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  1. I feel it in my veins, burning like fire. In my mind it bashes my memory, speaks of nothing sane and shatters all thought and reason. glimmering fragments shine with promise but show the true intent of their nature. Reality, sanity and memmory are no longer whole and have been swallowed up by something dark and twisted. Her voice brings hope only to shatter what is human in us. Their voices echo with her's and with the screams and pounding within. I find the monster within me has a face and a name, i find it is not really just insaide me but all around. No matter where i look i see my darkest fears and greatest dreams, taunting and destroying. pushing and pulling me apart. All that is left is numbness in the void and a soft pounding in the mind. screaming somagotten somagotten somagotten
    There is no reason to live but my purpose is clear knowlege of all life must be kept, both good and bad, sane and insane, just and injust I must understand....

    The translated lines of the story of nata-sa-leshk, the silocrat spirit god of memmory and knowlege. This part is from his meeting with anaude-kess, spirit-goddess of chaos, death and sister to denaude-kess guardian of children, love, peace, sanity. this is his speech to anaude after he has been betrayed by those he thought where allies. he is decideing if it would be better to jump into the viod of souls, somagotten, to end his human life. however he then relizes his purpose to collect information about life, no matter what. he becomes the new apointed spirit-god.

    this is an ironic story i can relate to. Where ever i look i see those things I hate, even what apears as an friends is really another twisted joke. however i asked my self, why am i still alive? it is my duty the speak of what i know and see. the story also says, be warned of those around u. nothing is as it seems, what my seem evil may be good trying to escape evil, what my be good may be a traitor waiting for a victim

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