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  1. there is one part of my self i don't like that i can change in an instant. my name. I am named after my father, a man whom i am nothing like nor can i respect. I dont like being confused with a corrupt drug addicted lawyer who let whores beat his children. I am a completly differnt person than my father. also the fact that just about everyone else with my last name is about the same way.

    the name i may choose is a name my grandmother wanted, but she died 4 years before i was born. however i would most likly change the whole name, not just the first. most likly taking my mother's last name of murray.

    in which case i would become James Murray.

    it is something i have thought about doing for a long time, ever sence i was 10. its not really an if at this point, but when.

    1. DemonDemon


      I was actually thinking of what I could change my name to and I came up with Arto Lan. Sounds too... specialised though. ^^; The only other name I could think of was Teiganus Dos, which is a little... meaty for me. I think I'll just stick to my normal name for now... :)

    2. Snarboo


      I would change my name to Optimus Prime, but some nerd has beat me to it. :(

    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      I'm thinking Alpha Omega, it has a nice ring to it. And I could rightfully say "I am Alpha and Omega." :D

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  2. Sephiroth

    Holy consoles Batman!

    yea if you didn't set the virtual boy correctly it could damage your eyes. maybe if it was a face mask it might have done better. it was unconfortable. we owned one for a grand total of 3 days before my grand mother returned it. we got it for $25 buck as a clearance item at a Wal-Mart. i am surprised there wasnt a jaguar or an Xbox in there, maybe there was an Xbox and i missed it. like i said the guy most likly owned a small business. if not he is eaither really rich, OCD or a theif
  3. i have decided i will no longer help this couple... for free. i was helping them with their computer and internet however going over there is a pain in the ass. their kids just run amok and destroy everything, mainly the youngest. he even destoryed a computer. honestly that is when you spank a kid, not just say "bad" like its a dog.

    to make matters worse the kids abuse their last computer. turn it off when they cant get on, passwords prevent them from getting on. also by screwing around with alot of stuff.

    though what they do is easy to fix, but when you have 3 screaming kids fallowing you around and constatly buggy you. add in breakign stuff, throwing stuff, fighting yelling and such it gets to be a pain.
    its not that i dont like kids. these kids are just not at all punished for the shit they do. say like, pouring pop into a computer or throwing plates into the ceiling fan. shit like that deserves a spanking and a grounding. today i am fixing the last problem, i belive it is realted to the fact they didn't pay the god damn bill for the internet.

    1. Sharessa


      Just lock them in their rooms all day. That learned me. Spanking only turns people into sado-masochists. I should know.

    2. Ultraviolet


      Danarchy said:

      Just lock them in their rooms all day. That learned me. Spanking only turns people into sado-masochists. I should know.

      Hippy bullshit. I got spanked and I'm not a sado-masochist. Kids occasionally do need the physical jolt -- it's a way of really bringing consequences to a kid's attention. Of course, to them at the time the consequence may seem only to be punishment, which is not a good attitude to have, but that's why it's important not to just beat the fuck out of a kid.

      There are, of course, more creative ways to punish a child that aren't cruel, unusual, or even subject to hippy protest bullshit, but the trick with those is to catch a kid in the act of trying to push the envelope. Punishments get more extreme as a kid pushes further and further away from "the line."

      We talked about this method of punishment on IRC, I believe: The Iron Chair. Once you get a kid that is acting up so much he won't sit still when you say to, won't listen at all, you kinda HAVE to exhibit the fact that you ARE still the biggest fish in the pond. But that's why you have to keep a kid walking the line, so it doesn't get that bad. Now, I'm not advocating repression... It's for every parent to find the proper balance there.

    3. Csonicgo


      That's why I use the Dragon Kick(TM).

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  4. Sephiroth

    doom and print server

    yea games see each other just fine. however i cannot print or transfer files, in the windows systems. i'll try the IP method.
  5. Sephiroth

    Ivan reveals hidden child porn

    i'll trade you wendy whoppers and jenna jamison for your hurricane card. no my uncle like to eat captin crunch for breakfast. now i picture the "captian Cumshot" from something awful.
  6. Sephiroth

    Ivan reveals hidden child porn

    you havnt seen my uncles house man. his hordeing of porn puts most people's collection to shame. every dresser, drawer, box, cabinet and extra room is filled with porn. hell the couch is just a stack of porn covered with cloth. both him and his wife. oh and one more thing NEVER answer any cell phones from that house. or you get greeted by the female version of goatse, only with a coffee mug... note he has no child porn and i am glad he hasnt gotten with the times and discovered, or added to, the horrors of the internet. still useing a 286
  7. Sephiroth

    Holy consoles Batman!

