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  1. Electro

    How to finish doom2 lvl 30

    Wheres a place to see demos for all of the doom wads? (ulitmatedoom,2,plutonia,tnt)
  2. Electro

    Hey Shorty!

    Erm, I weight 310lbs, Does this count?
  3. Electro

    Props for Quake

    yea, Doom should be #1... without it, Quake wouldn't exist.
  4. Electro

    Yesterday, I crashed...

    usb flash drives... no clue what those are but I still perfer my storage drive ;)
  5. Electro

    Yesterday, I crashed...

    so we have our main 40gb drive and a 20gb storage drive ;) Whats this about bad sectors?
  6. Electro

    Yesterday, I crashed...

    no no, I do have backups of my entire doom folder which holds legacy and my copy of Deepsea ;) except most of my latest stuff was lost... (1-2 days worth of stuff) and then I had some games and crap install but that can all be replaced if I want to get them back. Hmm... no, you cannot Escape post hell, remember? The mods can lock you up ;) heh. So, Post Hell is erm, gonna kick your ass. ;) hehehe *hops to work* CDS? Floppies? Nah, we have a 2nd harddrive. (d:\) so when we dumped the system, Only the main drive c:\ (which windows is on) was cleaned. :D Always gotta have a storage drive.
  7. Electro

    Yesterday, I crashed...

    *SCREAMS* eeek, also, about a floppy, well when we bought our pc, it only came with a restore cd which in this case, restores windows (dumps system...) We could not fix it so darn... but I will start on Doomworld's Escape Post Hell map again... hmm maybe you all can give some ideas what I could include in thee map ;)
  8. Electro

    Yesterday, I crashed...

    Yup... I couldn't believe it. I was workin on a map for DoomWorld called 'Escape Post Hell' and it was awesome then suddenly, the power flickered and my computer rebooted... DAMNIT! so I waited for windows to come back up but I didn't see it... suddenly, 'Windows could not load because the follow file is missing or corrupt: WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM' DAMNIT! So we had to dump the system and I lost some good stuff and I gotta restart that map again! Don't you hate days like this? Post your worstest computer days on here... Excuse me while I go postal... *loads shotgun while laughing like a maniac*
  9. Electro

    Shh... I sneaked this in here...

    Enough! I only changed it to a txt because I used the [img] coding (before it was changed...) because geocities wouldn't allow HotLinking! ;) Also sorry that I made the jpeg poor quality, but I didn't want the image to take 2 hours to load.
  10. Electro

    Shh... I sneaked this in here...

    What do I use to edit? I use Deepsea v11.66, its a really old copy of it but I like it. :)
  11. Electro

    Shh... I sneaked this in here...

    Awww :( Well, I can't resize it anyway but I want people to see then to do all that HUGE WORK of click on ONE more little link to see my AWESOME screenshot ;) Plus, it is awesome, isn't it?
  12. A screenshot of a factory I am doing for the Mamtech: Hellmouth Project... Tell me how it looks so far. http://www.geocities.com/electro1178/MHMF.txt Hope ya'll can see it ok.
  13. Electro

    DN Final Boss/Help Needed

    *plays some boss music* The guardian
  14. some of the monsters were made to look like doom marines, and the map looked like some dark space station thing... I remember that the imps were a dark marine with 2 guns that shot 2 yellow energy balls or some sort, I just cannot remember where I seen it but it was very good on legacy. I hope someone knows what I am talking about.
  15. Electro

    Summer Camp Nightmare

    *gets a hockey mask and chainsaw* Muhahahahahaha >:D