of bugs.... Level concept Lore: "Deep within the jungle lies the temple of the blood god, ever flowing with blood from the underworld, slowing killing all that is around it." Update V1.1 -teleport out of temple now works -enlarged the temple arena a bit for game-play and added a few more monsters to the fight Updated 1.1 Link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SWfJIKLaxINaMn7jqTOQC88TvaI-F1PM/view?usp=sharing
  9. Steve88

    PUSS XV: Mysterious Mayan Madness [March Speedmapping Event]

    Hell yeah brother, I'm stoked, haven't mapped in a couple months time to go all in on a t3mple map!
  10. Steve88

    Do you do any drugs?

    Hey hey liquor and weed my kinda party @Clippy
  11. Steve88


    Great work everyone hope this wad gets the attention it deserves 👏 👍
  12. Steve88


    Map Name: Gates of Chaos Author: Steve88 Music: Cemetary Gates - Pantera Sky: SKY3 - Doom Format: Boom Difficulty Settings: Nope Build Time: Yeah over shot it at around 3.5 + hour of testing/bugfixing ....so sue me.... Gimmicks: 13 Lost Souls, 13 Barrels, 3 Barons, 3 Evil Eye Switches,3 keys Download Link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/18C7VkY8ZLn-INwtcMY1nlxdv_Y1vhs3J/view?usp=sharing UPDATED V1.1 Comments: I don't know what to do with my hands.... er i mean put here Screenshots:
  13. @Arbys550 haha well I am happy to hear you tried it, that part with crushers and archviles is an unnecessary path, it just allows you to get the bfg early, probably still needs some work. Thanks for the feedback
  14. @Arbys550 Don't know if this version has the map in it yet, but there is a map27, it was a late submission on my part. Would be interested in your thoughts on it if you are interestedand have time. If it's not I can post up a link. I only posted in the discord... I was to lazy to add it here lol maybe @BluePineapple72 can post the updated version 😅