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  1. when it coems to bat shit crazy there are many comic stories. so here are a few of mine.

    my mother - kind and careing yet off the rocker in a few ways. a so called born agian christian, she was once a drug addict. however she went overborded for awhile. claiming the dinosaurs and humans live together and that earth is a mere 5000 years old. she also claimed that a devil worshiper was trying to place a 'hex' on her and was giving her bad dreams. also scary movies send a 'evil spirti' though the TV into u. and lets not forget the evils of doom. ironicly she was a biology major with a very scientific family. lets not forget she got me into doo and was a big doom fan. most of this was due to alot that mid life shit and fundalmentalist christian writing and such, stuff that reminds me of nazi germany (hey and a few where written by neo-nazis) currently she has gotten somewhat back to normal

    bat shit insane britney- a girl from high school. who seemed normal. She use to wash the table and was really friendly, too friendly. She soon said she was in love with me and would call constantly. 2 minutes after i signed up for aim for the first time she IM'd me, still not sure how she did that (i never told her i was useing aim or was gonna nor would she have known my screen name) she also claimed the devil was after her. from what i know of her history she suffered a 'drama' due to her back woods culture. she was to be married at age 17 but was dumped. went bat shit insane afterwards. violent delusions and such seemed to haunt her. also she tried to play the part of the 'dumb girl' despite the fact she was intelligent and capable. yes i could have scored but i didnt want a leech the rest of my life.

    former best friend - this guy was good to be around until about my sophamore year in high school. Then he got into drugs and mainly pain pills. 4 years later and the guy has a brain similar to a 60 year olds after 3 strokes. uncontrolable aggrerssion, violent fantasies, extream paranioia and degraded personality describ him now. who said drugs where good? his last drug of chioce was ecstacy, which is what cause a large portion of his current brain damage. however he had done it all, even huffed paint. he is currently in the mental ward of a hospital, being used in a few experiments. there is no cure or treatment for that dumbass.

    The kitten girl - use to live down the street and was really off. i mean everything was a kitten, includeing a squirrle or dog. she was not retarded, just nuts. I mean she even was petting roadkill on the corner one day, and she was 12 years old.

    I know some one out there has to be able to top those

    1. Liam


      Sephiroth said:

      she was once a drug addict.

      during her pregnancy, i assume?

    2. Sephiroth


      Liam the Bard said:

      during her pregnancy, i assume?

      nope, not until we moved to this country and met a few people who where 'hippies' (i might add that they stunk) after a few years they where abuseing all kinds of shit

    3. Danarchy


      I dont really know any crazies. No one who is too crazy at least. However, pretty much everyone I know has some odd character flaw or another.

      First, there is my friend Eric. When I first met him in 6th grade, he was a hyperactive kid, but who wasn't? Then during Jr. High he started TRYING to be weird (as if he wasn't in the first place). See, he's about as intelligent as me, possibly even more so, and when you get to a certain point, you start feeling like everyone is beneath you, and thus is bread elitism. Unlike me, he just went with it all the way and figured since he was so bright that he could manipulate people despite being the weirdest person in town. Interestingly enough he was right. Despite looking weird (he's a scraggly guy with long, spiked hair, and wears all black) and acting weird (like attacking the mall Easter bunny, buying bibles just to write all over them in Sanscrit, or introducing himself as different people) he is actualy quite a people person despite being a self-declared hermit. He picks up aquaintances all over the place. I often run into him talking to some pretty blond chick or something. Anyway, he ended up pissing off pretty much everyone toward the end of high school. He used to hand with my friends and I, but they all shun him. He actualy once told me I was his only real friend...interestingly enough, I get that a lot. Nowadays he is working at the college I am attending (kind of odd), and apparently still introducing himself by other names. When I ran into him on Friday, he was with a group of people and when he left to go to work, one of them said "See you later, Dave!" :P

      Okay, case number two I dont really know very well. But theres this guy named Mike. Acts like a vampire, dresses like Al Jourgensen, looks even uglier than Eric. He hangs out at this place called Psycho Betty's which is aparently a club for weirdo smokers aged 16-25. I dunno, flash forward to one day when my friend Mark and I hear about 'some guys doing swordfights down at the waterfront'. We're bored so we choose to investigate. Turns out that it's the medival society he and his sister are a part of (yeah, I hang with some weird people). Then we meet with this one guy who is an expert at fighting with Japanese swords. He's dressed in an impromtu samurai outfit and fights with some training katanas. So yeah, Mark gets to know him and invites him to join our D&D group and stuff. Next week, we go back there, me, Mark, my friend Jer, and Mark's girlfrind. We run into Samurai Guy and later his son shows up...its the Mike guy. Mark gets kinda agitated and we all head back to his place. Later on, Eric tells me that that Mike guy used to be Mark's girlfriend's boyfriend. She broke up with him because he was cheating on her. This kinda strikes me as weird because he's a real creepy looking guy, and she's a nice, pretty, art-and-crafty girl. Of course, she's currently in love with Mark, so I guess it shoudlnt be too surprising. :P

      Mmkay, there are a few other weirdoes in this town like Crazy Dave (whose name is Paul), Walking Guy, and Goat Man. But I think they're all drug addicts, and thats another story. :P