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Status Updates posted by Sephiroth

  1. personaly i was never into dating. i did a few times but nothing ever really came of it.
    i did have girls i had crushes on. one of them for the longest time. however i never acted on it. recent girls just didn't have any appeal to them.

    however that all changed last week. I had been trying an internet dateing site. i figured it was worth a shot. little did i know i would meet a really nice girl.

    now i know its far too early to say she is the love of my life, but i really feel something with her. I love being around her, talking to her, feeling her embrace, her smile, her eyes. its as if i have known her for a very long time. she says she feels the same towards me.

    it all happened so fast, however it feels good. i feel good about her and i feel as if i can trust her. something that has always been difficult for me to do. however my gut instinct is usally right.

    its proof to me that there are still good people out there. it makes me feel so much better about my self. i am really begining to get to know her, but like i said it feels as if i have known her for years.

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    2. Grazza


      Job said:

      Your statement suggests that you're bisexual.

      "Mind you, that's just a pat diagnosis made without first obtaining your full medical history."

    3. Sephiroth


      I really like this girl. I enjoy talking to her, being with her. Hell i could even swear i could smell her today, heh she smells good.
      Sadly the only thing i don't like is the fact she smokes.

      well that's my life. I never really know what to expect, but sometimes i do. this was a very pleasant surprise and i hope it works out for me and her.

    4. AndrewB


      Sephiroth said:

      Sadly the only thing i don't like is the fact she smokes.

      That sort of inequality will cause an enormous riff, and you do NOT want to go down that road. Seriously, take up smoking ASAP.

  2. ...because i blew up the pourch steps.

    being bored and spending time with a stoned friend is not a good idea. we have had our fair share of misadventures. this one included a hammer, a cement pourch step and a strip of explosive charges for a nail gun.

    well we decide to set off some of these charges. they are basicly blanks. they are even bullet shaped. to set them off you have to hit them from behind. so we searched for something to hold them. the pourch use to have a wood border around it and there were still holes from the screws. we stuck a shell in there and slammed it. it didnt work, it just pushed it into the hole. so i gave up and went to remove it. however my friend wasn't about to give up. however before he could swing his phone rang. so he was talking on the phone when he took his mighty swing.
    BAM! the thing went off and blew a large section of cement right off the step and into his face.
    I fell down because i was laughting so hard. the person on the phone didn't hear the explosion surprisingly.

    today we are fixing the step.

    however at least we can fix it, this isnt like the time another of his friends cut down a tree.

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    2. Coopersville


      That's awesome. I didn't know nailguns used charges.

    3. Sephiroth


      well these nailguns put things in stone and cement.

      I was not high, but i was very bored. though a friend, who set off said charge, was very high.

      the step is now fixed now. all we need to do is paint. i whish we had it on video.

    4. AndrewB


      DooMBoy said:

      Did your mother have any kids that lived?

      I hope that you realize the stupidity of this question.

  3. never done it until this weekend.

    basicly it is taking a laptop, or PDA and listening for wireless networks.

    i did this going up and coming back from my grandparents home. too bad i dont have a gps.

    things i learned
    about 75% of these networks were not encrypted.
    channels 6 and 11 are the most popular.
    83% of them used default SSID's
    netgear was the most popular, fallowed by linksys, cisco and PCX500. D-link and microsoft were rare.
    the most popular speed was 11mbps and 22mbps. very few 54g and no detected 108g connections.
    one guy had his address as the SSID
    one guy must really like M.C. Hammer. with the SSID of "hammertime"

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    2. fraggle
    3. Bloodshedder


      The strange thing is, that one was ad-hoc and not an access point.

    4. Sephiroth


      in the list a guy had his address as the SSID.
      had the aprtment building and apt number. i guess he wants friends.

      I did it just to see how easy/hard it was. we were on the highway 70% of the time and the rest was, for the most part, small country towns.

      only a few larger ones like englewood, Lima, findlay, fostoria and freemont. all ohio cities

  4. i don't know why i am friends with this guy. even if i have known him sence he was a child. basicly he is one of those really arrogant people who thinks rules don't apply to him or family. He has always had a horrible anger and temper problem. this guy once pulled an unloaded shotgun on a kid for turning off the N64, and he is not a gamer! He punched me for turning off the heat in his car once. Once he about beat one of his cousins, a 5 year old, for accidentaly hiting him in the nuts.
    now toss in wreckless drug addiction and more stupidity and you got your self a very dangerous person.
    he states he would never hit a woman or family. however its far closer than he thinks. I have seen him get extreamly pissed at things that should not bother someone. He has the mentality of a wife beater or child beater. I have seen that too much in my life. so i know it rather well.
    he says drugs never affected him, but i watched as he became more violent and uncontrolable. He once tried to fight a guy with a gun at a part infront of his girlfriend. he eventually got 3 DUI's, the 3rd nearing killing him. he was also 19 at the time.
    luck was on his side, he is very much alive. and really got off with another slap on the wrist. if it were up to me he would never see a car for the rest of his life. His girl stayed with him, and i helped him. why i don't know, i should have left him for dead and she should have found another man. but i guess that is the human side of us, or we are just dumb.

