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  1. Sephiroth

    What games have you been playing lately?

    been playing alot of silent hill 1 today, just bought it this morning. it was the only game i hadn't played. its a good game so far, even if the graphics are rather poor. also had been playing HL2, great game but really not that much in common with HL1. halo 2 has been getting play as has silent hill4, totaly differnt from SH1. other than the name and a few other things there are no similarities.
  2. Sephiroth

    I always wanted to shoot JFK

    yea i ran across this game last night. i cant belive they are selling it! i could understand if it was used as a gimick for a non-profit group or something. certianly i am not gonna buy a game. personaly i would try killing the others in the car too. i wonder what happens when you shoot his wife?
  3. Sephiroth

    Valve release fake CD key, ban warez monkeys

    yea i know. i dont think you can play the game if you have steam off or if you are not connected to the internet. i'll have to try and play it without my network connection. if you do have to be connected then i do say "that's fucking bullshit!"
  4. well traded in those nice new shinny games i had for some older games. mainly mario64 and silent hill.

    i was surprised about silent hill and how shitty it really looks. well it looks average compared to other PSX games at the time. however i did not buy the game for the graphics, i bought it to experince the first game at last.

    the N64, which i had to buy, ran at $19. it came with controller, memmory card, power supply, av cable and this one had the upgraded RAM. mario cost me $8. was kinda pisse dbecause i bought a N64 off a friend but it had no power adapter. from sites i was looking at it ran around $15-$25 for the thing.

    games i dusted for this new stuff, or rather towards the price.
    marrowwind, full spectrum warrior, and max payne 2. 3 games i never played much.

  5. what give microsoft the right to sue another country? or infact any company the right to sue another country? I mean what is the company comes back and says "fuck you" its not like we are gonna go to war over it. there really isnt a whole hell of a lot Mr. Gates can do to a 3rd world coutry. just like arresting kids over Mp3's doesn't do shit
  6. Sephiroth

    Armed and dang...Well, not really

    seems like she just went nuts. You never know what they are gonna do. funny looks like my neighbor.
  7. microsoft is digging its own grave I think. Pissing off more customers and charging more for their product. given a choice of windows, bootleg windows and linux what do you think the people of a thrid world country are gonna use?
  8. well it doesn't happen much, ok that's a god damn lie. someone gets rid of a perfectly good computer because its "slow". well no shit its gonna be slow when you have a shit load of spyware and 3 viruses on 128MB ram. also add in the fact they had just about everything you could think of running in the back ground.
    the computer was made in 2001, so still kinda new.

    its an HP vectra workstation. PIII 733Mhz, 128MB ram, 10GB hard drive (SCSI), 16X CD drive (SCSI). so removed the hard drive and replaced it with a 40GB IDE, updated the ram, and installed a fresh OS. runs exelent. so now i am gonna sell it. i love dumb people.

    1. Bucket


      What's wrong with the 10gb drive? It's SCSI, so it should be pretty fast. What are they, 15k rpm now? You could use it as a swap drive for sound/video programs and such.

      Or are you going to sell the machine and keep the rest...?

  9. barney "todays we are gonna have a special friend. his name is Marilyn Manson" dude i wish stuff like that was happening here. oh wait the FCC might not think it a good idea
  10. Sephiroth

    Your Freedoms Are Being Eroded

    a family i knew disapeared shortly after the election. chances are they moved somewhere. however the guy was getting threats for writing anti-bush stuff. non of it was really that bad and not much differnt than other stuff i have seen or heard. however the guy had been reported to the police, homeland security and other such things. I was also helping him distribute the stuff, and kept his backups. these of course were over 15 GB of images, letters, newspapper clipping, scan articles, other newsletters. all reaching as far back as the 1970's. i am not gonna touch the stuff. however as requested i made a shit load of copies and stashed them in places in case something happened. the guy was not a conspiracy nut. however i stopped by their home and no one was there. they have yet to return calls or emails. i am debating if i should mail one of his hard drives to his mother or sister. so far i have not had any issues with the government, but i am sure they atleast know who i am.
  11. Sephiroth

    Half-Life 2 OUT!!!

    yea i got it to work. i couldn't download becuase it was busy and then when i was finaly able to download it took me about 6 hours. however my brother playing halo2 online didn't help any. a very impressive game and it runs very well on my system. I am at the part with the car, actually i am a bit past that. the boat was awsome, but both of them can be a bit hard to control. the only thing that kinda bothers me is the fact i have no idea what is going on. i mean the story is almost completly different. i am sure it will come into play later. so far its as if they took people from HL and put them in an entirly new game with a new story. is it wortht he hype? i dont know. i wasn't really hyped up about it. i was more hyped about doom3.
  12. Sephiroth

