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Everything posted by Sephiroth

  1. Sephiroth

    What Skill level do you play?

    i play ultra-violence all the time. hey try my new maps that are coming out. very difficult many hard enemies and little ammo
  2. Sephiroth

    a good idea for a mod

    how about a DM mod called doom vs. duke. U can play as teams and each team is either doom or duke. doom sides gets doom weapons and duke sides gets duke weapons. ahh it was just an idea i had
  3. Sephiroth

    New maps coming soon

    ok i am releaseing my fisrt map pac for doom1, ever. so i think u maybe surprised by the maps. anyway were should i upload them to
  4. Sephiroth

    Nintendo's new gameboy

    yea i prefer pc over any console game system. a m not saying the new gameboy will totaly suck ass and i think n64 is a good system but i am just saying they could be better. Nintendo has been behind in alot of there new technology but it seems that way with many systems now
  5. Sephiroth

    Question about Slige...

    i think those things act in part like prefabs but on a very felixible or much more complex scale
  6. Sephiroth

    game toys

    as one of the post pointed out earlier there are alot of gameing toys. yes i do grow old of the pokemon craze but it is not as bad as other things i have seen. As for doom toys i am sure after the next doom is out there will be some. gameing toys have become very big. games other than ones you guys said i have seen are quake2, quake3, final fantasyVII, VIII, IX, duke and its games, mario and other nintendo people, and a shit load of other. i never saw gameing toys when i was younger
  7. Sephiroth

    can you tell?

    ok i will be releaseing a episode replacement for episode 2. half the levels are mad by me and the other half are nothing but slige. i want to see who can tell the difference in the maps by playing them. hint dont look for the "s" when you star because i have put that in all my maps. hey these will be the first of my maps i have ever made relesased
  8. Sephiroth

    Slige a great program

    Slige is one of the greatest doom programs out there. It creats random levels that are usally difficult but plain. It sometimes creats very good levels with great looks, placement and textures to match. When i first got it i thought all the rooms would be the same and only 1 texture would be used. I was wrong but i have some sudgestions that would make it kick ass. a luanch window to control features i think should be in the program. new features: select map to replace, if it is to be a boss level, selected weapons, monsters, and items to be in the map, select texture thems or random textures. room shapes and a outside, inside, lab, base, hell, or space map themes. Also bigger maps and wide varity of arctechture the is added at random. types of things to be added to map, like structures, furnature,etc well those are just some of my sudgestion for the program. Who knows maybey some of these things will be in a future version
  9. Sephiroth

    doom pages

    1/2 a year for doom3? are you jokeing it will at least be 2 years before we see it and 1 year before there is aa alpha version, if they decide to relese one. I bet doom3 will be out in 3 years at most. hope it dont turn out like Duke4ever cause that is never coming out
  10. Sephiroth

    DOOM RPG game That Im gonna make..

    i have wante dto do that but i just dont have the time besides i am thinking about doomin a doom TC for tombraider
  11. Sephiroth


    so what will become of hissy, who has him now? will he stay free? and who gets him next?
  12. Sephiroth

    Newdoom Is a Joke!!

    honestly i can understand that but personaly i would do something that bold only to push the buttons of the people who balme doom for school violence. this is why i think that pic was posted. it is not made to make us think about shooting our schools but to piss off those who hate the doom comunity
  13. Sephiroth

    info on my new TC

    ok i am going to use the tombraider level editor to make a doom based TC for that game. yes i am going to replace all the charactars with doom ones. but first i need the editor anyone have it. if so send it to me so i can learn to use it. from what i have seen and heard it is alot less complicated than worldcraft. it also uses wad files for textures so that should be easy as well. anyway i need people for help, programers, sound people and modelers or people who can convert them so they can be used. if u are interested email me
  14. Sephiroth

    DOOMraider a new TC

    ok there is now a tombraider level editor which is kind of cool. even though i think the newer tombraiders suck the old ones are still fun. now i can make a tombraider tc into a 3rd person doom. the neat thing about the editor it alows and uses .wad files for textures and models. i am geting a collection of doom texture for this but there is a smalee draw back i need the editor and can not find it anywere for download. if anyone has this editor please send it to me and if anyone wants to help me do this email me cause i will need help
  15. Sephiroth

