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  1. well i love versions 3.1X to windows2000 (minus winME)
    a neighbor was having issues with boot on her new system. so i checked it out. well it boots up normal and runs for about a minute until in shutsdown, and repeats. it gives and error about RPC, and by the nature i am asuming this has something to do with activation in XP. she has had the system 1 month to this day. So i check out the microsoft site and it tells me to use the activation in system tools, guess what. NOT INSTALLED!!!! christ! this is total bullshit. know one at dell told this poor woman that she had to activate windowsXP.

    anyway i tried booting into safe mode, wouldn't let me. tired shuting off RPC, wouldnt let me.
    so how do i kill this damn program so i can do what i need.

    are there any programs out there that can kill this thing and remove it.

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    2. Arioch


      If Windows XP runs through the alloted period before activaction, it'll tell you it needs to be activated--it won't simply not boot with an obscure error.

      As an aside from that, you have what a full month to do the activation after a fresh install, and it is all of a 15 second process. There is no excuse.

    3. Ichor


      It's kind of silly to move a thread to Blogs and not reopen it, heheh.

    4. Arioch


      And the problem actually looks to be that new RPC exploit worm.

      `shutdown -a now` (to abort the shutdown) and then apply relevant patches, then remove the worm.

      If she's running Windows XP, then there's no excuse for that either. XP has an automatic updates downloading service, and installing critical security patches is as easy as clicking thrice.

      The patch has been out for what, at least a month now?