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  1. Sephiroth

    love, peace and LINUX

    Have any of u heard on the news about IBM getting in trouble because of graffity. IBM started a campign on supporting linux and hired a man or men to paint pictures. the men were caught and arested for painting love peac and linux. IBM is being fined for this. this is cool considering i am a new linux user and seeing that it is getting more support now days
  2. Sephiroth

    2 old engins with fresh life

    well the 2 greatest and common game engines out there now currently being modified are doom and the good old quake1. the stuff done with doom alone is amazing near quake and even beyond in some areas. quake1 has also seen alot of new looks too, well quake3 is really a redone version of the quake1 engine, but i am talking about gamers doing some amazing stuff with the 2. Quake no longer is just green and brown, i have seen levels that are quake3 quality, as for doom i have seen some really great stuff too, but i feel it is kind of slowing down. I enjoy seeing that these games have not vanished, doom will always be number1 to me no matter what is out
  3. Sephiroth

    OK, now this p***es me off!

    take it up with her, call her a bitch i would. i respect other opionions but when they do shit like that i come right back at them. man that is fucking ignorant to think games are the number one cause. hey u know she has violated your rights, she has to grade on content not the message, that happened to a friend of mine and he got the teacher fired for it
  4. Sephiroth

    what the hell?

    oh ok now i see, never read alice but i saw the cartoon when i was a kid, like 12 some years ago. I also just got that alice game yesturday and i think it kicks ass, best 3rd person game i have seen yet in recent years
  5. Sephiroth

    what the hell?

    ok i have seen many people with the screen name "jaberwock" i know it is a reference of something but what? what the hell is a jaberwock, is it slang for drugs, or a combination of a few words or could it be someone's last name. I have only seen this word in the last few years and see it alot when i play quake2
  6. Sephiroth

    kill bill for a thrill

    hey i was wondering how do u guys tune your board. what kind of key settings do u use. I use the default doom settings combinded with quake settings for source ports. i use a & z for looking up and down, and the / for a jump in doom. not or little mouse use here.
  7. Sephiroth

    The future of doom 2....

    they should offer in for free download, along with some of their older games like keen and wolf. anyway i would like to see that. dont get excited about next year it will most likly be 2 years at min maybey 3, but we may see a public alpha
  8. Sephiroth

    who uses doom(2).exe still

    ever sense i got zdoom back at v1.16 i have not used the original .exe. reasons are because there are vast improvments to the game like no visplane overflow and the ablity to move over/under other spirits. also the improved graphics are great too. I do support trying to keep the game in its original feel but i nolonger use the old engin because of the few bugs in it. also with new doom ports net play has been improved and made far greater than it ever was
  9. Sephiroth


    hey check out other games, i have seen so many things showing that the creators of those games like doom: duke3d, rott, quake(1,2&3), tombraider3, parasite eve and others
  10. Sephiroth

    question about skulltag

    zdoom (base of skulltag) will do the same, it will always boot useing doom2.wad if it is in the dir. just take doom2.wad out of the dir if u want to play skulltag doom1 style. i know skull tag dont use doom1 yet so u arer better off leaving doom2
  11. Sephiroth

    slige commands

    ok i have been useing slige for a wile and these are the curent commands i know, i would like more if there are any. -doom2 -exmx -mapxx -rooms xxx -minlight xxx -bimo! -arena -seed well that is all the commands i know at the moment what others are there or did i get them all
  12. Sephiroth

    who doesn't love doom?

    who could not like the game doom, well ok most christians and anti-violence people dont so dont talk about them. doom is the top ranking game on my list and has been for many years. other games in order that i love: doom 1st, metroid II 2nd, parasite eve 1 & 2, 3rd. and homeworld 4th. doom will always be first for me it has everything u could want, well at its time but it still kicks ass even with new games. metroid II was my fav before doom and i wish the would make a new metroid game too. how could nayone hate doom to me it is not possible
  13. Sephiroth

    Message programs

    ok do all message programs like ICQ and AIM use your IP address. If so i have some concerns about mine. Also when u add a chat person to AIM does it email them automaticly. If not this really gives me some concerns. as soon as i signed up some one IM/ed me knowing who i was
  14. Sephiroth

    Hack files?? come on

    ok i have never heard of any file or virus with the ability to destroy a BIOS chip or any other hardware. The most damageing are viruses that mess with bootsector stuff, but that is on the hard drive. the BIOS is read only and none of its settings are on the hard drive. so some one explain how a virus can harm the hardware in such a way.
  15. Sephiroth

    damn store

    ok i just bought a new modem, belive that it was not a win-modem installed it so i go to there site to see drivers and find out it is a win-modem, the guy told me it was a full hardware modem so i got to go back and get a new one agian
  16. Sephiroth

    I lost my hack file :(

    ??? how the fuck is a file going to fry the BIOS bios is rom(read only memory) explain to me how the hell anying besides a hardware error could fry the BIOS, i have seen viruses that destroy the boot sector and force u to reformat or run fdisk. i have never seen or heard of a virus that harms any hardware
  17. Sephiroth

    damn store

    this store did something different, they had all the modems out of the boxes so u dont even get the damn thing, infact it dont even got win in the name, i went to its site for linux help and it said my brand was a controllerless modem(fance shit for win-cheap ass modem) well i will bitch em out and tell them i asked for a full hardware modem
  18. Sephiroth

    the doom movie

    i think the movies should have a very dark and scary theme to it. Much like the alien movies and event horizon. It should also go along with the game and teh areas in the game. It should not have the comic look or feel as many other game based movies. doom haveing a lose story line gives a writer a lot of options but as long as they stick to the basic story i think it should kick ass. May bey it should start off like saving private ryan, with a fast quick violent battle leaving only a few men to fight the demons. i hope it takes place on mars or a space ship too. well those are some of the things i would like to see
  19. Sephiroth

    Oldstuff underdogs

    yea i got that demon gate, got it in 1995 for $5. mine has well over 6000 levels
  20. Sephiroth

    IO addresses

    ok i am good with computers but i have never really goten into have to need an IO adress but i am trying to learn and use linux more and i just replaced my modem, so how do i find its adress
  21. Sephiroth

    bad luck

    well nothing much interesting happens here where i live, well were were those bosnian peace talks a wile back but that is it. anyway yesturday during a storm a man was at a softball game and was hit by lightning and burst into flames. this is really odd because what are the chances of being hit? It has been all over a news today. just thought i would bring it up because even though it is sad but it at the same time is interesting that it happened
  22. Sephiroth

    Doom 64 engine cont.

    i think it is based on the original doom engine and has some of its lesser qualities.
  23. Sephiroth

    I'm just wondering...

    i have been here just as long or longer than those guys, but i was know as doomgod before my system crashed. anyway there are alot of people who have left doomworld or atleast got new games. as for those you listed they are still around and i hope they stay
  24. Sephiroth

    IO addresses

    no i think i got it now i used the system prgram inside control panel to get info on the new card
  25. Sephiroth

    really good slige maps

    i am not takeing credit, all i have done to them is fixed simpile problems that can appear with in large levels. i dont even know the first thing about doom levels, i can make a square room and do textures which is all i will fix in the levels but they are still really hard to play