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  1. Updated the OP to RC2, Z ports should run the set properly now. Thanks again to everyone who playtested and found these errors.
  2. 400 Minutes of /vr/ - 6.66 Hours of Hell DOWNLOAD HERE (RC2) 4chan's retro vidya board is pleased to announce the release of our latest community project, 400 Minutes of /vr/. Like the previous entries, maps were constructed within a time limit, with this set restricting mappers to 400 Minutes and utilizing rfhelltx. We've had a variety of contributors listed below, featuring aspiring fresh meat and crusty old veterans alike. After the submission period, we clocked in at 37 maps, utilizing UMAPINFO to fit them all in one WAD. As always, feedback is much appreciated. Info Format: Boom (complevel 9) IWAD: DOOM2 Status: RC2 (Mostly complete, but not final) Recommended Sourceport: DSDA-Doom, Woof!, From Doom With Love May Not Run With: ZDoom, PrBoom+, any non-UMAPINFO compatible port Screenshots Map List
  3. MacGuffin

    valiant is overrated garbage. change my mind

    OP, did you kill the Mancubus?
  4. MacGuffin

    Doomworlds Opinion On Xavier Renegade Angel.

    Looking past the animation, it's great. There's tons of good jokes and wordplay that you can easily miss out on because there's so much of it delivered at a breakneck pace. Every time I rewatch it there's a joke I didn't pick up on before.
  5. MacGuffin

    It's Cirno Day

    Go to the player settings and set your skin to one of your choice. It's designed for Zandronum so it doesn't work with GZDoom, unfortunately.
  6. MacGuffin

    It's Cirno Day

    We used vrskins
  7. MacGuffin

    It's Cirno Day

    On a Zandronum server, a friend of mine was using a Cirno skin with considerably loud voice clips. Another player (not naming names) got annoyed with him and after about 20 minutes, he told us to fuck ourselves and then left. The next day, we found him on Doomworld complaining about anime. Uh, the end. Maybe I should go on Zandronum and play as Cirno for today in celebration.
  8. This turn of events has left me very confused. I don't have much else to add, though I will say that I wish you luck in your future endeavors CBM.
  9. MacGuffin

    Repository Dump [temp mirror added]

    Strife R667 Bestiary.zip BioPipebombLauncher.zip Here's what I have. The credits files should be embedded in the WADs. Best of luck to everyone involved with the recovery effort.
  10. MacGuffin

    Discussion About Realm667

    Where would I go to contribute to that? It's not much, but I saved a majority of the Strife bestiary.
  11. I'm interested. Expect to see a submission from me later this week.
  12. MacGuffin

    This was in my copy of Persona 5

    I pick the strangest days to lurk. It's a terry wad, move along. https://i.imgur.com/KzTpBrP.png
  13. MacGuffin

    Doom and the Golden Age of FPS

    I'll nip this thread in the bud real quick and out OP as a weak trolling attempt. inb4 I get screencapped
  14. MacGuffin

    Post Your Custom Strife Sprites & Textures

    These are great, they would add some much needed variety to the endlessly copy-pasted peasants. And just so i'm not posting empty-handed, here's a degnin crossbow.
  15. MacGuffin

    What was the lowest point in your mapping career?

    I'm currently at it since I keep deleting and redoing large portions of my wad, making progress needlessly slow. Don't be like me.