    some people like to horde shit i guess. be it game systems, tooth paste, dildos, money, bricks.... you name it and i bet there is a person on this planet hordeing it. one of my uncles has every drawer, cubord and box filled with porn
  8. Sephiroth

    Holy consoles Batman!

    good god..... now i have seen everything! jesus, how can one person have so much? unless he owned a store that sold this stuff. i dont see why anyones needs 8 dreamcast systems.
  9. Sephiroth

    Man has mishap with chicken

    i think it was McDonalds that had the chicken head. why? cause "popeye's chicken is fucking awsome!" and i dont see them doing such a thing. i wonder how many of these "accidents" happen yearly?
  10. how old is the band and was that logo made after doom or before. maybe they took it off the game. or maybe just maybe great minds think alike
  11. Sephiroth

    Ivan reveals hidden child porn

    i was under the impression god didn't like perverts anyways. i have heard it all. "hurricane destoryer my crop of pot" "the hurricane uncovered a bomb" "the hurricane found child porn" hey i think we have a new crime fighter. "The Hurricane!"
  12. Sephiroth

    world democracy decides U.S. presidential election!

    i'll agree with you there. religion and corperate ties don't belong in government. however that really cant be changed. and it is a bit better than it was 100 years ago. i remeber watching a thing about two mine owners literaly buying their way into government
  13. once agian am i rebuilding the classic game PC. this time i have found some of my better parts.
    anyways specs time
    Intel Pentium pro 200Mhz 256k cache
    96MB system RAM
    4MB sis video with 3dfx voodoo 2 12MB 3d accelrator. plan on buying another voodoo 2 and runing SLI.
    4GB maxtor hard drive, 5400RPM
    soundblaster AWE64, a great card for older games.

    i have some concerns about the pentium pro CPU. i have heard it runs kinda bad in 16bit mode. also i think it lacks the MMX ability.

    however my p133 system ran very well and had similar specs. minus the voodoo2. i was saddened to have never gotten one. until now.

    now for the games list
    GL quake
    tombradier 1 & 2
    doom, duh
    keen 4, 5 & 6

    have any of you guys ever used a pentium pro for such a task? i just used it because the base system was already built and i did not feel like digging thru trying to find a good working pentium board.

    1. Bucket


      It should be easy to find an old P2 chip somewhere-- when they came out, pretty much everyone had one. If not, try to find a Cyrix 686(terrible processor for its time, but good for what you're doing).

    2. Sephiroth


      i got plent of P2 chips, infact 3 set ontop of the computer desk. i even have one p III slot CPU. however no main boards that work.

      oh fuck me!
      christ that will never sell

    3. Bucket


      OMG it's four times the DX than regular processors!!!

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  14. Sephiroth

    world democracy decides U.S. presidential election!

    well pushed albaina to 140 for kerry. heh so there are 19 people in albania who like bush. personaly i am voteing gay penguin http://www.gaypenguinforamerica.com/ heh, about time http://www.doomworld.com/linguica/doomonxp.htm accidentaly clicked that instead of the google search tab.
  15. Sephiroth

    Doom 3 on a Voodoo5500 is possible

    i looked at the prices for such cards. and they suck. i saw a new AGP voodoo 5 on pricewatch for $72. come on that is horrible. i can get a much better card for that price. maybe for $20 i might pick one up for an older game rig. however i am just gonna grab 2 older voodoo2 or maybe a voodoo3 card for that
  16. what? the sephiroth is going to meet a girl? how can this be?

    well yes i am going to meet a girl. I let some girl at work trap me into meeting with her friend. situations like this are an odd thing for me. one i am not very trusting of people. two is the fact i know almost nothing about this girl. also add in the fact that bars are not at all a place I enjoy.

    anyways wish me luck, i am heading out in an hour. i just hope this isnt a mistake. and i hope she doesn't ask me if i said stake.

    1. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Numbermind said:

      No, fuck Led Zeppelin. Would you like to hear some Yes, though?

      Yes rocks.

    2. sgtcrispy


      Yes, Led Zepplin does rock. heh

    3. Sephiroth


      meeting her agian tonigth. ironicly this is somewhat of a new experince for me. i spent so much of my life just trying to stay alive. Add in the fact that trusting a person when i was growing up could be dangerous.

      i think the girl is nice, but need to get to know her.

