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  1. Sephiroth


    heh, chick.com what a great site. feeling down and want to laught at humanity? then take a gander. even better was their article on doom, the classic versions. can't find the doom article though. it would be a different world if we had a king or if each state was a contry.
  2. Sephiroth

    home protection

    well i am thinking about investing in my second amendment rights. Now i am not looking for a full auto firearm. ironicly my mother hates guns but for some odd reason insist that i own some form of personal protection, mainly in the form of a hand gun. My uncle also wants to get me a gun for christmas. he has only been bugging me about it for the last 5 years. mainly because he wants to take me hunting. my neighbor is selling some items from his personal arsonal. a few i have fired. among the items are a .45 pistol, 9mm pistol, duke3d like shotgun ( i have fired this one) a 9mm rifle, a standard looking shotgun and a few other things. now i am not a gun expert. i know the basics. so what would be a good gun to buy? how about prices? what is also good for personal protection and hunting? note i am not looking to get a concealed carry licence. I dont have any children, younger brothers/sister ( that i need to worry about), or trigger happy pet monkeys. though i have had my fair share of having to deal with knife wileding drugged up women my father would bring home. a time when a shotgun is welcome over doging a knife and other random objects.
  3. Sephiroth

    Maybe this guy doesn't like his job

    This page has been removed from the server. Lucas Arts legal contacted my ISP, my ISP sent me this: Dear Intermedia.NET customer: Intermedia.NET has received notice of alleged infringement in connection with your Intermedia.NET account for the website located at leftcorner.com, specifically http://www.leftcorner.com/swg/ff/ff6.htm. In accordance with Intermedia.NET's Digital Millennium Copyright Act policy, Intermedia.NET requests that you act as soon as possible either to remove the allegedly infringing material from the website or to provide Intermedia.NET with a valid counter-notification indicating you believe the copyright infringement notice is the result of some error. The policy including counter-notification procedures is attached to this email message. If you fail to remove the allegedly infringing material or fail to provide Intermedia.NET with a valid counter-notification within twenty-four (24) hours of this notice, Intermedia.NET will be forced to disable access to the website referenced above. Please let me know immediately if you have questions regarding the information contained in this message. Very truly yours, [Guy from Intermedia] kinky, what ever the hell that means. all i know is something was there and now its gone. someone must have been pissed off about what ever it was.
  4. Sephiroth


    heh, i have heard similar reports about lincoln too. i think i akse dmy dad a similar question. by the way which presidents were "non-christian"? also which president had the most wives?
  5. Sephiroth

    No fags, please, we're Liverpudlian.

    at my work place people get pissed because you only get a smoke break for 15 minutes every 4 hours. well it's nice because people actualy work. when i worked fast food people always wanted to go on a smoke break every 30 minutes. many ended up getting fired. a friend of mine gets pissed when his family smokes in the house. however he is fucking nuts cause he chews tobacco. personaly if i had to choose i would smoke. i don't even hang out with him any more because of his habbit
  6. Sephiroth

    How to update ATI driver for 9600XT?

    the ATI 9600XT card is nice. i have had no issue with it. have hit some areas with slowdown. MP is very fast and looks great. other than that an update to CPU would be a good idea. however it is most likly the older P4, the big one. you may be able to go up to 2Ghz or so. i would not recommend over clocking. i hear doom doesn't like it as well. also there is an ATI "patch" for doom3 which can improve preformance with ATI cards.
  7. Sephiroth

    can not run doom3 please help

    if you dont know about spyware, then chances are strong you have it. tips to get rid of it dont use AOL. never install file share programs. most of these have spyware. however there are "cracked" versions that dont have the spyware. use mozilla, firefox, netscape or opera for a browser. you would be surprised how well these work and how much they cut down on that junk. watch what you download! programs that are great for spyware removal are lavasoft adware and spybot S&D also AVG is a very good, and free, anti virus. also zone alarms firewall is another exelent choice. if you're just so bogged down by spyware and viruses then fdisk and format. then do a fresh install. however if you own an HP or compaq you are shit out of luck. they use a restore partion, i thought restore disks were bad. other tips. turn off the restore feature. these often times end up causeing problems and backing up spyware and viruses. use service pack 2 notes: HP, and compaq, preinstall spyware for you! might as well sence most people are fucking tards. they install a program called "wild tangent" which is a spyware program. so far HP is the only company i know of that does this. as far as doom goes. make sure that you have nothing overclocked. all drivers up to date and that your memmory is fairly clean.
  8. Sephiroth

    Direct X

    i personaly prefer direct seX did you add that card you self? reason i asked is that many new computers offten come with small power supplies. i have seen a great many with some as low as 175 watts. not near the needed amout for high end graphics. however i would think that you would have had other issues. havnt really tested to see the effects of a small power supply. you need at least a 420 watt powersupply. if you have lower, upgrade. also in dells you either need to buy from dell or buy an adpter. DEll computers do not use the standard ATX power supply! useing a standard power supply without adpater will kill your main board and your warrenty. here is a link http://www.endpcnoise.com/cgi-bin/e/dellconverter.html
  9. Sephiroth

    Sounds of Hell??!

    i wonder how the classical view of hell being under out feet got started? the only things under our feet are really hot rocks and maybe cave trolls.
  10. Sephiroth

    Can I play doom3 on my pc?

