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  1. well i have DSL and all that stuff. my dad uses AOL, and i live at his house. yesturday i updated his system to win2000 pro and redhat linux 9.
    i also told him i would run network line upstairs so he can use the network.

    however he bitches about me not installing AOL. I said "its pointless now, ill run the network up here." he replies about needing his fantasy football bullshit. so i connect him with my dialup.
    i told him AOL is no longer needed, its $30 a month for a damn email. Also i am not going to get AOL broadband as it sucks ass, big time.

    also i updated to win2000pro. he said "why did u do that. ask me next time" sorry, its my equipment. u payed for the case but thats it. Also u never take care of it. non of the normal system matinece programs are ever run. virus scan is never run or updated. spyware goes unremoved and he leavs the SOB on for a week at a time. its not a server and heats up bad after 48hours. shut it off at night, also they will go like 3 days without useing.
    so if i am gonna be the one in charge of the systems they will be set up the way i want.

    anyof u have similar issues with familyu members and computers. good thing i own my own, but still it gets annoying when they complain about it not working

    1. kain


      i just tell them fuck it. my dads system is soo bogged down. he thinks mcaffe scans the whole hd everytime it loads up, so it usually takes 10 minutes to have the computer fully runing. he says its supposed to do that . also, he opens every single e-mail. doesnt matter who its from. he will open it, just to see. lol. its soo bad, it wont even defragment. it just wont try. lol. then he gets pissed when i uninstall or install something. also, he reads everything when he installs a program, the lisance agreement, everything. then it takes him 1 minute to decide weather to click, next, exit setup, or back. its frustrating. then he gets pissed when i yell " JUST CLICK THE GOD DAMN BUTTON, YOU DONT NEED TO DO IT, JUST CLICK THE FUCKIN BUTTON" HE SAYS " STOP RUSHING ME "