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  1. Biff Dunderbuff

    What do you plan to get for Christmas?

    I just want Elden Ring to come out goddamn it!!
  2. So I wasn't able to get much done this month, so instead I'll post the finished version of the map I started last year. Name: Toxic Processing IWAD: DOOM2.WAD map: 03 complevel: BOOM (9) difficulty settings: YES resources: CC4-TEX.WAD (required) ports tested: GZDOOM, PRBOOM-PLUS (NOTE to PRBOOM players: please set the option "Use passes thru all special lines" to ON or one of the switches won't work. I don't know what causes this glitch and I'm not sure if I care anymore) music: Devils Lab (from Final Fantasy VI) Screenshots Download: toxproc.zip
  3. Biff Dunderbuff

    Post a picture...that you took

    Here is some various, ahem, "graffiti" that poeple will leave in our bathroom stalls.
  4. Biff Dunderbuff

    Random Image Thread

  5. Biff Dunderbuff

    Have you ever changed your opinion on a game?

    The Messenger. I remember first playing it and thinking it was pretty meh, i got to the arcane golem and just gave up. Went back to it a few months later, I've played through the whole game several times and it's now one of my favorite games of all time .
  6. Last year I said that I wanted to make a 5 level wad that I never ended up finishing. However, I never really gave up on it. A couple months ago I even managed to finish the toxic themed level I started on last year: I've made a few edits to the entryway level I made last year and have renamed it to Inertia, it will of course take map slot 01. Toxic Processing will take map 03 and I am currently working on map 02: Power Plant I only have the center piece and the very beginning done so far, but I don't plan for this to be a big level so I will hopefully have it done within the next couple weeks. I will post all 3 levels together when I am done with level 2.
  7. Biff Dunderbuff

    The first time you registered..

    I don't think that it's a link between doom and anime per se, but rather anime and the internet as a whole. Internet culture in of itself is deeply intertwined with things like anime culture, gaming culture, giving yourself goofy sounding usernames, and of course videos of cute and/or silly animals.
  8. Biff Dunderbuff

    The Long Trek Back Home [Doom2 vanilla megawad] 1.1 released

    This looks amazing! I remember playing through your other map pack "The Journey" and loved it. Glad to see another megawad by you.
  9. Biff Dunderbuff

    Slith - New level: The Arch Cloister

    Just finished my play-through of this, instant favorite. Great job! The only part I didn't like was the last encounter, I think putting a BFG on the elevator would have made it far more tolerable, but overall it's a great map pack.
  10. Just wanted to tell everyone good luck and have fun!
  11. Biff Dunderbuff

    Random Image Thread

  12. Biff Dunderbuff

    Elden Ring release date finally!

    I just logged on to make a post about this. Im so hyped.
  13. Biff Dunderbuff

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    One day I wanted to make a stupid name for my Dark Souls character, now it's my go to name. Other favorite DS character name would be "Witch Beabitch."
  14. Biff Dunderbuff

    Which is consensually the best wad?

    Obviously it's Imp Encounter