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  1. Sephiroth

    Reggie White seems to be dead

    i liked how the news today put alot of focus on how liza minellie (however the fuck you spell her name) fell out of bed and hit her head. mean while over 52,000 people are dead! christ sakes that is disturbing. i mean 52,000 are dead! most likly more than that, many more will die from other causes due to that disaster.
  2. never done it until this weekend.

    basicly it is taking a laptop, or PDA and listening for wireless networks.

    i did this going up and coming back from my grandparents home. too bad i dont have a gps.

    things i learned
    about 75% of these networks were not encrypted.
    channels 6 and 11 are the most popular.
    83% of them used default SSID's
    netgear was the most popular, fallowed by linksys, cisco and PCX500. D-link and microsoft were rare.
    the most popular speed was 11mbps and 22mbps. very few 54g and no detected 108g connections.
    one guy had his address as the SSID
    one guy must really like M.C. Hammer. with the SSID of "hammertime"

    1. fraggle
    2. Bloodshedder


      The strange thing is, that one was ad-hoc and not an access point.

    3. Sephiroth


      in the list a guy had his address as the SSID.
      had the aprtment building and apt number. i guess he wants friends.

      I did it just to see how easy/hard it was. we were on the highway 70% of the time and the rest was, for the most part, small country towns.

      only a few larger ones like englewood, Lima, findlay, fostoria and freemont. all ohio cities

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  3. a similar incident happened in my town. 2 girls just out of school ended up in a lesbian sex scene in some porn. well that porn has made its way around town, sadly i have yet to see it. her, her family and her firends were up set over this. not sure if they ever tried to sue. she has no one to blame but her self. she was the one that drank too much.
  4. Sephiroth

    what clones do you remember?

    we all remember wolf3d, doom and quake, but what about the hundreds of clones that were made? if you grew up or were older at the time of doom's release then you remember the doom clones. i remember a few space invader clones and pac-man clones. Some were really good games, others just really sucked. some were left out becuase there was no real way for them to measure up to the large games like doom and quake. before PC and gameboy i was into atari. i loved my 2600 and 5200 systems. we had a shit load of games. of course some of these were clones of popular games like sapce invaders and pac-man. one game i do remember was called "theif" no not that 1st person game. it was a pacman clone. get the pellets, or in the case i am guessing coins or diamonds. however unlike our yellow friend pacman. this guy could defend him self anyware on the map. you could place up to 3 barriers to keep the cops from getting you. if you needed another after the 3rd was placed the 1st disapeared. well thats what i recall of the game. also your guy was a red hat with feet. a space invaders clone was nearly unplayable at that age. the invaders shot things at you and randomly ones you shot would come falling down toawrds you. however this may have been a tandy game. years later i am to PC gaming and doom. Soon i saw a number of doom clones. my mother registered with a game company and each month they sent us like 10 CD's with shareware and full games. most sucked. however i do remember a few. cyclones was kinda cool, but i hated the way you contorled it. it had "3d" floors and i recall jumping. not much else. ken's 3d deal, i remember this one for being kinda tacky. it was fun even if wierd. i never understood why growing tall and small mattered in this game. however it was the base of the build engine the duke3d later was made from. ROTT - best clone ever! if i recall this was to be the second wolf3d, but that changed for some reason. anyways it rocked. however never got the attention that doom got, i mean it came out between doom and doom II and then quake and duke3d. Duke3d - i remember it because it was a fun game. however i remember all the fights about duke3d engine being better than quake. This game was just as much a blast as ROTT. now onto playstation. There is one game that i think is a direct copy of RE and its gameplay. however i dout the story, even if they are similar. I am talking about parasite eve 2. however those games are based off a book, that i think was out before RE. either way you really think about RE when you play it. you even have to hit action to go up/down steps. Unlike RE it has some RPG elements to it. you can unlock powers and you have MP. This one is one of my favorite games for the playstation. what other clones are out there. these are only the ones that stand out for me.
  5. Sephiroth