    He now says that he will never drink or do drugs agian. however i know from my life that he will most likly start up agian. After all he still keeps the same drug addict friends. he still fails to see that what he did is serious and gets pissed if the police question him. as i said he got off really easy, no fines or jail time. license is only suspended due to medical reasons.

    An example of his mental state would be as fallows.
    he doesn't like it when people smoke in his house, yet he does the dip. i would rather see him smoke. Atleast i don't have to see his cancer or that nasty vomit inducing spit. his poor girl-firend, she doesn't know.
    he thinks blacks and other races are the cause of the world's issues. desptie the fact he use to hate such idea and the fact of his own family roots. the guy has japanese releatives.
    he is one with that "i am always right attitude" i will prove him wrong to put him in his place or to stir up the hive. one time he claimed the college he was looking into was $15,000. i told him it would be more like $60,000. he was pissed and tried to say i didn't know what i was talking about. so i took him to my dad, who went to this college, who showed him the modern cost. he shut up about it.

    if he contiunes this way he will fallow in his brother's foot steps and have 3 divorces by the time he is 30. i have talked to his soon to be wife about getting him into anger managment. However i don't think she takes me seriously. however if she doesn't heed my warning.... well we all know what will happen there. and this time i will not help.

    1. darknation


      how come your blogs are only ever about other people?

    2. Nmn


      Kill him.
      :] j/k

      Seriously, why do You give a shit about that guy? I bet a rat's ass that if You had trouble like him neither him or his girlfriend would help You. Get over it, people were crazy and will always be. Care for Yourself, not that crazy fella. Let fate be his justice, while You worry about yer ass.

  5. well a woman wants me to call her to see how her computer is doing. she leaves a number. so i dial that number to get "you must dial a 1 or a 0 before dialing this number" the i try both, well i get "dial the area code" message. I assume her area code is 937 because she lives like a mile from here. i dial the full number to get "this number has been disconnected" on my caller id it just shows the 7 digit number. so the is bassicly no way to contact her. So maybe next time she will give me the full fucking number.... or pay her damn bills.

    well tried all local area codes and none worked, so fuck her. she should have had the common sence to tell me the correct phone number.

    anyone know any trick to find out the area code

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    2. Ichor


      Trial and error

    3. Bucket


      Hello, Lois?


      Hello, Lois?



      (Seriously, who cares? If you can't reach her phone, it's her fault.)

    4. Sephiroth


      yea *69 would have been nice, but 3 other people called.

      however i was able to find her number in the phone from a while back, our phone stores the numbers of the last 200 people who called.

  6. well traded in those nice new shinny games i had for some older games. mainly mario64 and silent hill.

    i was surprised about silent hill and how shitty it really looks. well it looks average compared to other PSX games at the time. however i did not buy the game for the graphics, i bought it to experince the first game at last.

    the N64, which i had to buy, ran at $19. it came with controller, memmory card, power supply, av cable and this one had the upgraded RAM. mario cost me $8. was kinda pisse dbecause i bought a N64 off a friend but it had no power adapter. from sites i was looking at it ran around $15-$25 for the thing.

    games i dusted for this new stuff, or rather towards the price.
    marrowwind, full spectrum warrior, and max payne 2. 3 games i never played much.

  7. well it doesn't happen much, ok that's a god damn lie. someone gets rid of a perfectly good computer because its "slow". well no shit its gonna be slow when you have a shit load of spyware and 3 viruses on 128MB ram. also add in the fact they had just about everything you could think of running in the back ground.
    the computer was made in 2001, so still kinda new.

    its an HP vectra workstation. PIII 733Mhz, 128MB ram, 10GB hard drive (SCSI), 16X CD drive (SCSI). so removed the hard drive and replaced it with a 40GB IDE, updated the ram, and installed a fresh OS. runs exelent. so now i am gonna sell it. i love dumb people.

    1. Bucket


      What's wrong with the 10gb drive? It's SCSI, so it should be pretty fast. What are they, 15k rpm now? You could use it as a swap drive for sound/video programs and such.

      Or are you going to sell the machine and keep the rest...?

  8. Well took a bit of a break before christmas. So i went up to see my grand parents who i will not see agian for a while, next summer.

    This place is really wierd. They claim the house is haunted. IF you know more about the area then you can kinda see why.

    The area was home to native american tribes. It's rare, but sometime bones are found when homes are built. A walk in the field behind this house can turn up handfuls of arrow heads and other objects. The road outside of the home is a death trap, literaly. numerous deaths have occured infront of this house or land surrounding the house. Mainly due to people being drunk or stupid. Infact a rather creepy message has been scrawed onto a telephone pole in front of the house.

