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  1. CinnamonKilljoy

    Becoming a game dev

    Yeah that's a good idea, and sort of what I had in mind. I'm terrible at taking criticism, but I guess I'll have to just learn, then. Granted I won't be the one spearheading any company or be the idea machine (I've got a friend who signs up for that) and my bro wants to be the designer/artist. And also, I'll definitely check that series out. I've dug through most of Game Maker's Toolkit (started with my childhood series Zelda) by Mark Brown, but different perspectives are always good. Good point in emphasis. And also it would be fun to do on the side anyways. :) The one thing I have going for me is that I've been programming for twelve years, and have a diploma and shit (master's) so I can swing my e-peen if I'm in dire straits. And also, even though I'm not *aiming* for modeling, it might end up being that I have to be proficient in it, and if not, my brother can use your tips. Thanks to all of you. :)
  2. CinnamonKilljoy

    Becoming a game dev

    Bolded for emphasis - this is what I'm trying. But I'm trying to do so in a way that's even close to fun. :) I think the recent (or semi-recent?) surge in indie-games, I'd call it an explosion but to be fair it's been pretty tempered, speaks for itself. You might not get the cookie cutters. But you'll get a serious following (I'm in the DOOM, Binding of Isaac, and Darkest Dungeon communities, and probably more to come) that really likes what you do. As long as they are many enough, that would be good. But granted. Aiming a straight missile at the "bulk" as a starter would definitely ensure some financial stability.
  3. CinnamonKilljoy

    Becoming a game dev

    - I was actually a bit unsure of that, as to me "editing" sounded like "how the tool works" and "Editing tutorials" would then govern the specific techniques and designs one is attempting to create. But I haven't been here for around long. I've been a shadow DOOM player... Secretly terrible. Thank you for your poignant but helpful reply! Gameplay first is also my motto, ...to an extent. There are a lot of different variations and spices that meld together in a game, and what comes out is sort of an anarchic amalgamation of sorts, with what sticks works. At least, this is how I feel amateurs do, and in my opinion they produce better games than the AAA-slew. So if I'm following you correctly, it would be a good way of trying my darndest to be in the driver's seat of the player, while building?
  4. CinnamonKilljoy

    Becoming a game dev

    After my recent life crisis (I was damn high, I'll tell you) I've realized that what I need to do is rid myself off my horseshit-stale cubicle job, and become a game developer. Back end, possibly level layout if my prospect boss will warrant me the right. My sincere and immediate question is then, of course as a DOOM nerd, do I still have something to gain from mapping out my own DOOM levels? Is it just chatter and noise? Will I learn how to think about game mechanics and movement? I've only dabbled in DOOM maps before, never finished one. But now that's on the radar, if it'll be helpful. Please, if you may so kindly, discuss.
  5. CinnamonKilljoy

    Cheaters caught red handed

    Wait, should we get a new category where we try our darndest to die as quickly as possible?
  6. CinnamonKilljoy

    I REALLY hate key and secret hunting

    Blind pistol start, UV-max, all the way. \,,/
  7. I just say "a collection of maps made by fans in the community." :P On whether or not a WAD is a mod, I'd say it's technically correct for DOOM as it does modify the base game (i.e. loads the custom WAD over an IWAD), but at the same time I wouldn't call a fan-made map or even a collection of them in say Starcraft or Heroes III or other map-making friendly games a mod. So I think the terminology can be misconstrued, and when people say mod I usually think of source ports like ZDOOM or full conversions when it comes to DOOM.
  8. CinnamonKilljoy

    Romero Interview in The Guardian

    Thank you. :) And yeah, I think a "simple" foundation i.e. base game play, with external complexity is what I enjoy the most. The more I think about it the more it's true for almost every game I enjoy. The early (and possibly later, haven't played them) Mario games are great examples of this. Once you've tried like 2-3 power ups you've along with the simplest (albeit tight as fuck) controls explored the extent of what you can do. But the games do a nice job of ramping up the challenge and complexity to the point where there's so much on the screen that you start to rely more on instinct than pure analysis because there isn't time.
  9. CinnamonKilljoy

