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  1. isn't it wierd how people with a good life take it for granted? i have a friend who has a great girlfriend, a job and other things going for him. yet he still thinks its ok to go out every night and get piss drunk and high, and cheat on his girlfriend every chance he gets. Well that was the reason i am not friends with him. Strangly i have looked else where and found almost the same thing in everyone. I have tried others like me, born out side the country, black, asian, indian ect... younger and older.. different social background. I just seems that all the people here care about getting high, drunk or knocked up. Mind u i have never looked in a bar. u only find trash in a bar. I just love the human race. honestly i think the world... and universe would be better off if we just nuked our selfs

    1. Julian


      High again? :P

    2. AndrewB


      Very true.