    Needless to say this is NOT a house to stay up and play silent hill 2. I did that the other night, and it really freaked me out. mainly cause my grandfather walke dinto the room very quitly and a saw something moving in the window, his reflection/shadow.

    things that are wierd here.
    foot steps, often from the basement or attic.
    voices, but very rare. usally heard by children. once heard by adults during christmas.
    moving objects, common. fucking ghost took my damn X-box controller! maybe it just wants to challenge me to a game of halo? no, shit just moves around. pictures have "flown" across the room. and in one case a toy riendeer was unpacked and turned on in the basement.
    electornic devices behave oddly. batteris die early or devices randomly come on and shut off. so far computers not affected. However the area does have odd geological activity and there are 3 large radio/TV stations near by. those may also explain "voices"

    Its creepy here, but peaceful. Nothing bad has ever happened to a family member here. Only to the careless drivers and drunks outside of the home.

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    2. Zoost


      I did not type this! HAHAHAHHAAAHA

    3. Sharessa



    4. Sephiroth


      well the ghost is said to be a young girl. but who knows. The place is kept up, not abandoned.

      however a girl i dated had a home in a near by town. this town was baiscly abandoned in the 1950's. there was like 1,500 people liivng there. now there is less the 30. Many of the old homes are gone, but a few remain. The house and land they owned was surrounded by woods. It was going to be tore down and rebuilt.

  9. well how about winter cleaning. this involves my attic, my closet and under my bed.

    most of this shit has not seen light for a decade or more. so here it goes.

    my attic.
    besides clothes and allergies.
    1 box of new unused old school computer paper.
    a box of coffe cans
    an antenna i made when i was 5, cant remember if it was for a radio or TV.
    1 old color TV, i mean old. has vacume tubes.
    2 old radios, both have vacume tubes. 1 works
    more coffe cans
    a microphone? looks like it came off a CB or PA system. the end is cut off.
    a japanese rifle wrapped in cloth, looks great. one of many WW II things out of here.
    several german WW II helmets, 2 American helmets. A japanese and american bannette. and some sort of japanese knife, its big.
    a nazi egal thing, egal on a swastika
    panzerfuast tube, score!
    random caseings, used
    various gun parts in poor condition. i think some of these belong to an AK-47.
    empty ammo cases, well filled with dust.
    old records.
    and a box filled with my dad's old porn stash. shit looks like its from the 70's.

    now the closet
    a box filled with 6 CB radios. Use to get these from an uncle and would use them to play soldier when i was a child. I dont know if they work
    a old mac computer
    over 10 walky-talkies, loved those as a kid. however would get bored and usally break them, i think i enjoyed breaking them.
    a cell phone? looks newish, have no idea whoes it is.
    pop cans, my brother is lazy.
    some odd radio like thing. in a box and covered in plastic wrap. have NO idea what it is. i know its not mine. however the below item might make it fun.
    one big old baseball bat, ok i found a few of its freinds too.
    the long lost aquarium.

    well most of this stuff is useless to me. some of it is worth money and some of it is trash. the only thing that got me excited was the WW II stuff. however i know both grandparents have way more in their homes. as for selling any of that stuff, no way. however if you need a old TV and a box of CB radios then give me a call, i even give you those walky-talkies for free.

    what wierd, odd, disgusting, and just plain awesome things have you found while cleaning?

    1. SYS


      Congrats on the WWII stuff. I wish I got more of my grandpa's stuff from WWII, I got his medals though, along with some paper that was written in Dutch. People sell WWII stuff at local swapmeets all the time. This dude had like 3 nazi pistols, some ally rifles, medals, rings, both nazi & ally, also some uniforms as well, even some nazi shot glasses but I'm betting those were fake.

      In a totally unrelated matter. This Virgin megastore got shit from a jewish rights group, because they sold Call of Duty action figures, which naturally featured nazi figures as well as allies.

  10. When i think of my past it becomes difficult. It is often hazy and unclear. often times because relatives lie to cover up the past or because they didn't know what was going on. Also an inceident 5 years ago took alot of recent memmories. However one thing in my mind does stand out. I know how i felt and i understood many things.

    What has made me think about this is some community work i have been doing. I never thought of my self as a person that would like kids or that kids would even like. I tend not to deal with stress very well and often become deffensive. however how i react often depends on the person. I am more prone to become violent if the agitator is older, around 30's, and more so if it is a woman. Also a man who is older and bigger. oddly i am not distrustful towards women. considering those who hurt me the most were women.

    three weeks ago I gave a 3rd grade class a presentation. Usally our groups are mixed crowds of children and adults. to add to the mix it was at a religious school. so i had to rewrite my work with both in mind. most of the originals deal with breeding and evolution. However the children were intelligent, but still asked questions i expected. Also the school was small. which made it easy to get in an out. and for once the animals behaved, mainly the skink.

