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  1. Mechaghostman2

    Doom: SNES vs. GBA vs. 32x

    Doom Snes: No textures on ceiling, very low resolution, terrible performance issues, deaf monsters that always face you, and you can't circle strafe. Doom GBA: Fully textured, same vertical resolution as the SNES version, performs decently, deaf monsters but they don't always face you, and you can circle strafe. Doom 32x: Fully textured, higher resolution than SNES or GBA, performs decently, deaf monsters that always face you, and you can't strafe at all.
  2. I don't mean just importing the sprites and maybe improving the textures or whatever. I mean making the maps er... roughly resemble the 2016 game. I know that the game engine has its limits. You can't have rooms on top of one another, the computer doesn't calculate a Z axis with regards to movement, and if I remember right slopes are also impossible. So obviously much of the maps would have to have some serious reworking to make it feel like the same map within the limitations of the original game engine. That said, has anyone tried it? I think it'd be pretty cool as shit.
  3. Mechaghostman2

    Doom Annihilation was lame. What a disappointing movie. :/

    This movie has no political agenda. It's a basic "shoot the monster" movie. Why do people assume that just because a woman is the lead character that it's a political agenda? I guess we should turn off the first 2 Terminator movies and all the original Alien films. Actually, the Alien films actually had a stronger message in it. It was a movie that sexually assaulted men, in the words of the creators of the film themselves. Also lots of feminist tones in the first film, they're just a little less obvious. "Anti-SJW's" have become just as annoying as the SJW's. Both groups need to go away.
  4. Mechaghostman2

    Doom Annihilation was lame. What a disappointing movie. :/

    It's mostly in places like YouTube now. I've seen comments complaining that they're "feminizing Doom" which is not a vibe I got from the film at all. Being an edgy right-wing bigot is really popular on YouTube right now.
  5. Mechaghostman2

    Doom Annihilation was lame. What a disappointing movie. :/

    Video game movies aren't always bad. I liked a few of the Resident Evil movies. Pokemon Detective Pikachu was alright. The Tomb Raider movies were ok too. Not great, but ok. Plus, anime adaptations of video games are usually good. I just wish a bunch of these old Hollywood writers would take the games a bit more seriously when writing scripts based off them. Video games make more money than movies do now. I don't understand why Hollywood doesn't take them seriously.
  6. Doom Annihilation, what a disappointment of a movie. This is the second time they've tried and failed at making a movie based on Doom. How hard is it to combine Aliens with Event Horizon? Just take the xenomorphs out and replace them with demons, and tweak a few other things too. But no, they had to make another zombie movie. I mean they're getting closer, at least this time the source of the zombies may or may not be from Hell, but it's still mostly just a zombie movie. I mean like, c'mon man. Just make an over the top action film with pentagrams and demons. I'm sure there's been some fan films that have done this better, and I'mma search for them now.
  7. Mechaghostman2

    Doom on Switch, official and otherwise

    Even using Android emulators on the Switch, it doesn't do PS2 stuff very well. Ofc, I haven't tried the Damon PS2 Pro version yet, but the freeware version seemed to crash every 5 seconds. All other emulators for PS2 didn't really work too well. Ofc, I was only trying it with the San Andreas rom, but if it can't run that I doubt it can run any of the others. It can emulate SOME Gamecube games though with the right version of Dolphin running on it.
  8. Mechaghostman2

    Doom on Switch, official and otherwise

    You'll need the R4S Dongle, which you can pick up on Amazon for about $20. There's others ways too, like a USB to USBC cable, and jamming a paperclip in the part of the Switch that the right controller goes into, but that's not recommended. Just use the RCM Jig that comes with the R4S Dongle. lol
  9. Mechaghostman2

    Doom on Switch, official and otherwise

    So I've soft modded my Switch, put every official Doom game on it, and some unofficial ports of Doom 1 and 2, and I compare them.
  10. Mechaghostman2

    I have the best soundfont for this game!

    That's palm muting. With a real guitar, this technique is done by resting the palm just over the bridge and onto the strings slightly. This shortens the note while adding bass. It's a technique often used in rock and metal. In this soundfont, the "overdrive guitar" is all palm mutes, which adds a bit to the sound I think. It makes it sound different, but also still good in my opinion.
  11. Mechaghostman2

    I have the best soundfont for this game!

    Maybe some day someone can make an SF2 file that has very convincing distorted guitar sounds.
  12. Mechaghostman2

    I have the best soundfont for this game!

    Such is the problem with trying to produce convincing guitar sounds in MIDI programs, but this is the most convincing I've come across. I personally like it. :p
  13. I took the SGM V2.01 soundfont and added guitars, drums, and bass from the Punk-O-Matic 2 soundfont. The result is pretty amazing. http://www.mediafire.com/file/0v5h5d8m7qop9y2/SGM-V2.01_%26_Punk-O-Matic_2.zip/file https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUT1n8s7bx4