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  1. Sephiroth


    i dont take alot of news seriously. i'll do the research if i want answers. newsletters and such are the same way. i know a guy who wirtes a newsletter. however it is kinda hard to take him seriuosly. after all he has no job, and bush sure isn't stopping him from getting a job. even if he worked for McDonalds for 6 weeks. if i lost my job i would be back looking for a new one. i would get one and then try to find better
  2. Sephiroth


    a communist news netwrok would be cool. even if just for entertainment value. i wished i watched it, ok downloading.
  3. Sephiroth

    Half Life 2 has gone bling-bling

    agreed. i played MP some times. i had loads more fun with ET than CS. note ET as in enemy territory. i loved the single player part of it. granted it was a bit gbuggy in places. i have the first version of HL so i remeber. infact i remember buying the game cause i had just sold another game. nothing else interested me, or i already had it. so i took a stab at the mystery game. i was very very surprised
  4. Sephiroth

    Questions on D3 on Xbox

    we my not even see it until 2005, last i heard. havnt really paid attention to it because i have it for the computer. I may own an Xbox but i have no intetion of buy doom3 for xbox. unless i snag one years later for like $5. like i did with doom32X
  5. Sephiroth

    Questions on D3 on Xbox

    its not out yet! The xbox version will not have an ingame editor. Doom3 will be much the same, graphics will be trimmed down for the Xbox. Same story and same maps, they might cut some stuff out. Also they will have Co-op, as far as i know. the game will be linkable, like most Xbox games, and will have Xbox live support. I mean why wouldn't they do those things?
  6. Sephiroth

    What to up-grade first?

    i would say the same. really a celeron is shit compared to a P4 or AMD athlon. however for a must have upgrade i would do the video card. celerons are junk.
  7. Sephiroth

    PC controller/gamepad

    yea there are also ones for xbox and PS2. also they have a mouse that is the same way. neat but not worth the extra money. Its not like my hands sweat alot anyways.
  8. Sephiroth

    Free and legal MP3s

    the biggest problem next to legality of the issue is spyware. many of these sites seem to be fronts for spyware. so be careful, very careful. though i don't go around looking for MP3's others have told me they have been asked to download "software" to get these MP3's, which was spyware. Also some friends have downloade dit to find it was either the wrong band, some cover band or complete garbage.
  9. Sephiroth

    doom and print server

    the win98 system IS the bitch of the bunch. its a dual Pentium pro, 400Mhz 6GB hard drive 96MB RAM also i stuck that 3dfx voodoo2 card in it. what else am i gonna use it for? i have been kinda messing with premissions. but still doesnt do anything.
  10. Sephiroth

    doom and print server

    networking is not my strong point. anyways i have a system set up to host lan games of quake, doom and a few others. also it will double as a print server when not gaming. however i hit a snag. the windows systems cannot do anything with each other, but they do see each other. my main linux system can communicate and upload/download to all systems. so i know everything is hooked up right. i have not tried any games yet, guess i should to see if it works. the server is windows98, my dad's system is windows 2000 pro and my system is Linux and windows 2000 pro. i think it is an issue between win98 and win2000. however like i said i am not up to speed with networking. got a game of half-life to work fine. now if i can just get printer to work fine
  11. Sephiroth

    Superman is dead

    they call him "magic johnson" for a reason i guess. yea i cant belive that guy is still alive. i wonder how he is doing these days? he has to have some wonder drug to live more than 10 years with HIV. however i havnt heard about him in recent years so i really dont know how he is, maybe he is on his deathbed at this moment. maybe he is died and i just didn't know.
  12. Sephiroth

    Video card help

    ATI cards are nice. i have the 9600XT however if you plan to use linux, or unix. always get Nvidia, for now, as linux drivers sucks. 9800pro cards are down to a decent price, but for me i wish i had bought a 5900 or something.
  13. Sephiroth

    doom and print server

    yea did that, printer doesn't even show up. i can see the system that it is attached to. i can see the systems but that's it. only the linux system is able to read/write to them. good point, i'll install driver first. i dont think i need them if i physicaly connect them to the computer as it is an old printer. but couldn't hurt. i'll try that checked with HP, drivers are already intergrated into windows2000. honestly i am at a loss here. is there a way to force windows to see the printer. i can see the other computer but not its printer. sharing is on, but nothing happens. doesnt even ask for a password. am i just wasteing my time trying to get a win98 and win2000 system to share the printer? i am at a loss here, i have no idea what to try next.
  14. Sephiroth

    doom and print server

    games and such work very well so i know hardware is correct and working. however none of the windows systems will even share stuff. the biggest of these being the printer. i did run the windowsXP netsetup, but it really didnt do anything. last issue i can really think of is router, i havnt tried setting them up on a plain hub yet. however my linux system upstaris can get hard drive read/write ability on both systems. i think the issue may be with the windows 2000 system, netsetup will not work on it. once agian, the setup windows98 system is the server. dad's is a windows 2000 system brothers laptop is winXP my laptop is winXP my main system is linux. all connect thru a router. games run perfectly and i can ping all systems from any computer i want. so the hardware is fine. how can i share this printer. it should work now and i have no idea why it will not. however as i said before networking is not my area
  15. Sephiroth