    The way the children reacted was a dark reminder of who i was. I am sure there are some there who share my pain. In those days there was only one thing i was trying to do, stay alive and get out. My family life hit the fan at that age. my mother left and my father brought in a new girl. At first we liked her and began to trust her. Until she became abusive. Unlike other children i didn't think i was the cause and i stood up. the abuse lasted for another 4 years. after the first 2 i came to a dark conclusion "the bitch must die!" it is possible i even considered suicide if i failed to kill her. certianly failing such a thing would be bad. The plan was simple. slit her throat in the night after she passed out from drinking. I knew killing was wrong, but i knew it was either her or me. I later, that year, stabbed her in a knife fight. she was drunk and dropped her knife. a mistake i made sure she would not forget. I stuck the short knife into her upper leg. She then punched me and hobbled away. I was 10 years old at the time, maybe 11. She later got a nasty infection from the wound.

    what makes me think about such things is the letters from the children. There is no darkness. They are happy and the children sound like they were excited to see the animals. I am sure many of them have no idea how cruel the world can be. Oddly, and touching, is the fact they liked having me there. Mainly because a part of me is very distrustful and my view is that all people are going to act the same way toawrds me. I know reality is different and depends on the person, but it still surprises me how trusting people can be. in contrast my writings were cryptic and dark. I recently went over some of mine from that age. I often spoke of a monster who would brings a violent death to those who slept. Sometimes i was more direct and wrote about a dream were i had been shot. Teachers often dismissed this because i was from a different culture or because all boys dream about monsters and guns. These would usally be mixed in with standard childish things and my interest in electronics and machienes. I may not remember much but i do know i did have times of peace and happiness.

    I have learned alot about my self in the last 4 years. I have learned that i missed out on many important life lessons and that i learned many that should never have to be learned. I also learned how close i was to continuing the cycle of my faimily. I also see why children should be taken more seriously.

    I am a different person now. I don't fear for my life and i am more trusting. however i do bear the old wounds and lessons of those days. I have a stricter point of view towards drugs and abuse. I am very criticle of other family memmbers aswell and have all but broken off contact with my dad's side of the family.

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    2. SYS


      We all bear regret. Some worse than others, some things which were beyond our control. There are some things in life I wish I didn't learn the hard way, or have happen, but if you can come out of it a better person, that's all that matters.

    3. Fletcher`


      Cheer up Seph. Not all nutcases grow up to be psychopaths. ;)

    4. Grimm


      I regret a lot of things. I regret my whole damn life. And almost all of it was outta my control. And the future, don't look much brighter either. Not much left for me.

  11. there is one part of my self i don't like that i can change in an instant. my name. I am named after my father, a man whom i am nothing like nor can i respect. I dont like being confused with a corrupt drug addicted lawyer who let whores beat his children. I am a completly differnt person than my father. also the fact that just about everyone else with my last name is about the same way.

    the name i may choose is a name my grandmother wanted, but she died 4 years before i was born. however i would most likly change the whole name, not just the first. most likly taking my mother's last name of murray.

    in which case i would become James Murray.

    it is something i have thought about doing for a long time, ever sence i was 10. its not really an if at this point, but when.

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    2. DemonDemon


      I was actually thinking of what I could change my name to and I came up with Arto Lan. Sounds too... specialised though. ^^; The only other name I could think of was Teiganus Dos, which is a little... meaty for me. I think I'll just stick to my normal name for now... :)

    3. Snarboo


      I would change my name to Optimus Prime, but some nerd has beat me to it. :(

    4. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      I'm thinking Alpha Omega, it has a nice ring to it. And I could rightfully say "I am Alpha and Omega." :D

  12. i have decided i will no longer help this couple... for free. i was helping them with their computer and internet however going over there is a pain in the ass. their kids just run amok and destroy everything, mainly the youngest. he even destoryed a computer. honestly that is when you spank a kid, not just say "bad" like its a dog.

    to make matters worse the kids abuse their last computer. turn it off when they cant get on, passwords prevent them from getting on. also by screwing around with alot of stuff.

    though what they do is easy to fix, but when you have 3 screaming kids fallowing you around and constatly buggy you. add in breakign stuff, throwing stuff, fighting yelling and such it gets to be a pain.
    its not that i dont like kids. these kids are just not at all punished for the shit they do. say like, pouring pop into a computer or throwing plates into the ceiling fan. shit like that deserves a spanking and a grounding. today i am fixing the last problem, i belive it is realted to the fact they didn't pay the god damn bill for the internet.

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    2. Sharessa


      Just lock them in their rooms all day. That learned me. Spanking only turns people into sado-masochists. I should know.

    3. Ultraviolet


      Danarchy said:

      Just lock them in their rooms all day. That learned me. Spanking only turns people into sado-masochists. I should know.