    There such thing as SOCOM for Mac?

    didn't see it on the list. never even seen it for PC, but not my kinda game. if there is a PC version then maybe you can play it with some emulation, i forget what hardware emulators are out there. never tried one. well they have doom III for mac and that's all that matters.
  6. Sephiroth

    what clones do you remember?

    ahh yes, forgot about blood. only had the shareware version. one of only 2 games i know of where you can kick heads around. the other being postal 2.
  7. Sephiroth

    What gaming genre do you prefer?

    well i play mostly shooters. however at night i mostly play a bit of final fantasy, resident evil or parasite eve on my play station. usally an hour before i fall asleep.
  8. Sephiroth

    DVD Ripping Software

    yea i should look into something like that too. given that we tape a show.
  9. Sephiroth

    Bring back the Originals

    thats why i am glad the source for some older games has been released. like duke3d and ROTT. otherwise they would be lost to time. there are a great many classics we all wish to be back, but i fell i am not alone when i say i am ready for new classics.
  10. Sephiroth

    Book Banning in US?

    in high school i remember being able to visit the american cummunist and socialist home pages with no problems. i even set the hammer and sickle as the back ground. I rememeber a teacher was upset by the fact i did that, but i told her i was really a communist and did it as a joke. i guess that worked for her cause i was never hassled about it. at the time i did it because i was bored and because i wanted to.
  11. i don't know why i am friends with this guy. even if i have known him sence he was a child. basicly he is one of those really arrogant people who thinks rules don't apply to him or family. He has always had a horrible anger and temper problem. this guy once pulled an unloaded shotgun on a kid for turning off the N64, and he is not a gamer! He punched me for turning off the heat in his car once. Once he about beat one of his cousins, a 5 year old, for accidentaly hiting him in the nuts.
    now toss in wreckless drug addiction and more stupidity and you got your self a very dangerous person.
    he states he would never hit a woman or family. however its far closer than he thinks. I have seen him get extreamly pissed at things that should not bother someone. He has the mentality of a wife beater or child beater. I have seen that too much in my life. so i know it rather well.
    he says drugs never affected him, but i watched as he became more violent and uncontrolable. He once tried to fight a guy with a gun at a part infront of his girlfriend. he eventually got 3 DUI's, the 3rd nearing killing him. he was also 19 at the time.
    luck was on his side, he is very much alive. and really got off with another slap on the wrist. if it were up to me he would never see a car for the rest of his life. His girl stayed with him, and i helped him. why i don't know, i should have left him for dead and she should have found another man. but i guess that is the human side of us, or we are just dumb.

    He now says that he will never drink or do drugs agian. however i know from my life that he will most likly start up agian. After all he still keeps the same drug addict friends. he still fails to see that what he did is serious and gets pissed if the police question him. as i said he got off really easy, no fines or jail time. license is only suspended due to medical reasons.

    An example of his mental state would be as fallows.
    he doesn't like it when people smoke in his house, yet he does the dip. i would rather see him smoke. Atleast i don't have to see his cancer or that nasty vomit inducing spit. his poor girl-firend, she doesn't know.
    he thinks blacks and other races are the cause of the world's issues. desptie the fact he use to hate such idea and the fact of his own family roots. the guy has japanese releatives.
    he is one with that "i am always right attitude" i will prove him wrong to put him in his place or to stir up the hive. one time he claimed the college he was looking into was $15,000. i told him it would be more like $60,000. he was pissed and tried to say i didn't know what i was talking about. so i took him to my dad, who went to this college, who showed him the modern cost. he shut up about it.

    if he contiunes this way he will fallow in his brother's foot steps and have 3 divorces by the time he is 30. i have talked to his soon to be wife about getting him into anger managment. However i don't think she takes me seriously. however if she doesn't heed my warning.... well we all know what will happen there. and this time i will not help.

