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  1. of all the nasty genetic conditions to enharent i had to get this.
    i dont know if it is acid reflux or something similar, as heart burn is not the issue.
    what ever it is it sucks and is painful. it causes a sort of spasm in the esauphagus and make food swalling painful. it occurs when eating large amounts of food without drinking or dry food(like a large chunk of bread) anyway it triggeres a reflex telling the esauphagus to produce ungodly amounts of mucus,for a nice lube. however it produces so much it make things worse. it feels like swallowing a hard rock and having that hard rock get stuck.
    it can last only a few seconds to as much as a few hours. Doctors say it is just a nucince right now as i am young, but i know i should keep an eye on it.

    1. Lüt
    2. Use


      Maybe you should try taking human sized bites and not eating so fast. I also hear chewing your food helps.

    3. insertwackynamehere


      Fucking shit! I have problems swalling my food, too! But my parents took me to a shrink saying it was purely in my mind, and that also it helped my panic attacks, and minor OCD.