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  1. Sephiroth

    missing textures?

    yea after writing this message i thought about that adn did it. thanks for the help it works almost 100% now
  2. Sephiroth

    Fate of ftp.cdrom.com

    i am sure they backed it all up, besides all they are doing is moving the sever, that dont mean they got rid of anything. if i move my computer it dont mean a formated the hard drive. anyway this has also pissed me off cause i want to download eternal doom but cant
  3. Sephiroth

    BAcking it all up

    ok i have lost 3 playstaion games and oposeing forces to a brother and a sister who like to get into things. i have backed up most of my pc games on a cd but as for plasy staion how can i copy the game and play a copies version. i do not wish to reby the games and i want to back the up. has this sort of thing be done and if so how can i do it. i have a cd burner
  4. Sephiroth

    New to the community...got a couple questions

    Esco you seem to know doom pretty damn good, I would like to ask you are u working on any maps or TC's cause you sound like u are.
  5. Sephiroth

    Who do you hate?

    Yes i killed all the cetra, and that little girl in pink who got in my way
  6. Sephiroth

    Icon of Sin

    when it speaks, the first time u see it, it is saying "to win the game you must kill me john romero" but to here that part of the message u got to extract the file for the vioce and reverse it
  7. Sephiroth

    Doomer's Quake

    i can do it, as soon as i find a good quake editor. it is alot easier than half-life, which i have goten good at
  8. Sephiroth

    how you got started

    well here is a good old question for us long time and new doomers. how did u become a doom fan and when did u first see the game. here is my story. IN early 1993 my mom got a new computer it was a 486/88mhz with 8 mb ram and a svga card. well at first we had no games but then 2 weks later she gave us a disk that said Doom: episode1 knee deep in the dead, cd-rom version. there was no sound at first because i did not know how to put the game on the hard drive. The game blew me away i jumped out of my seat when i saw the first imp. then 3 days later we got the sound and with the fact that the computer was in the dark basement made it even more creepy. i got chills when i hear the grnt of the imp, the best sound effect in the game i think. well i feel in love with the game and it took me a month to beat the episoode, one week on the 2 scary barons of hell. A year later i got doom2 but not the first doom, still only had shareware. i did not get doom1 until 1995. well that is my doom story so what is yours. i recently got a copy of doom1, before ultimate doom still sealed up, and doom2 as collectors items.
  9. Sephiroth

    BIOS story

    ok i just fixed and put win98 on my dads older computer, this computer is kind of old at least 6 years, it has 133mhz, 4gb hard drive(3 years old), and 40mb ram. but the motherboard and BIOS are the 6 year old parts. when i fdisked, and formated his hard drive the BIOS would not let me make a boot sector large enough for win98 so u got to use a start up disk. now my dad is pissed cause he has to use a disk to start up his computer. i told him i could fix the chip for $5 and a total upgrade for $60 but he refused, damn cheap ass lawyer
  10. Sephiroth

    GOD DAMN PEOPLE can we stop!!

    please let us stop with this damn esco flaming, he gave us doom64 shit. many of u are acting like little children with flame throwers. lets stop this flaming war, but i am not supporting esco if he is really a drug dealing gang banger. besides he gave a little action to the doom fourms but it has gotten old and childish so esco can u make it so we understand u better and to all the rest stop flaming him. besides these fourms are for DOOM "NOT FLAMMING" if u want a flamming fourm email ling about it and maybey he will make one. So lets end this little war before it gets annoying and is dragged on for weeks. i am sure esco was just trying to get something out of u all and he did, he is most likly a kid looking for kicks but if he is a gang banger he will run into someone like me one day, i have done undercover work and helped police arrest about 20 drug dealers in my area. besides why would a drug dealer work so hard with doomers anyway? so just cut him some slack he did something with doom64 most of us have not or can not even do. so i will say it one last time stop these gay ass flame wars they disapoint us elder doom players, not to say i am old or anything
  11. Sephiroth

    Processor overclocking

    well u can do some stuff to the board to raise the limit, i think u can. I never tried messing with the board but overclocking the cpu is easy just get some good cooling fans.
  12. Sephiroth

    odd errors??