    Romero Interview in The Guardian

    For me, it's a question of specificity. I love DOOM more than most games, but can also definitely enjoy more complex games (up to a point, I don't want it to feel like I'm working), RTS, turned-based strategy, RPGs, some puzzle games, et.c. But that's when I'm in the mood for that. If I want to play a shooter I'm generally not looking for that. But... DOOM is actually quite a weird piece of work when you think about it. It's not an arena shooter (ignoring 2016 for now...) and relies quite heavily on very varied, sometimes complex map layouts that you have to break down in your head and learn how to navigate. The "dumb-dumb" switch puzzles requires you to pay attention to your surroundings, the automap is integral to the game play... I think you get my point. My peers usually think about DOOM as a straight-up murder-fest with as many monsters as possible and as little thinking as possible I usually erode that view pretty quickly by showing them some D1 or D2 levels. I guess it's the fact that the combat is very simple, and the complexity instead lies in the levels themselves. I think what I dislike about most modern shooters is that they've sort of inverted that and made combat and weapons more complex, while dumbing down the rest. Not sure, actually. EtA: I'm talking purely about the IWADs. With the infinite creativity of the map making community, DOOM has basically been everything by now.
  10. CinnamonKilljoy

    Doom Zero - launch (and celebrating 25 years of Doom II)

    Weird, disregard my above post, it had bugged for me and I couldn't write anything? And then pressed wrong. Anyways, thanks @DASI-I for such a brilliant WAD! Just finished it and I enjoyed the heck out of just about every level, and the amount of secrets and their ingenuity was loads of fun. I think there are only two that totally stumped me (I mentioned one before, plus the Soulsphere on MAP28 even though I can see how it could be done had I not tried to get it after killing all the monsters). Great fun, and my only complaint would be that the middle up until the last five levels or so relied extremely heavily on the annoyance factor of one particular monster... Still one of my favorites. Can't believe the work that must've been put into this.
  11. CinnamonKilljoy

    Doom Zero - launch (and celebrating 25 years of Doom II)

    Maybe just an automap oddity, but anyways, I've run through this secret sector hallway on Atom Transporter back and forth and for some reason that part doesn't get "revealed" on the map. http://prntscr.com/pta3lw
  12. CinnamonKilljoy

    Doom Zero - launch (and celebrating 25 years of Doom II)

    I'm done with 17+2 maps so far (i.e., I'm on map 18 now and I've cleared the secret and super secret levels) and I've got to say, so far, so good, holy shit this WAD is so well made. In short: intriguing visuals, mostly got that Doom 2 feel but refined, some extremely challenging maps (16 was a bitch that I love; I play pistol start UV-max) and probably among the most clever and fun secrets I've ever experienced. Some combats are challenging for me despite being e.g. "just" 3 barons (I'm looking at you, Testing Labs). It's evident a lot of thought has gone into this WAD, and it plays beautifully so far. I haven't had such a blast since discovering the 4 IWADs in my pre-teens, or maybe AV when I discovered the DOOM community. Top notch. 7/7 bananas, will definitely play again. Stellar work, @DASI-I Caveat: I have only played 10-15 WADs or so besides the IWADs, so my experience has to be taken into consideration. I'm also not very well versed in slaughter maps and frankly I don't enjoy them that much, so I don't consider myself extremely skilled or anything. The challenge I experience might not be there for other players, but for me it's *just right.* Edited for some more clarity, and added the caveat paragraph.
  13. @m8f - I added two WADs to my list, sorry, missed (or just forgot as the scatterbrain I am) that rule... Even though I recognize it when you mention it. Hopefully my vote is now valid! EtA: Updated my original post, check it, please.
  14. CinnamonKilljoy

    Doom Zero - launch (and celebrating 25 years of Doom II)

    MAP06 is very similar to an idea I've been playing around with for a while (but I'm just a rookie mapper so never got around to it). I think it's a pretty fun gimmicky level. ^^