    1. darknation


      how come your blogs are only ever about other people?

    2. Nmn


      Kill him.
      :] j/k

      Seriously, why do You give a shit about that guy? I bet a rat's ass that if You had trouble like him neither him or his girlfriend would help You. Get over it, people were crazy and will always be. Care for Yourself, not that crazy fella. Let fate be his justice, while You worry about yer ass.

  12. Sephiroth

    The Sims 2

    like he said find a porn game if that is what you are looking for. nope, no nudity or graphic sex. maybe there is a mod, but out of the box, no. maybe clouds and blurs. its a teen rated game dude so what would you expect. personaly i hated the sims. ok i didn't really hate it, but its more of a game i would pick up from a bargine bin. i would not waste my money on the other 2 or 3/4 games that have been made.
  13. Sephiroth

    Sign the Doom Movie petition

    wasn't the article about the doom movie in some dumb ass tabloid mag? if so you guys are too fucking easy! I mean come on, a store check out isle mag! i don't know why they would be serious about those changes. one reason is that it would be very stupid and too much like RE or similar to a great number of other zombie movies. personaly i think it is a joke. maybe it was a sudgestion. as far as the rating, has to be R. i mean come on its a mature rated game. either way the movie, no matter how it turns out, will most likly be fairly bad. a good game that would make a good b movie is parasite eve, or parasite eve II. has all the makings of a classic B sci-fi horror movie.
  14. Sephiroth

    See? Video games are good

    i have heard it all at work. everything from jews to the devil are INSIDE games or behind them. a woman claimed that HP was supporting gays and was run by the devil. lets not forget the fact that the electrical field from her body killed her computer, not the fact she dropped it down a flight os stairs. games can be a bad thing if they take up too much of your life, just liek anything else. also young children really should not play games like doom III and silent hill or GTA. but that is the parents choice and responsibility. its like thos dumb fucks sueing wall mart because a cd had the f-word in it. its times like that i wish the court would break out the cerimonial gun and place it in that persons mouth and pull the trigger. lessons of life SHIT happens, no matter what! bad shit will happen and sometimes there is nothing to blame. take responsiblity for your own actions and or stupidity. don't be a jerk to other because the world isn't the way you want it. i think it is good to see a good attitude towards games. after all it is a good way to release the stress of the day.
  15. Sephiroth

    Requesting Science Intelligence!

    yea those things use alot of power and as of now are not very efficient compared to chemical explosives. i remember seeing a home made "rail gun" on a site a while back, but it didn't launch at high speed. not even a speed that could hurt or leave a bruse. try making a tesla coil or something.
  16. Sephiroth

    it hasn't happen....yet?

    I am not into online play that much. yea it's fun, but i am not doing it 8 hours a day. i might do it everyonce and a while. personaly i would rather go to a small lan party and play a few games just for the hell of it. i then think of people who are totaly hardcore about online play and clans. a number of clans seem to be little more than comical misfits who take it too seriously. However i have never heard of or seen any of this drama end up in a court room or get media attention. so here are some events that i am sure will happen, if they havent already. clans face off in court room over name, logo or site. I am surprised i have never seen this happen in our sue happy age. fist fight stops lan party. hey it happens in sports so it bound to happen at big lan parties. i am sure there have been a few small fights. however i have never heard of 2 groups getting in a massive brawl at a lan party. company sues clan or clan sues company overr name, logo or site. i could see this happening first. a big company or group sueing a clan over some copy right issue dealing with a name, logo or site. i am sure it is only a matter of time before we start hearing about such things
  17. Sephiroth


    damn man, pretty damn sweet. i bet it would be even better if high. don't think i have ever seen anything like that before
  18. well a woman wants me to call her to see how her computer is doing. she leaves a number. so i dial that number to get "you must dial a 1 or a 0 before dialing this number" the i try both, well i get "dial the area code" message. I assume her area code is 937 because she lives like a mile from here. i dial the full number to get "this number has been disconnected" on my caller id it just shows the 7 digit number. so the is bassicly no way to contact her. So maybe next time she will give me the full fucking number.... or pay her damn bills.

    well tried all local area codes and none worked, so fuck her. she should have had the common sence to tell me the correct phone number.

    anyone know any trick to find out the area code

    1. Ichor


      Trial and error

    2. Bucket


      Hello, Lois?