    ok i am puting win98 on a older pc ut it can handle it, p166. i know it is a bit old but it is my old pc. well i formated the hard drive and get this message, boot sector has been modified y to continue, from my bios. well i reformated and had no problems there and used a start up disk and still had no problems then i go to install win98 and scandisk runs fine, but after the installwizard gets to 100% it just freezes up. i can not understand this, could it have something to do with that bios or its message, part of me says the message is not what is bad i think it may be the bios. the bios is award v1.0a 1995
  13. Sephiroth

    God - Belief

    i agree on much of that. i personaly dont believe in a god, i think man made him and the power they say came from him is from us. anyway to me the bible is a story book, a collection of many legends from many cultures of that time period. many of the things hold a basic truth but were changed to make the story more exciting and longer. many of the stories in the bible are directly from or are based off stories of other cultures and religons. it was alos written by humans not by a god or gods. so u must think humans will lie, exagerate and do other things to make a story sound good. i do respect that it has given hope to many civilizations, no matter what the religon. but i do not respect that people will throw their lives away for it and kill others for a damn story. i also do not like that we trhow away scientific fact that is proven over a book written by humans thousands of years ago who had no scientific knowage, people who thought mist, cats, and devils caused bad luck and death.
  14. Sephiroth


    oil is our poison, damn monkey ass governments base their econmy on it and throw away lives of good people to line thier pockets with gold. oil will not last for another 50 years and there are far better fuel systems and fules already made but becuase of contracts these can not be built
  15. Sephiroth

    skulltag online

    how do i play skull tag online. every time i do it i get this error "please use launcher for now" what does that mean and if there is a skulltag launcher were can i get it
  16. Sephiroth


    thats what i did it takes to long to download a whole cd. besides how many billion do the companies need. justice is for the rich in america i mourn for napster
  17. Sephiroth

    something messed up

    ok go here http://www.telefragged.com and click on the 3d download link, it is made to take u to the 3d downloads but insteads it takes u to a messed up entrance to a spanish porn site?? any one else got that?
  18. Sephiroth


    ok i have tried so many times to download the damn thing but it is downloading like really slow, i am talking no more than 600bytes a sec. WTF is with that i normal download much higher than that. why is it being so slow is there anywere else i can download it from
  19. Sephiroth


    well i got linux up and running. yet i dont know much about it. like how to get into windowsX. i think the command to start it is stratx, but it gives me this errorexecve failed for /etc/X11/X (errno 2) unable to connect to x server i do not run a server or instal any server stuff, or have it set that way. but i dont know. can someone tell me what i did wrong or how to get into windowsX or how to set it all up
  20. Sephiroth

    Looking for comfort...

    hell yea that is what i love doom and NIN
  21. Sephiroth

    LINUX doom ports

    ok what port are there for linux. also i have both linux and win98 on my system but how do i get to linux from win98 or win98 from linux. or how do i choose which one to boot up
  22. Sephiroth

    this pisses me off

    ok today i had on a shirt with the doom logo, yes i got a doom shirt. At school almost every teacher i had told me to take it off, now come on what the fuck is with that all the shirt says is doom on the front and the ID logo on the back. I have seen worse things, and woren worse things, i have yet to get a comment about my system of a down shirt that has a really violent image on the front. i dont see kids geting yelled at for gang were either. so why do these fucks got to say something about a doom shirt. well fuck them for the rest of this week i will were that shirt.
  23. Sephiroth

    Doom shirts and stuff

    yea i tried to make one and it is hard so i just bought one at www.idsoftware.com
  24. Sephiroth

    this pisses me off

    yea it is a bitch putting up with ignorance my school has a big social problem too many rich people blaming the poor, i being one of the poor people, the just thing i will cause trouble because of my status. i am respectful and kind to those whoactually deserve it. hey my spelling really sucks
  25. Sephiroth

    this pisses me off

    yea i wash the shrit every day, i also made a poster that has a bunch of pictures of doom, manson and some ofther death metal and game themes on it and there is a slogan at the bottom that say school shooting are not caused by doom, death metal music, bad language, athieism, communist and TV. personaly i have never had a comment said about any of my metal shirts. besides my school is filled with punks who think cause mommy and daddy do everthing for them they rule the world, just cause they never had to fight to get anything in there life does not give them the right to beat down us common folk.