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  1. Bruce Campbell is the perfect man for the job.
  2. Dancubus

    Enemy health bar.

    Yeah, even though I'm new to editing and such, I think my first project will be maybe changing Berserk packs to goggles that let you see enemy health bars on everything but imps and zombies. It may not be necessary on Souls however. And it would be pretty neat to have some type of arrow or maybe a laser line coming from the monster to see what his designated target is. I really don't know where to start...
  3. Dancubus

    Cyberdemon Vrs The big Spider

    It's tough beating the beginning of Gotcha with a pistol, try it.
  4. Dancubus

    Walking movement.

    I like the Super Shotgun. ...
  5. Dancubus

    Best Death

    The Heavy Weapon Dude death is completely unnecessary. He dies like he was stirofoam with red paint in it. Of course Iove it. The Baron death sounds like you successfully choked out a robot. The Mastermind death sequence is by far the coolest, along with the Pain Elemental death, how he halves is awesome. The Cyber death is classic too.
  6. Dancubus

    Enemy health bar.

    Do you think it would be possible to have an enemy health bar, like after they take damage, a healthbar that decreases with damage pops over the enemies' head. My friend and I thought it would be an interesting thing to do. Any ideas how?
  7. Dancubus

    Electro/Industrial Doom tribute

    Woah, my Band Aquanaut has recorded pretty much the whole soundtrack to Doom II. It's kind of cool to see this thread now. Yeah, we've covered each song in Doom II, and we're kind of getting into the Plutonia and TNT stuff next. As soon as I can get them to mp3's, I think our stuff would be cool to hear for a lot of you guys. Our band does prog rock kind of like King Crimson, so we stay faithful to the song, but change solos a bit. So, I'll get back with you on this.
  8. Dancubus

    what if they made oldschool doom figures

    McFarlane's gotta make those. I actually started a petition for them on Spawn.com a long time ago, with a lot of sigs I may add. I'd kill for a fully articulated Mastermind. Maybe with a light-up chaingun and maybe the bottom of the brain lit up, like he was shooting. It would also be cool for an S.S. Soldier figure that said "Schutztaffel!".
  9. Dancubus

    Icon of Sin

    Nothing brought fear to my 6-year old eyes more than the Icon of Sin. Classic Doom info.
  10. Dancubus

    Metal bands in Doom Music??

    Too bad they used the bad Black Sabbath. Symptom of the Universe would make a nice tune for hell barrage.
  11. Dancubus

    Doom is educational.

    Thanks to Doom, I learned that I could hit someone on top of a building by pointing straight in front of me and shooting. Thanks Doom.
  12. Dancubus

    When I go to sleep at night, I see Doom!

    Congratulations, now you're a level 16 Doomer.
  13. Dancubus

    Can someone help me out here?

    I just got the idea to start creating my own WAD's and other things, maybe weapons. I'm completely new on the subject, and I'd like to ask if there may be any tutorials or anything, or suggestions on programs for getting started. Thanks in advance.
  14. Dancubus

    Is this game addicting or What !?

    DooM is addicting because it has infinite possibilities, online play, the most fun single play, level creating, level downloading, the best MIDI known to existence, and the best setting(s) in a game. Excerpt from the MacMillan-Webster dictionary: ad-dic-tive \-'dik-tiv\ adj. (1993) : DooM
  15. Dancubus

    Immoral Conduct.

    Does anyone happen to know if IC runs under EdgeGL, or just Edge. Every time I start EdgeGL it says "Open GL: SOFTWARE Renderer!", and closes. WTF?