    Superman is dead

    lex luther wins, finaly the guy gets to win. i never really liked superman. i just thought he was too non-human. batman had all the cool toys and spiderman had super powers but was still human.
  16. Sephiroth

    Has anyone ever noticed this?

    i remember ******* was banned, or some word like that. still is banned, what not so with pleasure i present ******* ******* ******* the question is which one is really what not and which ones are 7 * symbols? as for the topic. this was a pic of the day on planetdoom a while back. i think shortly after ther birth of his son, on a friday the 13th. 6 pounds and 6.6 onces. ok maybe not. but that would be totaly fucking sweet.
  17. Sephiroth

    Doom3 no CD key i didnt get on with it.

    i once bought duke3d from wall-mart and it didnt have a CD. That was fucking horrible, then they would not let me return it. so i snook in later that evening replaced it and grabed a fresh copy. i hate the redneck store. always some damn issue with them.
  18. Sephiroth

    Phased Surface Scan and Defrag

    you can try this http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ it has hard drive scanning tools, drive fitness test and a whole shitload of other tools. i dont think it defrags, but you could make a DOS bootable disk with defrag added to it, if you use win98 or FAT32 file system. if you use windows 2000 or XP just turn off background programs and run its defrag. the windows 2000 and XP defrag are so much better and less time consuming. also NTFS doesnt fragment as bad as FAT32. i think it never takes long to defrag my windows 2000 drive, 40GB with NTFS.
  19. Sephiroth

    PC controller/gamepad

    personaly for FPS's and MP controllers are not recommened as keyboard and mouse are much faster. however for other types of games. racing and side scroller. say commander keen or DN:MP then they are nice. we have that contoler at work. fairly nice and very much like a PS2 controller. however the seitek(sp) is another really nice one we have. personaly i have only ever owned the gravis game pads. i had hit or miss luck with those. however they used the game port on the sound cards. not USB.
  20. the manson girls... i remember seeing them interview one of them in prison. at the time she was 40 something. it was ina c riminal studies class. they read letters from children that prasied them for the killings... letters from current. a better killer is the "bird man" i remember seeing a show about him. they spoke about the movie "Bird man of alcatraz" and how it showed him as being gental. however the real life man was violent and insane. towards the end an ex-prison guard read a letter from a boy who asked the judge to set the guy free because he was a nice man. then he grabbed one to the writings from the bird man that was a homoertoic story about have sex with a 9 year old boy.
  21. Sephiroth

    Crashtacular Media Player.

    i never use the wmv files. never ever dowloand them on a P2P network. that whole "licence" thing gets annoying. other than that WMP is a great program.
  22. Sephiroth

    D3 boots, loads, and crashes. Help, anyone?

    doom 3 runs fine in a 9600SE. we ran it at work with one. though in some parts it is a bit laggy. however its perfect in MP. granted you cant really run it well at high and at 1024x768. but still looks really good around 800x600 return the card to its default settings, as well as the computer. if you have that CPU overclocked it could cause issues too. but you are on the border with CPU. other thibngs that help is to check memmory useage. IE if you have spyware running or if you got a crapload of other stuff running. i personaly have a 9600XT, a guy at work has the 9600SE and one guy has gotten it to play fine on a 9200 ATI and a geforce 4 MX-440
  23. Sephiroth

    Green and Lib Presidential Candidates Arrested

    yea schools are a wierd place. though i do remember a very pro-democrat teacher in high school. however some private schools are fairly bad as far as religious dogma they teach children or warped world history. as for the teacher at my highschool. he was a cool guy and he always made sure you got reisterted to vote if he knew you where 18. infact i think he him self was able to register you, i do remeber you could go to that room and do it.
  24. she is easly the hottest killer of all time! what a lovely time we live in. girls running wild with giant knifes, choking dogs and beating up hot baby sitters. well that sort of thing happens when you spoil your kids and never punish them. this reminds me of the woman from the Adams Family movie, the one were Fester gets married. when the girl burns her parents because she dont get her the barbie she wanted
  25. Sephiroth

    Holy consoles Batman!

    my favorite console of all time would be the...... atari 2600, i grew up with that. then gameboy and the playstation. however the greatest gaming rig ever is my home PC. ok it may not be that great and i have owned several computers. however i owned more games for computer than all the systems i have owned combined