      Hippy bullshit. I got spanked and I'm not a sado-masochist. Kids occasionally do need the physical jolt -- it's a way of really bringing consequences to a kid's attention. Of course, to them at the time the consequence may seem only to be punishment, which is not a good attitude to have, but that's why it's important not to just beat the fuck out of a kid.

      There are, of course, more creative ways to punish a child that aren't cruel, unusual, or even subject to hippy protest bullshit, but the trick with those is to catch a kid in the act of trying to push the envelope. Punishments get more extreme as a kid pushes further and further away from "the line."

      We talked about this method of punishment on IRC, I believe: The Iron Chair. Once you get a kid that is acting up so much he won't sit still when you say to, won't listen at all, you kinda HAVE to exhibit the fact that you ARE still the biggest fish in the pond. But that's why you have to keep a kid walking the line, so it doesn't get that bad. Now, I'm not advocating repression... It's for every parent to find the proper balance there.

    4. Csonicgo


      That's why I use the Dragon Kick(TM).

  13. once agian am i rebuilding the classic game PC. this time i have found some of my better parts.
    anyways specs time
    Intel Pentium pro 200Mhz 256k cache
    96MB system RAM
    4MB sis video with 3dfx voodoo 2 12MB 3d accelrator. plan on buying another voodoo 2 and runing SLI.
    4GB maxtor hard drive, 5400RPM
    soundblaster AWE64, a great card for older games.

    i have some concerns about the pentium pro CPU. i have heard it runs kinda bad in 16bit mode. also i think it lacks the MMX ability.

    however my p133 system ran very well and had similar specs. minus the voodoo2. i was saddened to have never gotten one. until now.

    now for the games list
    GL quake
    tombradier 1 & 2
    doom, duh
    keen 4, 5 & 6

    have any of you guys ever used a pentium pro for such a task? i just used it because the base system was already built and i did not feel like digging thru trying to find a good working pentium board.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Bucket


      It should be easy to find an old P2 chip somewhere-- when they came out, pretty much everyone had one. If not, try to find a Cyrix 686(terrible processor for its time, but good for what you're doing).

    3. Sephiroth


      i got plent of P2 chips, infact 3 set ontop of the computer desk. i even have one p III slot CPU. however no main boards that work.

      oh fuck me!
      christ that will never sell

    4. Bucket


      OMG it's four times the DX than regular processors!!!

  14. what? the sephiroth is going to meet a girl? how can this be?

    well yes i am going to meet a girl. I let some girl at work trap me into meeting with her friend. situations like this are an odd thing for me. one i am not very trusting of people. two is the fact i know almost nothing about this girl. also add in the fact that bars are not at all a place I enjoy.

    anyways wish me luck, i am heading out in an hour. i just hope this isnt a mistake. and i hope she doesn't ask me if i said stake.

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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Numbermind said:

      No, fuck Led Zeppelin. Would you like to hear some Yes, though?

      Yes rocks.

    3. sgtcrispy


      Yes, Led Zepplin does rock. heh

    4. Sephiroth


      meeting her agian tonigth. ironicly this is somewhat of a new experince for me. i spent so much of my life just trying to stay alive. Add in the fact that trusting a person when i was growing up could be dangerous.

      i think the girl is nice, but need to get to know her.

  15. well it happened agian. watching a friend's snake for the winter and it gets loose in the house.
    this one is much smaller than the redtail that got out. and unlike the redtail it isn't 5 feet away.

    however both my dad and I could hear the animal moving in the night. so now i have a good idea where it is. when i get off work tonight is when i will look

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    2. Bucket


      Draconio said:

      Is that a joke, or for real? I find it a bit difficult to imagine having a tarantula on a leash.

      Uh, it's a pet. Who cares what it is, you can put it on a leash. And yes, tarantulas hunt vermin like nobody's business. Cats may be good at pouncing, but they always toy with their prey. Tarantulas kill unmercifully and efficiently. One account of a guy in Bristol who solved his landlord's cockroach problem in four days.

    3. myk


      Nonsense; spiders are neckless critters.

    4. Sephiroth


      i want to get scorpions, those are sweet. yea this thing will show up soon. i have heard it the last few nights, so it is still in the house.

  16. I'll admit i havn't been playing doom III that much. infact i don't think i have touched it once in the last 3 weeks. don't get me wrong the game is awsome and i love it. No its not because windows has been banished to the 20GB drive or that there is no Linux port yet. nor is the fact i don't have time, i got plenty. I think that my interests are shifting. example would be TV. i used to always watch TV, now i hardy ever. Music is another thing. I havnt bought a CD in a year, nor have i downloaded much of anything.

    now i have been getting more into other stuff. stuff i really never did, like messing with unix/linux/DOS. i remember, back in the day, playing doom and other games for hours. now all those games seem to do is collect dust. I know i will bounce back into games. cause i know i had loads of fun with them. Also seems that games today don't seem to offer as much as they did 5 years ago. we have seen it all. about the only series next to doom, final fantasy, that i care about has even lost intrest. The last game i bought was Silent hill IV. and it looks to be the last game for a while. atleast that i will buy, Halo II i will get from a friend's stepdad.

    granted the original dooms still see some action but there are times i put them down for a while. I have wanted to reinstall half-life and they hunger.

