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  1. analog synth as heard in goa and psytrance is much superior to digital and software synths... software analog simulators are nowhere near perfect. There are some decent digital synths but I still believe analog is much better. Hopefully in the future the quality of software synths improves.

  2. very awful. I gave myself a 3 just because I have had a little experience. In my opinion I sing bad but once I recorded it and played it back (i have no clue why) and it sounded worse hearing it. Meh... I am good at some musical instruments though. Singing is overrated definetely. Jamiroquai is some of the better singing I've heard though.

    Oh and it we're talking death metal singing then I'm a 9 because its completely different.

    And jen i bet you sing pretty good because your voice sounded like it would suit singing well. Chris, I've never heard you talk or sing.

  3. my friend came over today and I got to play F-zero GX... I love it.

    Considering all the sequels to games I love coming to gamecube... such as F-zero GX and Soul Calibur 2 and Tony Hawk sequels and Mario and a bunch of other things... I would say gamecube. I prefer classic gameplay to "hardcore commando X killer extreme" type games which seem to be what most of the X-box exclusive games are.

    It is true that X-box and PS2 piracy is fairly easy but Gamecube piracy is pretty much impossible. It is also true that PS2 and XBOX have DDR games coming out for them... ;)

    I would still say gamecube though. Halo and most of the other big xbox games never really appealed to me. Coincidently most of the games I like for gamecube are multiplayer.

  4. everyone says everything but one would have to be simple-minded not to like a broad variety of genres...

    I have favourite bands/groups/people in every single genre except country or opera but my current favs off the top of my head are:

    Goa/psytrance: Infected Mushroom
    Acid Jazz: Jamiroquai
    Metal: slayer
    Industrial: Nine inch nails
    Industrial/goa: Velvet Acid Christ
    Reggae: Bob Marly
    Video Game Soundtracks: Megaman series, Castlevania series
    Classical: Bartok, Vivaldi
    Oldschool Jazz: Bobby Hutcherson, Milt Jackson
    Breakbeat: Free Agents
    Demoscene: Purple Motion, Elwood

    Currently I am going nuts over Jamiroquai but I am sure that will soon pass.. also I am probably forgetting a lot