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  1. Hactor2019

    I tried and failed please help

    Yeah sorry about the sentence I'll try my best yes it is true that my English isn't my native language I am from Denmark. But I have already said I have deleted that map and now i am starting working a new one. To make things to lot easier And to save some time I used a program called oblige a random doom Map generator and I generated a small map from there and started build from there. But when I have finished the map I'll will massage you guys So you guys can help me finished it properly with MAPINFO and stuff Cus I dont want make same mistake again.
  2. Hactor2019

    I tried and failed please help

    Hey there I am new here I tried to make a doom map to my friend of mine I wanted to run with brutal doom v21 It did worked fine but after i added some more custom textures it keeps crashing on me with a error message Unknown texture BLODRIP1 I have fixed the problem some how but the problems isn't over yet I am using ZDL and doom builder 2 and slade 3 any way I made MAPINFO into my map I have watched some YouTube videos how to do it btw I made the map for single player only so my friend can play it any ways when i tested the map all worked fine but after I put MAPINFO on my things went to good to bad I was getting lin9 errors then suddenly my map went to invasion map for no reason when I tested it i tried everything it keeps going into invasion map and I did not made into invasion map it was singer player map only I was so angry and deleted the all thing now I want start over I am not giving up so easily so please tell me how to do it I know how build doom map and stuff and little bit scripting to I am not that good but I am learning any ways it has to run with brutal doom v21 with your guide It can be helpful