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  1. In WADs without weapon mods, I play with faster firing bullet weapons and shotguns, compensated by slower rocket launcher and faster firing lesser monsters.
  2. Iori Branford

    WiiMote and DOOM

    The Wiimote wouldn't really work for Doom because your aim is fixed to the center of the screen. If Wiimote-look were like joystick-look, you'd move it to start turning and move it again to stop. If it tried to be like mouselook, the degrees you could turn in one stroke would be far less than with a mouse. And either way, the Wiimote would very seldom be pointing in the same direction as your in-game weapon. Try it with System Shock 1, Realms of the Haunting, or Operation Flashpoint instead.
  3. Iori Branford

    50RC1: Custom sounds are silent

    Converting to 8-bit mono fixed them, although I swear I got normal WAV and OGG sounds playing in Eternity before.
  4. Iori Branford

    50RC1: Custom sounds are silent

    I play with custom music/sound WADs. The music is in OGG and works good, but when I should be hearing the sounds, I hear nothing. This goes for both WAV and OGG sounds. Bug?
  5. Iori Branford

    no one on multiplayer..... why

    All the big Doom MP clients and servers are lightweight enough that you should be able to stuff them in the background and do something else until you hear a player join. Running in a window may help. I got to play with a fair number of players on my ZDaemon server this way.
  6. You think right, sir. There's plenty of ways to make a player hate your game, but giving 'em blue balls over the final weapon is close to the top. I've been just wondering and wondering and wondering when the hell am I going to get the weapon for these rifle rounds, and now it turns out I can finish the episode without finding it? That's leveldesignerese for "FUCK YOU WITH A BROKEN BROOMHANDLE YOU FUCKING FAGGOT PLAYER YOU DON'T DESERVE TO ENJOY MY FUCKING GAME YOU MAGGOTY PIECE OF AMPHIBIAN SHIT".
  7. Iori Branford

    What source port do you most commonly use?

    Modern: 1. GZDoom 2. ZDoom 3. Doomsday Obviously scratch GZ and Doomsday if we're talking subpar specs. Classic: 1. Eternity 2. Chocolate Doom 3. PrBoom+ Chocolate would be tied with Eternity, except the music isn't guaranteed to work. Multiplayer: 1. ZDaemon 2. Skulltag Swap them and you have them in preferred rather than oft-used order.
  8. Iori Branford

    Controls on ZDoom, Edge, etc

    In classic ports like Chocolate Doom, PrBoom, and Eternity, it's default keys + mouse. ("Classic ports" all retain certain qualities of vanilla Doom that discourage modern play styles, from hardcoded 35fps cap to slow or nonexistant hi-res display modes, but the main quality they all share is hardcoded autoaim.) In everything else ("modern ports") it's WSAD + mouselook just like any of today's FPSes. If I choose keyboard only for whatever reason, it's System Shock 1 style: SXZC to move and AD to look.
  9. Iori Branford

    Doomguy's favourite ammunition :-)

    The way I see it, bullets are .45 ACP and the "chaingun" is really just a rotary SMG. Also the sawed-off shotgun somehow causes some pellets to fragment.
  10. Iori Branford

    What enemy kills you the most?

    Shotgunner, chaingunner, and revenant. No contest. All hit fucking hard, all outnumber the more powerful monsters.
  11. Iori Branford

    Chocolate Doom

    Version 1.2.4. It required smpeg.dll, so I copied that over too. No dice.
  12. Iori Branford

    Chocolate Doom

    Something is not allowing me to hear music. I've got a Soundblaster Live and an onboard sound card which is disabled; my main MIDI device is the Live's actual (non-software) synth. "Use default devices only" hasn't done anything. PrBoom exhibits the same behavior, whereas other SDL apps such as old versions of a certain Rise of the Triad port do not.
  13. Iori Branford

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    The game paused for a second whenever the screen flashed due to item pickup or damage or whatever. Never mind, it mysteriously fixed itself today. Tried them all, same results. They're all there and up to date.
  14. Iori Branford

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Two bugs: In fullscreen mode, both software and OpenGL, each screen flash causes a quarter-second hiccup. MIDI music not playing, either because it was ditched in favor of MP3 support or it selects the wrong MIDI driver to use. I have SBLive Synth A, Synth B, and the Wingroove wavetable emulator, but PrBoom may be trying to use the Microsoft Wavetable Synth belonging to the onboard soundcard I'm not using.
  15. My custom DeHackEd patch which I use with every WAD that doesn't have its own is as follows: - All characters' masses reduced by 75% to simulate greater pushback from weapon impact - Fist's, Pistol's, Chaingun's ROF about doubled - Shotguns' ROFs increased slightly (no waiting between shot and pump, or between pump and next shot) - Rocket's impact damage doubled, ROF halved Any maps I make will come with this patch, though most likely optional. Splitting it in two might be a good idea (one lightweight patch and one "fast shot" patch) if the latest ZDoom didn't hate multiple patches so much.