    you should be fine. however you would have realized that if you just looked at the min requirments. strangly most people DONT. you will be surprised how often i get asked "why doesn't this game work" from people who got intel "accelerated" graphics.
  11. Sephiroth

    home protection

    i was in no way trying to turn this into a pro-gun or anti-gun debate. past incidents, family history and other factors have influnced my choice in getting a gun . all i aksed is what people would recommend, if anything. I am well aware of gun laws and will abide by all of them. I am in no way one of those insane pro-gun lunitics it was also never a plan to keep the weapon loaded. i know that is an accident waiting to happen. even keeping it under a pillow or anything like that would be dumb. at most unloaded under the bed with ammo in the closet. home invasion is not really a fear. more so is someone getting really high and flipping out. also given the life style choices of some of my family members and their friends. unless you guys want to talk about guns i am gonna close this thread.
  12. Sephiroth

    Return of the King Extended DVD trailer

    i know. it doesn't do that with my dad's VCR. he has a really old ass TV. however my mom's did it. at first we were confused and i returned the DVD player and got an X-box only to see that do the same thing. it then dawned on my that it was a copy protection. my friend wonders why his PS2 doesn't play half his CD's. maybe because they are all burned... i think it sometimes plays a few if you do a RAW copy. havnt experimented on it.
  13. Sephiroth

    Stealing from work

    i did once "steal" duke3d from wal-mart. i had bought duke3d and got home only to find out there was no game disk! so i went back with the box and recite to trade in. however they wouldn't do it. so i came back 2 days later with my box and swapped it. I later understood how the disk could have been lost. it was in a single paper sleeve that can easily slide out of the box.
  14. Sephiroth

    wont read disc 2

    clean the CD/DVD drive. also, do you smoke around the computer? doing that can really fuck drives up. i am always having to replace the drives in a friend's computer because they smoke so much around it. make sure the disk is clean and then run a drive cleanign disk in there. if not do as the others said. also could be a dead/dying drive or cable.
  15. Sephiroth

    Return of the King Extended DVD trailer

    the only reason i even own a TV is for Xbox and playstation. I hardly ever watch TV. i watch DVD's more
  16. Sephiroth

    What do you drive?

    a 92 buick skylark grand sport. leaking breaks and needs new tires. however mother got the sport package which makes tires fucking expensive.
  17. Sephiroth

    home protection

    I am not just looking for something for home protection. thats just an extra feature right now. I want something that is good for some hunting and shooting. birds and small animals for the most part. however one day i do want to go moose hunting. as for personal protection i can understand why my mother wants me to have a gun. My dad is into alot of shit. I know about alot of it but I don't know who is involved outside of my family and his circle of friends. If my dad does something stupid, or anyone else for that matter, it could be deadly. living with my dad is like living on a razors edge. I live here because i dont make the money i need to survive on my own. and i am going to school. i am not gonna take out loans unless i need to do so. this up coming spring i my join the navy or airforce anyways.
  18. Sephiroth

    Return of the King Extended DVD trailer

    WHAT you don't own a DVD player!? man why not? those things are so much better than VHS. Also they have gotten much cheaper. infact at my store a VHS player costs more. one note about DVD players and old TV's get an RF modulator. Don't run them through a VCR. there can be an issue in doing so, picture cuts out and fades stuff like that. also some RF modules are really really shitty. it may be time to buy a new TV. in which case you really should get an HD compatible TV. those are also dropping in price. you can get a basic one for $400-$600 depending on size. also EDTV or ETV is NOT HD compatible. its just a farse to trick people.
  19. Sephiroth

    Stealing from work

    i have never stolen anything from my current work. no reason to and not worth getting fired over. honestly i just wouldn't take the hard drive. i would ask. if not you can find plenty of 4GB drives for dirt cheap, under $10. some places may not give a shit. infact when i worked krogers they wanted us the "take" expired items. mostly magazines and food. however my current work place will fire you for ANY theft. even a candy bar or beef jerky. hell if you are gonna steal why not go for the gold. i hear the 40GB hard drive calling you.
  20. Sephiroth

    alien 6

    i remember showing some friends event horrizon. they had never seen it and where fairly blood shy. he also decided to eat some pizza. then it got to the part with the video. instant puke. i wonder if there is a director's cut? now includes 30 minutes of extra carnage!
  21. Sephiroth

    "Spider-Man" strikes again

    yea saw that on the local news today. was trying to get a glimps of the high speed chase in my home town, that lasted a grande total of 3 minutes. some thiefs where fleeing. one of them was a kid i beat in the side yard of my home. he tried to go round two on my car. instead he got a 15 minute beating from me. anyways they hit my brother's friends car and that car hit his other car and that car then went through the garage. the kids where 16-18 years old and had been breaking into cars. one of them broke into my car, i think. like i said one of them was a kid i beat up for trying to break into my car. to bad spiderman wasn't with me to help.
  22. Sephiroth

    Metallica Recording

    i loved the old stuff. ride the lightning is a favorite CD. However me an music have kinda had a falling out. not much has impressed me nor have i bought any CD's in over a year. even after all of my CD's got stolen. i didnt even bother buying new ones. not to say i didnt burn any new ones. i dont even download music that much. i might have no more than 20 songs on my main computer. half of those are old metallica songs. i hate club music. christ i even tried listening to it. my brother has some CD's. literaly like listening to the party boy theme. for fuck sake i think i found something more annoying than boybands and pop culture BS
  23. Sephiroth

    who thinks drifting is dumb?

    i dont have any idea either. as long as it isn't ricing i could care less. at first i was thinking this thread would be about drifters. i see many drifters here because there is 2 major highways near my home. i usally see a few on my way to work.
  24. Sephiroth

    alien 6

    alien aliens alien III alien IV .....? alien V? heh, you're right. WTF? alien VI? didn't even bother seeing AVP cause everyone i know say its sucks ass.
  25. Sephiroth

    hell portal

    thats how I do it. a up clois eand personal shotgun blast usally makes for quick work of those guys. however if youa re not quick it can also make quick work of you