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  1. goaxis

    Hexen - Kill Korax early in the fight...

    korax was eeeasy
  2. I miss this guy

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Grazza


      I'm just going to link to Build.

    3. Coopersville


      I just wanted to name a ska band after him, but if others wanted to go so far as to fuck the guy, that's cool, too.

    4. deathbringer


      I suggest all people that miss him adopt his custom avatar (he was here when such things existed) as a mark of respect

  3. goaxis

    profile of columbine

    I liked his wads. they weren't -THAT- bad. Someone should start up some skulltag servers. ok, they were pretty bad.
  4. goaxis

    Vote Now for your favorite Action Ad!

    wow, an action doom shirt to wear on the days your "I love picklehammer" shirt is dirty!
  5. goaxis

    Synthy poll

    analog synth as heard in goa and psytrance is much superior to digital and software synths... software analog simulators are nowhere near perfect. There are some decent digital synths but I still believe analog is much better. Hopefully in the future the quality of software synths improves.
  6. goaxis

    Select the Hottest Guy on Doomworld!

    yay 2% of dw voted for me :D
  7. goaxis

    Select the Hottest Guy on Doomworld!

    hooray for losing
  8. goaxis

    The official TMNT appreciation thread

    loved it. loved the show, comics, games, and everything else.
  9. goaxis

    Select the Hottest Guy on Doomworld!

    I will vote someone else out of fairness. thank you for my inclusion in this poll
  10. goaxis

    FightersPoll (SNK vs Capcom)

    Samurai Showdown for hilarious mistranslations, fun gameplay, seizure enducing graphics, and lots of blood.
  11. goaxis

    The Soul Calibur games

    I have soul calibur 1... great game.
  12. goaxis

    Guitars and other instruments

    Different sound. This synth has practically limitless different possibilities. A piano would not be well suited for any form of electronic music, if you are talking about a normal piano.
  13. goaxis

    Build your own house!

    I will be participating. Any idea when these houses are due?
  14. goaxis

    Fav Mario (Bros.) Game

    gotta be mario 3... one of the best games ever made.
  15. goaxis

    Singing ability

    very awful. I gave myself a 3 just because I have had a little experience. In my opinion I sing bad but once I recorded it and played it back (i have no clue why) and it sounded worse hearing it. Meh... I am good at some musical instruments though. Singing is overrated definetely. Jamiroquai is some of the better singing I've heard though. Oh and it we're talking death metal singing then I'm a 9 because its completely different. And jen i bet you sing pretty good because your voice sounded like it would suit singing well. Chris, I've never heard you talk or sing.