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  1. This is the closest I've ever come to liking pop music...
    I go through these phases of being interested in specific bands, which has broadened my musical tastes... everything from metal to hip hop to jazz.

    Jamiroquai is an acid jazz band that has made pop charts, mainly in the UK but a couple of times in the US/Canada. They started from the underground acid jazz scene in the UK.

    You may remember "Deeper Underground" from the godzilla soundtrack or "Virtual Insanity"... anyway the music is much happier than the stuff I'm used to and sometimes a little too vocal but some tracks are pretty good.

    Do some kazaa downloads (I don't support music piracy personally ;) ) if you are interested.

    1. Melfice


      DirectConnect is also good, but it takes alot longer than merely searching, such as on Kazaa. But its also least targeted by that rotten RIAA group.

      I think I remember that horned guy in the background.

      Heh, Band of the Week. I use to do a song of the day, but I never stay around doing that stuff for long. I might tonight though. Yipee!