    Opinions Needed

    fire on phobos sounds kick as to me
  16. Sephiroth

    JDOOM and the md2 replacements

    ok I hate to sound like a newbie but i have little experince with JDOOM and i want to know how to get the MD2 replacements to work
  17. ok i am part of an investigation into some drug dealers and the sweet part is that one of them lives in my home. so here is the problem i want to tap my phone but by useing this computer which is hooked into the main phone line. is there any software that will record a phone converstaion when the phone is answered. or should i use the cheap method and put the mic to the phone every time he is speaking to one of his fellow drugies
  18. ok have u ever got a game that looked good or was good for the first few minutes and totaly sucked. well here is a list of gameing bombs that could have been better. Omikron: the nomad soul, it has kick ass graphics and a very good stoyr line so what is wrong well lots of bugs. The game usally crashed about 60% of the time and gave your really wierd cd-rom errors. The animation was terrible in some areas like swimming and jumping. also it had a first person shooting scence which were extreamly bad because the game was not made for that. any tombraider beyond 3. ok it just got old and wierd, tombraider should have stoped at 3. the first 2 kicked ass and 3 had great graphics but 4 and 5 i think are too far. SIN ok the first time i played it i thought it was great but it had a far share of nasty bugs. first in software mode alot of things would look wierd and not show up. It also had sound card issues. It never worked right too the game would always mess up causeing you to restart. It was not the pc i was useing because i tried the game on 5 different pc's adn used the latest patches. Pokemon pc versions, ok they are out there but rare cause they suck so bad. my little brother had one besides pokemon on anything sucks ass. what other games are terrible or looked great and turned out to be bombs i could have listed more but these are just a few recent ones i have played
  19. Sephiroth

    games that looked good but sucked

    you had better believe there are 4 and they just relested a 5 but i think that will be it cause in 4 she was crushed by a pyrimid and 5 is about her past
  20. Sephiroth

    funny doom related dream

    ok i had a odd dream about going to the near by mall and walking in a pc game store. on one shelf every thing was doom related. It was kick ass and i bought m,any of the things. the first thing i bought was the Doom players survival pack, it came in a metal ammo box with doom printed on the side. It cames with all the doom games and ports on a disk, it also had the top 10 megawads and TC's. There was also 10 kick ass doom posters and 4 t-shirts as well as 4 doom figures, cyber deamon, imp, doom guy, and a normal deamon. it also had a doom hat, a cd of noraml kick ass wads for all the dooms and windows themes and a kick ass doom sound track. Also the shelf was boxed sets of all the doom games as well. There were posters t-shirts and figures for all the doom charectars. kind of a cool doom dream, oh yea there was also modeled armor and props too
  21. Sephiroth

    you're doom obsessive if....

    you keep sending in your aplication to the UAC to the US government. you have every piece of doom merchendise there is and even some you have made. if u keep your doom posters in a vacum sealed picture fram like the musames. if you only play doom, quake and other ID games. if u worship, pray, and sacrifice small animals to ID software or any of its staff. if u make your home just like your favorite doom map. if you name all your children, pets, etc after doom charectars. if u wear nothing but doom cloths. if you have at least 20 copies of all the dooms. if all your music is doom related sound tracks.
  22. Sephiroth

    which doom source is the best?

    well i use both zdoom and legacyGL but there truly is no best port cause all have good and bad sides depends what u are looking for so i say get all the common ones to use i have edge, zdoom, legacy and at on time or antoher some other random port
  23. Sephiroth

    funny doom related dream

    it cost me 65$ us in the dream and was well worth it
  24. Sephiroth

    The NEO-McCarthy era

    it seems that after this school shooting we can expect another ass pounding for being gamers that play doom. As well as for the rest of us who dont fit in with the rest of the crowd. This pisses me off cause people never want to attack what is truly wrong because it is too hard they say. so they attack things with nothing to do with it cause they dont like it. I mean i get tired of the violence histaria that has been here for the last few years. Just cause a person dont fit in dont mean they kill. gamers, athieist, rockers/rappers, geeks ect are not to blame. How many articles blame doom and other games for violence. violence here is caused by people who tease and harass others, what do u expect it is defence in theird minds, and it is also caused by drugs and gangs. school shootings are not caused by Doom. please forgive my bad spelling
  25. Sephiroth

    missing textures?

    ok in useing legacyGL i notice on some addon maps that textures are missing. how can i fix this problem