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  1. my senior year in high school saw an art class titled basic drawling. well we did just that. anyway that was fairly lame as this teacher was about as dumb as a box of rocks. one day out of bordem a new kids says "I'm gonna draw a dick attacking a butt hole" everyone looked at him as if he were gay. However he did just that as one of his projects. He drew a penis that resembled a shark, with a open mouth and teeth, but still looke very much like a dick. the butthole was the mouth of a terrified face, didnt look much like a but unless u looked at the whole thing. He colored it an all. It was a very good, very detailed and very funny cartoonish image. The teach gave him an A and thought it was so good she hung it in the hall. She thought it was nose art, you know like WW II planes, every time someone passed it they laughted out loud in the hall. everyone in the world knew it was a dick attacking a butthole, everyone except her. It stayed in the hall for a long time before some teacher finally got its meaning, teachers were dumb too, and spoke with the now embarrassed teacher. however by this time the kid had moved agian.