    Doom III can never hold the same apeal the orignal doom games held. onething is the fact that the FPS type games isnt a new idea. also i am older and have seen more. Doom was sureal at the time i first saw it. Yes doom III has amazed me, but it can't blow me away like doom did. (infact no game can) I think its that feeling i miss. however i was not disapointed in doom III, it was as i expected and a tad bit more. at the time i first saw doom i was still useing 80286 and apple IIe systems, atari 2600 for gaming and gameboy aswell. Doom was more than stick figures and poor sound. I drew me into computers aswell. i had to learn from scratch how to use DOS. looking back i laugh at some of the stuff i though and did. i think one reason i have lost interest in games is because i found that excitment else where, in unix and linux.

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    2. DoomDan


      læmænt said:

      doom always sucked.

      Die Please

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Classic Doom bores me, as do almost all negawads and single maps. Like a longtime wife, I need ways to spice up our relationship.

    4. Goliath


      I sometimes get really bored with doom but I just give it about a year and then I get to fall in love with it all over again.

  17. well after a month of setting traps a chipmunk was defeated by its own greed. The SOB had become so fat and had so much in its mouth that it got stuck going into its hole. He had a play date later that day with the lovable rocky, a 6 foot ball python.

    i walked out of my house and saw the SOB dive into its hole. I couln't belive it when i saw that the hide legs were stuck out and wriggling. so i grabbed them and pulled. i then asked for some pliers so i could remove him without being biten. however that too would have been impossible. the chipmunks mouth was filled with sonflower seeds and corn. it didnt even spit them out to get away. after pulling it out it tried to bite the pliers but could not turn its head. after a quick knock to the head it fell limp. even then it didnt give up its prise. so i pried it away and put him in the freezer to kill of any parasites.

    i will post pics.

    also if you remember a year ago the pics of the chickens

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    2. Planky


      Scuba Steve said:

      Can I ask why you went to all this trouble?

      Sephiroth said:

      He had a play date later that day with the lovable rocky, a 6 foot ball python.

      Snake's gotta eat I suppose.

    3. Sephiroth


      i dont normaly have issues with animals, but the neighbors went to the trouble of wipeing out the feral cats. also they go to the trouble of feeding the chipmunks. simply put the population is massive. might as well be a prarie dog colony in this area.

      there is extensive damage done by chipmunks and there is a potential danger with this many small rodent like animals. around 7 live under the step infont of the house. infact they have done extensive damage to the steps. i'll need to recement them before it gets cold, agian. I was useing a humane trap, however my step dad is barrowing it. i dont mind a few chipmunks but there is just too many. nothing hear eats them. the cats have been killed off by my neighbor. he gives the SOB's bags of corn. he also feeds the squirrles, but they stay out of houses.

      actualy this is only the second chipmunk i have killed this summer. both where fed to the snake. this one had gotten stuck in the hole that they made in the steps. when winter comes i may just gas the holes and get it done with. however i have captured 17 chipmunks, live. in the time sence around late may. all but one where taken to a reserve that is 4 miles from my house.

      they may look cute but members of the squirrle family are fast reproducers and very destructive. infact a number of home insurance companies don't cover damage done by squirrles. i know my dad found that out, but before we had an squirrle damage. he had to have it added on. the step is an example. after years of chewing they have added over 15 holes to the step and foundation of the house. last year i cemented most of them up. this time i am gonna reinforce it with steel mesh. also i am gonna gas the dens before i do it.

    4. destx


      Just kill the source (your neighbors).

  18. in the case of my father this is true. either out of pure stupidity or brain damaged caused by years of drug abuse the guy still thinks my brtoher has a job. more importantly he belived he worked for a construction company for 6 months.

    however i know the reality. my brother worked at a construction company a grand total of only a few days. hired may 25th and fired june 8th, tools returned june 11th. my brother sold possesions to get by. includeing his gamecube, games, CD's, car parts and otehr things.

    i know this info because i am good friends with the family.

    frankly i am tired of it. mainly because this leech gets away with it and gets what he wants. granted i was given a car, but he was given a new car. i bought all my stuff, i pay rent and i pay for my internet, my insurance, soon my medical and everything else. I locked him off all the computers. I didn't really mind but now it is getting worse. the dumbfuck has gotten hired and fired 3 times this month. also he has taken to betting and street racing for money.

