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  1. Sephiroth

    music idea

    what programs out there allow easy conversion of audio formats to others? like wma to mp3 to ogg, etc. music isn't my area so i am not too sure. however something like that could be useful
  2. Sephiroth

    music idea

    thanks, that is a really good program. while i dont think it covers converting formats it does a great job at ripping
  3. Sephiroth

    doom III T-Shirts

    if you pre-order the doom III expansion you get a T-shirt. Best buy has the preorder for the doom III expansion and includes a Doom III T-shirt. i am not sure what, if any, other places are also doing this. so for $10 you get a nice doom III T.
  4. Sephiroth

    doom III T-Shirts

    nope these are new, for the expansion of doom III. i'll send pics as soon as i feel like it. left over stuff like that gets devo'ed. so they wouldn't sell it on the floor. unless they got demand to do so.
  5. Sephiroth

    doom 95 patch?

    doom95 is trash, disgaurd it like a used tampon and grab a real man's port (or real woman's port if you are female) doom95 has alot of issues and zdoom fixes many of the original bugs and adds features to the doom game. such as look up/down, jumping, high res textures and many more. many new maps use some of these features or take advantage of bug fixes from the original. like visplane overflow errors are now a thing of the past. online play is great with doom connector, and you dont have to mess with command line stuff.
  6. never tried selfboot in XP, so not sure if it works. sounds like is doesn't. however it doesn't hurt to try. if you already did and it failed then find a buddy with 98 or an old computer.
  7. Sephiroth

    Unreal 2... with zombies!

    i am sorry but silent hill 3 has been out forever. oh wait... this is a new game. looks good, like silent hill with RE enemies in the 1st person. i hope its a project that gets done, unlike so many others.
  8. well for one it is not exactly legal to do that for Xbox. often needing the use of a mod chip. modding the Xbox will ban you permanatly from xbox live, unless you know what you are doing. also there is the chance you could damage or destroy the xbox. now as far as the dreamcast goes i have done it a few times. i used NXdoom. it works rather well but still has issues. mainly in doom II and final doom. you need nero to do it and it can be a bit hit or miss at times.
  9. Sephiroth

    Ati readeon 9600 pro help?

    chances are the power supply is NOT above 300 watt. I rarely see any system we sell above that line. it is recommened that you do add a better power supply in there if it is below 300. we have had issues with some systems not taking newer graphics cards. however these where 6800, x800 and 9800 cards. in which case the solution was usally a BIOS flash or update. we have had this issue mostly in emachine and sony computers. PS it will tell you if you look at the power supply. as far as gaming systems go you really should have built it your self.
  10. Sephiroth

    stupid question

    unless you system has a low wattage supply to start with. i don't know why you would have a small watt Powersupply with those specs? anywyas do as above, make sure you have all the updates for directX and graphics cards. Don't overclock. also check for spyware. the only things that should be running in the background is anti-virus and firewall. stuff like AIM and media players don't need to be on.
  11. Sephiroth

    64-bit leap?

    i think you would see more preformance with the dual channel. as you have a 32-bit game and 32-bit OS. i don't think the 64-bit would make that big of a difference.
  12. Sephiroth

    d3 runs retardedly slow on linux, XP1700, ati 8500

    well for one its an older ATI card. second ATI cards run like shit in linux. I have the 9600XT and it has very poor preformance in linux, even with new drivers. games like ET run terribly compared to how they ran on the geforce 4MX-440. personaly stick to windows for gaming and ATI cards. next time you update get an nvidia if you plan on playing games in linux. ATI is extreamly difficult to get working in linux. i have yet to try doom3 on my linux box, mainly due to the fact i know it will have poor preformance. also it could depend on what distro you use. i use SUSe, which was a pain in the ass. mandrake was a bit better for getting ATI to work. i hear FC is also a real pain in the ass.
  13. Sephiroth

    Ati readeon 9600 pro help?

