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  1. I wrote an old friend, who ironicly use to be my arch-rival in life, to see how they where doing. Well i didn't think anything would come of it. but turns out to be a pandora's box of wierd shit and spring snakes.
    she then calls, nothing wrong with that. Except its 3:00 in the morning!!!! screaming about being in the hospital and such. this pissed my mom off cause i was not home and did i mention it was 3:00 in the morning. so I get bitched at when i get home in the morning, was at my dad's that night.
    she then emails me and such, all emails seem normal but u know they are covering over something sinister, wierd and freaking twisted. she also tells me she is getting married, or is, i forget and dont really care. and gives me a name that sounds, well ah unreal or not right. so i am like WTF is going on and WTF did i just get my ass into.
    anyways she talks to me online with alot of questions and typical funky text, oviously what she is saying is covering something dark up and points of it do show.
    My guess is this poor girl is mentaly wacked out of her skull. similar to another girl i know. This one tells me of violent nigthmares and rape dreams. when she called me she probably had such a dream.
    I was like, but didnt say it to her, "why the fuck dont you talk to ur boyfriend/husband about it???" which makes me think that this guy doent even exsist, but i dont think she is that nutso.

    ahh the fun life of good old seph, WTF is my luck to get all the crazy ass bitches. Christ! It sucks! and i aint gonna try and get some from a crazy cause u know what they do next. they come after u with a knife or panzerfaust or something.

    1. Sephiroth


      i would say its been a wierd week. wonder what kind of nut balls i'll meet at my new job.

    2. Ralphis


      Goodjob replying to your own thread you skitzo

    3. goaxis