    I know one thing. i don't forgive such ignorance. If his life is in danger, he gets killed or is put in jail i will NOT care, nor come to his aid. he wants to continue in my father's foot steps, fuck him.

    hey if anyone wants a useless fat 19 year old kid who is only good for slave labor in a death camp let me know!

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    2. Fletcher`


      I suggest you sell him.

    3. SYS


      Like him or not, the fucker's family. Unless he's adopted. Then you can beat him like a stepchild.

    4. deathbringer


      if not, set him on fire!

  19. this woman may look innocent, but talk with her for five minutes and you realize she is wacked out of her damn gord. that is if she will talk to you. I don't know why she chose to talk to me in the first place.

    a woman came into the store to buy a computer. well she waited around for 30 minutes and was getting pissed, so a manager grabbed me. i helped her out and all the normal stuff. however now that i remember it she didn't like the fact that there were other people around or near her. she also became very upset and disturbed when a man in the next deparment was checking out a camera, it was kinda pointed in our direction. she then asked about airplanes above her house. asking if they could listen in on her. i told her a jet makes too much noise and did my best to turn the discussion back to the computer. however later she kept talking about that subject. either this woman has something to hide or is insane. i told her if she has an issue to talk with the police. she left for the night, was going to "check" her house as she put it. then she was to return to get the computer.

    i dont know what happened because i was off the clock, aperently she did return to get some other things but held off on the computer. anyways i figured i would never ever see her agian. i was wrong. she came in today, and i am guessing yesterday, tog et the computer. sadly it was sold and she was convinced that the guy with the camera bought it. I told her it is a popular model and that we can order it. so she said she would return, but began to talk of being watched.

    now i have this disturbing feeling i am in for a bit of an adventure. i will have to discuss her with security and tell them that she is highly paranoid and possibly dangerous

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    2. Sephiroth


      i don't look down on her in anyway, but i take great care in this situation. when dealing with people like that you MUST be careful of everything you do an say. more so because she IS human. I have seen, all to many, people like her go beserk and the outcome is rarly good. often they are unprovoked attacks. sometime the jerk asked for it.

      on a comic note i got one of our techs freaked out when i told him about her. he is trying to get an "assistant" to come with him on an in home setup.

      the woman claims she does work for the US, which is most likly pure BS. if she is then it is not important. they would set her up with a computer, and she would also know at least a basic use of one anyways, if it was important. also her lack of knowlege on some things tipped me off. after all i know many people in the military, who work with the military and other militray related jobs. she just doesn't fit. also she told me she was a secretary for an office in the near by city.

      simply put she is nuts. she has a right to privacy and to have a life, but not to be a potential danger. I have seen many people like her snap. they also tend to atach themselvs to certian people. I am just glad i am not one of those people, i have already had to deal with 3 girls like that. Each time i was minding my own damn business

    3. AndrewB


      There would be so many fun ways to have fun with schizophrenic people. That sentence may be slightly redundant, but perfection can be unhealthy.

    4. myk


      At work I remember a call from a customer that suddenly started telling me that she knew we (tech support) were spying in on her through her machine... eventually she went wack and ended telling me I was a perverted pedophile or something right after I informed her I was going to have to hang up, telling her we were not communicating properly. I did hang up, of course, even typing "hung up on insane customer" on the call notes.

  20. Jesus christ! What is so go damn expensive about the construction of a PC diagnostics card? I just started a new job doing tech work and a standard POST card would make the job go faster. I have one somewhare but it is an older ISA one. i would prefer to have a PCI one. anyways the prices on some of these is outragous. more than a mother board. now i can understand a basic one being around $50-$75, which is what i need. Most i have seen are well above that, like $300 and more!! unless these test every damn thing on the system i dont see why they would cost so much.

    anyways if you know of any basic ones with a much smaller price tage, let me know.
    what we need
    Basic BIOS and board tests.
    contacts for a volt meter.

  21. well I tossed a firend's prized, burned, CD out the window at an annoying chipmunk. i don't have the balls to tell him. however its beside the point. the Cd was too badly damaged anyways and there was no way any data could be read off of it. someone spilled a chemical ontop of it that ate the data layer. so there was nothing, other that downloading it agian, that could be done. i told him when i got it that it was shot. ayways i am sure he will be pissed about it, but it was a no go from the start.

    by the way it was a CD with a single long track, 70 minutes. this was some recording of a concert. i can't think of the guys name. it was a band he liked but wasn't a terrible loss. he really should take better care of his CD's

    the name of the artist is Paul Oakenfold.