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  17. Sephiroth

    The Mouse Problem

    yea the MX510 is a sweet fucking mouse. this woman at work would not shut up about the damn thing. ok ok two women at work would not shut up about the damn thing. however one of them was a vendor for logitech and AMD. however that wench never shuts up about anything. but i have beeter thing to spend $50 on. i just bought a $15 optical mouse and it works fine.
  18. Sephiroth

    Man has mishap with chicken

    who says nobody hasn't found a McCock nugget! when eating fast food you never know what you are gonna find. honestly that penis was cut off on purpose or while he was high/drunk. i dont see, unless he fell on the knife how he would confuse a chicken neck and a penis. you would need to hold the chicken to "remove" its head anyway. i think i can feel if i a grabbing onto a chicken. hey maybe he was upset with his "chicken" because it wouldn't preform as well as younger "chickens" so he ended its life. however found he was not hungry and so fed it to his dog/wife.
  19. Sephiroth

    a hobby i know nothing about.

    i have only heard about it. howevever it seems to be a popular thing in this area. after all we have a convetion dedicated to it every year. there is a guy behind my home that has always been into it, the large antenna tower always facinated us children as it could be seen for miles. I did on one occasion confuse it with the pork festival until this guy gave me a funny look, the convention is call hamvention. i am talking about ham radios and from what i have learned it has nothing to do with pigs and ham. most people who meet me and know anything about me often ask why i am not into that sort of thing. a couple of the guys at work are into it and keep pestering me about it. apperantly my uncle, grand mother and grandfather are into it aswell. most people ask "you are into electronics and not into radio?" well sorry chatting just isn't interesting to me, thats what IRC os for and i dont even use that much. So out of boredom and curousity how many ham heads do we have here? while i would enjoy the electronic aspect of it i don't think i would enjoy the rest of it. First off i dont even listen to a normal radio that much and i dont got nothing to talk about. I personaly have some of the equipment which i may sell toa guy at work. my grandparents and uncle gave me some stuff 2 years ago. now it just sits under my bed. hell i cant even really tell you what the shit even does. my dad once tried to get me interested in it and model rockets. he knew nothing about ham radio so he really couldn't say much, but he loved rockets. i liked them too but others things had my interest, computers and games. also on the topic of hobbies, what do you do? what have you tried? and what have you tried that you found you hated? note about hamvention: come to find out its the largest of these events in the world! i guess the worlds longest trap line and ham radio conventions are 2 more things this ares i known for. well they are big drives for business. sadly the trapshoot is moving.
  20. Sephiroth

    Spaceshipone wins x prize

    may they should have gone for the non-gay look. looks like something my sister would paint.
  21. Sephiroth

    The Mouse Problem

    yea super disk drives are nice. i have never had the drive fail. however the cable did. it was external USB. i really should find a good internal. however flash drives and CD/DVD R/RW has all but replaced those. optical mice are the way to go. however for old systems you may be stuck with ball. heh i have never seen a optical serial mouse. a woman did come into work and bought a USB mouse(optical) that had the USB to PS2 adapter. she then asked me where the serial to PS2 adapter was. i told her that her combo would not work and that she should just get the only ball mouse we carried. or go to radio shack and buy the $15 serial ball mouse.
  22. Sephiroth

    Man has mishap with chicken

    maybe, just maybe, he is protecting his wife. i bet she got mad, cut it off and then he made that up. i bet he fears she will do something else. honestly how the fuck would someone do that? i mean there is a big difference between chicken necks and penises. neither looks like the other. unless he is a freak who had a feather covered dick that had a head with eyes and a beak. maybe he was extreamly drunk. oh and the dog just happened to be there to eat the penis. my old dog ate used tampons and baby diapers but not once did he ever try to eat a penis, or any other body parts. i am guessing he got in a fight, owed money to someone, his wife/lover/girlfriend/boyfreind/what ever got mad, he had an unusal accident, he got high/drunk, or maybe that is really what happened. in that case human stupidity never fails to amuse
  23. Sephiroth

    The Mouse Problem

    really any uniform colored and textured surface sucks ass (say the card table i was useing until i "found" a new desk). personaly i dont use a mouse, but if you dont want to wear a spot on the table i sudgest you do use one. i dont see why anyone would continue to use a ball mouse anymore. opticals are so much better. one lasted me for 5 years. logitech and microsoft mice are really great. wired or wireless is up to you man. the mouse i was useing, and it still works, was the microsoft intellimouse. it still works great. i use it on my laptop and as a backup.
  24. Sephiroth

    Kerry stands up for all of us

    vote Sephiroth! only I can bring an end to world hunger, sickness, pain and poverty. I do it by the only way possible...I'll just kill everyone!
  25. Sephiroth

    a hobby i know nothing about.

    thats kinda creepy...but i guess it is more personal than meeting on the internet. and i am willing to bet a whole hell of alot safer. i just cant imagine a creepy pedo transexual fat guy/girl/it on a ham radio i dont think you need a licence to own the radios, could be wrong here folks. however none of the people i know can even tell me what the HAM stands for