      Hello, Lois?



      (Seriously, who cares? If you can't reach her phone, it's her fault.)

    3. Sephiroth


      yea *69 would have been nice, but 3 other people called.

      however i was able to find her number in the phone from a while back, our phone stores the numbers of the last 200 people who called.

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  19. Sephiroth

    Third Party Internet Browsers

    unless you have something wrong with your system there really should be no reason mozilla or firefox don't work. i have never had it cause an major fuckups on any system i have installed it on. honeslty i don't really think IE is bad or terrible. The only real reason i grabed mozilla for windows is because it has a built in pop-up blocker and tabs. it is more secure in the sence people just havn't found the holes in it. I really mainly got it for linux because it has more support than konqueror for stuff like flash.
  20. Sephiroth

    Dimebag Darrell shot dead

    same around here the local radio stations have been playing nothing but pantera. can't say i really listened to much pantera, but still it sucks he was gunned down like that. of the concerts i have been too i don't reacll many police or even security guards. i would see CNN giving this more coverage over rumsfeild being made look like an ass. even if just to save from critsism and embarrassment.
  21. Sephiroth

    Third Party Internet Browsers

    i have never had any issues with mozilla/fire fox. i was a bit untrusting at first, but then i tried it out. works great. i have never had an major issues with it. i have run it on 350Mhz systems with 64MB ram and i run it on my dual 2400+ system. i have run into few pages that have issues with fire fox. as far as security goes there is little spyware that affects in and it stops 99% of popups. however i am sure as it grows spammers and spyware makers will find ways to deal with fire fox. however with that many people working on firefox i am sure they will be limited. either way it works great and is worth a try.
  22. Sephiroth

    WoW or EQ2?

    how about which ever one you DON'T have to pay to play. honestly you buy the game and then you have to pay to play it, that is nothing but pure bull shit. I am sure you have to pay to play everquest, not sure about world of warcraft. now i can understand paying for a service that works for other games, but not for a single title. maybe a service that allows all MMORPG's, then i could see paying and would most likly do so. not gonna pay to play each title, nope i dont give in like that. no matter how good a game is.
  23. Sephiroth

    Half-Life 2 OUT!!!

    Nice to see the whole linear vs open ended flamewar is still burning strong. So what! Doom and half-life 2 were made that way. If you dont like games that play out in one direction then ok. You don't need to bitch because the game doesn't suit you. If i don't like a game I don't play it. Example I don't like the GTA games, so freaking what! Thats MY choice. I don't care how much anyone loves those games, I don't care. It's one thing to state why you didn't like it, but another to bitch that it wasn't the way you wanted it. anyways i have enjoyed half-life and doom III. half life runs better on my system. however it was made with ATI cards in mind. However doom III has alot of cool stuff compared to half-life 2. the shadows in doom III are far better than half-life II
  24. Sephiroth

    Favorite game of 2004:

    don't own a system that can play it. unless it is out for x-box or PC. just like i want to play metroid prime, but cant, as i dont own a game cube. i am not gonna buy a system for 1 game.
  25. Sephiroth

    Favourite games on old platforms

    gameboy metriod II, next to doom and all time favorite classic. mario 3 for GB turtles for GB NES super mario 1 & 3, thats about all i played for NES sega sonic the hemp hog, i mean hedge hog 2 sonic and knuckles intel 486DX/88Mhz not a side scroller, but doom is the all time classic for me commander keen, all jill of the jungle atari 2600 pitfall adventure, get the cup and fight ducks. quest, some adventure game with better graphics than adventure.