  22. well the good news is that i FINALY started my new job. so this means more choice in hours and a job i will enjoy doing more.

    but after work it became a somewhat bad day. first i discovered i am to work tuesday night. i gave them instructions that i am unable to work on the evening of the third tuesday of the month. to add to the stress car needs more work. the front right wheel is fucked up. I think it is the bearings, which i dout is cheap. this sets me back agian. now i will not be able to go to school this winter. nor can i afford to sell the car

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sephiroth


      the suspension was done recently and i had transmission work. i have a buddy who is a gear head, but finding time that he is free can be a pain. also i do need some more general work. tires may end up costing me alot and i need some stuff with the breaks.

      by the way it could be an issue with the breaks, hell i put them in. cars are not my area. so i really don't know.

      oh and a bit of good news, tomarrow is NOT the thrid tuesday of the month, heh

    3. Ed


      Ah, my first car was an 85 LaSabre.. "Buick the Sword" as I so fondly called it.. tranny went around 200k. Not bad for free.

    4. Sephiroth


      there seems to be a mysterious buick pattern going on here. mine is a 1992 skylark. mother gave it to me last year. its been a good car but i am hoping this isn't gonna cost too much. trying to save up for school.

  23. well the date for my transfer has come... and gone. the SOB's are just dicking with me as far as i can tell. i started asking about being switched to sales or tech in late june. i finaly got word that i WOULD be moved on or by 9/1 from a manager. personaly i dont care which.
    one reason is it would give me more choice in hours for school. second it would be work i enjoy doing and do well. my manger told me they need a replacement first, ok should have taken care of that a month or so ago. also i should have more of a choice than say some random person off the street. unless that guy has more certifications or some degree, in which case i would not mind, i should get the job i asked for.
    this has screwed me out of going back to school this quater. and as far as i know they have no plans on moving me. they most likely want me there for christmas which will be a no go.
    if they want to play the screwing game i will get them back. if i hear nothing by months end i will either sign on with the military or look for another job. then put in my 2 weeks, which would screw them when large shipments started arriving.

    could it be racism? I am am albanian, who the fuck knows. all i know is they have been lying to me for the last 3 months about this. either tell me the truth or do what i asked.

    its pretty shitty when they say you got a job and you start planning for school and then you find out they have done nothing, and then they give the job to some random person who knows nothing about the job. come on i have been with the company for over a year.

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    2. Ralphis


      Numbermind said:

      Yeah, it's racism. You know what they say about them Albanians...

      ...cause I don't.

      Most of them are retarded? (Source: Ralphis' Personal Experience Weekly)

    3. Bucket


      Works for me.
      Damn Tardbanians.

    4. pritch


      Meh I had a similar experience when I was at uni. They wouldn;t give me the hours I needed in order to be able to do my uni work so i just quit and lived like a tight-ass off my student loans. It meant i had more time to do my work and less money to go out anyway so it was probably a good thing from my degree's point of view.

  24. now i remember why i didnt take the A+ test last year. good god they made finding out when and where more difficult than the test. well and i didnt have the money to take the test. however i have plenty of money now, so i am checking out the school agian. however cant find any of the information about the test.

    maybe i should check thru work, but that is proving to be a bitch. they still havnt moved me so i am just gonna fucking take all the exams i have put off the last year. i really need to study up on linux, unix and networking.

    1. insertwackynamehere


      Heh, I read an entire textbook on A+ for fun. Am I a geek? :D

  25. two words that sum up my brother. a 19year old kid who has no money, never even sleeps in his own bed, thinks he knows alot about cars and can't get a job.
    we have been getting a shit load of calls from banks and such stating he owes money, and he does. simply put i told one of them to call my father over the matter as my brother will not speak to them. this is getting me pissed, cause i have a job and work.

    he said he started a job today, i asked him what time he goes in, he said he already did and got home at 11:30. well ahhh, he is a dumbass. if you are gonna lie put more thought into it. i was awake and sitting at this computer at 11:30 and his fat ass was down stairs.

    Needless to say i am tired of this lazy chunk of worthless lard. he tries to get "better" jobs. he cant because he has no training nor has he held any job longer than 6 months. i told him just to go back to McDonalds, even if for a few months. also i told dad to sell his car, and give him a shit car.
    honestly i would take the car but i dont know how to drive stick very well

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    2. pritch


      /me applauds Sephiroth.

      Too many lazy people in this country are given help whilst people who actualy get off their ass and try and be proactive are penalised at every step of the damn way.

      Also I think your spelling has improved heh

    3. Sporku


      Silverwyvern said:

      Fat and Lazy are not synonomous. I've known several hard workers that were overweight, and more then my fair share of slimmer lazies.

      I'm unemployed now myself.. it's not because I'm lazy, it's cause my boss doesn't like people who ask questions.

      Well, she works at a game shop, and every time I stop by there, I see her sitting on a computer playing a game, or doing something stupid.

      So fat and lazy pretty much fit her pretty good. I see the point you are making, though. I know quite a few overweight people that are hard workers.

    4. Sephiroth


      well in my brothers case he got fat because he is lazy. i mean come on 15 hours of his day is spent on a couch.

      yes i know people who are fat and work hard. however i know a great many people who are fat and use it as an excuse to get handouts