    Vote for Half-Life 2 as game of the year

    doom3 is better looking. HL2 still looks good and may apeal to more people. Halo2 was also good. Currently playing HL2. so far doom3 seemed to have the longest play. however it requires more system than the others. HL2 runs great for me, but doesnt have as much cool stuff like doom3. don't let that fool you, it still looks extreamly good and it is very fun to play. as far as game of the year? i dont know, but it will most likly go to either GTS:SA, halo2 or HL2. most likely HL2 or halo 2. after all they have been the most hyped.
  13. that thing looked like a actress from the 30's. i even stated that it might be possible to gain holy powers from eating it. well that or a serious stomach illness. anyways our alien over loards need to other evidence that proves our stupidity.
  14. Sephiroth

    Your Freedoms Are Being Eroded

    your only free as long as you want the same freedoms of those in power. ok maybe they enjoy more freedom than us. hell its an american tradition! look at the settelers, you were free to do as you pleased as long as it was the same as they did it. if not... then i guess i am a witch. what a world, but it has been worse before. the AFA, those fuckers can... "suck my cock!" had a woman who was a member came in and bitch, bitch, bitch about HP supporting gays. i told her, "i really dont care what brands yoyu buy, but i am sure our cannosn are farily non-gay"
  15. Sephiroth

    Half-Life 2 OUT!!!

    i wish i knew how to redeem my ATI deal for HL2. it says i can do it through steam. however each site gives me a differnt way of doing it. steam says to first put in my credit card info, however chances are they will end up charging me for the game anyways if i do that. heh, it worked finaly. its downloading now. fairly easy, i was impressed. only 60 minutes until i can play da game. so far the game seems like bullshit. I mean it took a long time to download, which isnt bad cause i knew it would. however the SOB doesn't even load up! apperantly there is more BS i need to download. so its stays stuck in the loading part. anyways how is loading times for this game? in the mean time i will play go fish with a mouse.
  16. Sephiroth

    I am right, Japan does rule.

    at least i haven't seen an everquest chair. we made on in a highschool art class as a joke. complete to catherter, feeding tube, and anal tube. all you have to to is stand up every 3 hours!
  17. Sephiroth

    Half-Life 2 OUT!!!

    so you have to activate half-life 2? is it like when you have to activae windows? if so that is fucking bull shit! or is it more like you download it and then register the game? i have the ATI deal so i got to do that.
  18. the lowest i have seen doom3 run was on a 1Ghz P3 system. windows2000 1Ghz 512MB memory Geforece FX5700, 128 it ran, but not very well. I have not seen anyone do it on anything lower. lower than 1.5 is not gonna be very playable. There really is no reason to try other than to try for the hell of it. either get a new system, best to build, or wait to see if there is the Xbox version.
  19. Sephiroth

    Halo 2 Stuff

    then why would he continue to fight... he has nothing to fight for. i have only seen 2 halo books, never read eaither of them. well anyways just beat the game. i was impressed by it, but it did seem a bit short. it is easy to say that there is going to be a halo 3. I also tried the xbox live part. fairly fun. but just like all the other xbox liove FPS games i have.
  20. Sephiroth


    i agree with above however he could have used a real city as the base. a city destroyed by a natural disaster and just used it as a back drop or lesson for the story. just like a modern writer might have a fictional story useing a real city. problem is that there is alot of geoloigical activity there so cities have been lost before. however it would be cool if it were real and was found.
  21. Sephiroth

    VGA vs. DVI

    we do, but try $49. if you have a DVI monitor and DVI card use DVI. however buy the standard cables. i think HDTV's and computers can use the same cable.
  22. Sephiroth

    Halo 2 Stuff

    i broke down and got the game. so far i like it. however i do have a few complaints. one big complaint is that the game suffers from "pop in" on the bump maps and some level parts. i think they should have toned some thigns down to eleminate this. stuff i liked. weapons. graphics are good. blowing shit up if you look down you see legs! first time i have ever seen that in a FPS. runs good stuff i dont like graphic "pop in" the MC and cortana sex scene the covenant, ok this guys are just too comical for a serious game. but they are fun to beat up. i am sure i will get coned into matches by guys at work.
  23. Sephiroth

    Halo 2 Stuff

    you could say the same thing about half-life and doom. i want to try out the game atleast, but i really dont want to buy it. However i have 2 games i really dont play and may trade in for halo 2
  24. Sephiroth

    Grilled cheese with virgin mary,20 grand.

    i be the real virgin mary was a short, one eyed, slightly creepy, dark rat haired older woman. oh wait.... i just descirbed mary who lives down the street. just like jesus, nobody knows what he looked like. i don't think this is real. i am fairly sure it is a hoax. if it is a real ebay auction i dout the guy/person is going to pay. notice it is no longer 20,000. its $51
  25. Sephiroth

    Halo 2 Stuff

    i alwyas thought the aliens where a bit cartoonish and comical. IF this was to be serious then they should have redid the grunts and a few other things. the flood was good. also sarge seemed at bit too much like that guy from alien or some other movie i saw.