    what computer is it? we have had a number of issues with cards in "mass made" systems not made for gaming. like HP, compaq and emachine. in which case the soultion was usally an upadte to the BIOS. also just as bad is the fact you may need a more powerful powersupply. at least 300 watt, recomend 400watt. if you have a 200 watt or something like that then upgrade that too. i have never had any issues with my 9600XT, basicly same as the pro.
  14. when i first got doom, shareware, it was on CD. it came with no instructions so other than movement i didn't know how to play. I didn't even know how to strafe, or that i even could. I didnt even know how to change weapons. so i played with whatever it gave me. try playing like that! However i then tried different keys and soon discoverd strafeing and weapons.
  15. Sephiroth

    Various video game news

    i was at gamestop the other day and i was looking at GBA games. all the ones i saw were used and cost more than the game new from where i work. some were only like 2 dollars less than new and other cost more. looking at N64 was comical because good games had high prices, even if there was a million of those games out there. however other rare, and more unkown games, had much lower prices. like mario cart was $24 but a number of others where $2-$6
  16. Sephiroth

    What are the chances that the hell monsters get to earth?

    news just in! I recently found my coppy of armagon for quake! Here I was thinking it was lost when I moved. I found it in an old tombraider case. maybe the expansion will have a swat team and a virus added into the mix?
  17. Sephiroth

    Various video game news

    the only sports games i liked where ones not based on reality. even if they really dont fit the picture. i mean come on as far as racing games go i love mario cart, can't wait for a DS version. a number of the hockey games are cool, but only play those at a friends home because i don't own a PS2. the PSP stpry is quite good, great games that fly out. i hope it does good, even though i bought a DS. however not sure what the totaly price will be. i dont know about you but anything over $200 seems a bit too much for me.
  18. Sephiroth

    Somebody know where I can download\get "B4DOOM"?

    you could try searching well known doom wad archives. looks like it would have been cool, but sadly don't know what happened.
  19. Sephiroth

    D! Zone

    yea i remember those shots. i was really hopeing there was something like that on the disk. however i was happy with the results. i also remember a Q!zone, for quake. however saw that at a fleemarket. not sure how "real" tha tone was.
  20. Sephiroth

    Somebody know where I can download\get "B4DOOM"?

    never heard of that. did a quick search and it looks like a project that went under. don't worry 95% of projects end up dying out anyways. so to put it simply no, there is no way to get this. chances are its not even finished or close to a finished product. even if it was chances are it has been lost or deleted. You could try contacting the creator, if you can find him just to make sure we are on the same page. this is the project you are thinging of, right? http://www.geocities.com/b4doomgl/scrframeset.html looks like it would have been cool, even if it was a bunch of heritic/hexen stuff added to doom
  21. Sephiroth

    Medikit question

    i had never seen that message in all my dooming years. If i did i didn't take note of it.
  22. Sephiroth

    Get your XBOX's fired up.

    RTCW for xbox came with a new single player maps a weapon and monsters. also had the original wolf3d too. i snagged it when it was $9.
  23. Sephiroth

    I enjoy the sound of beating a dead horse

    you should try beating a dead cow. its cool cause possums usally run out. once i tried to lose my brother and his friends in the woods by telling them i found something dead. only it back fired and we did find soemthing dead. of course i left them and they then got lost.
  24. Sephiroth

    9.0 earthquake

    last i heard the death toll was 52000. now i can assue you it will be much higher in the end. not only from the first moment but from desease and starvation. there is a lesson in this though. countries need to consider population control and building codes. when you have a tiny island with 60,000 people living there any natural disaster is going to bring a high death toll. then add in poor constrution and human error/stupidity. granted those are not easy things to do or over come. many times people just through up shacks anywhere and hope for the best. however that doesn't stop them from planning among them selves. yes it does anger me to see news paying attention to dead football stars and singers over 52,000+ dead. not saying the should ignore pop-culture icons, just saying that there are more important things going on.
  25. Sephiroth

    Post yer booty

    i got.... cash gascard clothes CD wallet i was originaly going to use the cash to buy a new mainboard/CPU/windowsXP pro combo thru intel. (because i sell intel products i could have gotten it all for $200) however i would then need to get new memory and a new graphics card. so i then decided on getting the nintendo DS, which i grabed today. finaly a fucking backlite gameboy! besides i really dont need to upgrade my computer, it will be fine for atleast another year.