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  1. while i may not be the smartest and greatest alive, i seem like it compared to others.

    take this for instance.

    a girl i know who decided she liked me, or didnt, then turns a 180 on me. i think she was useing me to get back at someone. i knew something was up so i stayed away from her the whole time. i had to laught at her games. anyways she has now decided to mary this guy, a guy who is over 10 years older. the guy is a drunk and doesnt have a stable job. so here is a little more

    she also happens to have a very bad illness and i give her at most 10 years given her current status. she could live 60 more years but that involves takeing care of one's self. the illness causes extream clotting of the blood and weak blood vessles. exersize would make them strong agian, so would eating right. also she decided not to go to the doctor with phnumonia(spelling?) and was near death when she was finaly put in. this caused massive damage to the circulation system and resulted in complications. this could be over come with regular medication and exersize, but she refuses. on top of this she has not worked for over 4 years. her father was taking care of her payments.

    she has no money and thinks the guy she is going to marry can take care of very expensive medical treatments. to top it off she is moving to england, thinks she has a better chance there. well like i said no money, hubby is just as bad (and an alcoholic) so if they cant make it in america how well do u think they will do over there.

    also this bitch loves to nag and is a very angry person, so if her laziness doesn't piss him off the nagging will.

    the parents already told her that she cant come back, they are tired of her hateful attitude. i told her if she needs help to come find me, but it is kinda a trick. if she does try to find me i will make sure i lead her to the worse most violent part of eastern europe.

    so I say good redince(spelling) to her, stope feeding on the american economy bitch.

    so all you UK people get to deal with her.

    another girl i know is just dumb. she is in love with me but i am not in love with her. infact she use to be my bitter rival because of this. she fallowed me around the first day i met her. this was annoying beacuse i was not use to it. she is a slut and i know she has been 'hooking' lately. so i am oviosly not gonna do anything with her. i always knew she was a slut, shame really, nice girl. just dumb as a box of rocks.

    anyways what stupid people have pissed you off or you have run into.

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    2. Fletcher`


      Lord of the Blogs:

      Fellowship of the Blogs
      The Two(hundred) Blogs
      Thre Return of the Blogs

      Starring Sephiroth as Frodo Bloggins.


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      There should be an auto search-and-move for all threads that contain the word "Sephiroth."

      It could be the next DWF in-joke code, like the conversion for timeline and "first post" back in the day. You could have a post auto-blogged just by posting "Sephiroth." It would be "hella tight."