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  1. i will warn everyone, NEVER buy a main board from PC CHips! they are complete junk. i just got my second, DOA board. Seriously, WTF is up with them? the first i got 2 months ago for a new system, it arived DOA and so did its replacement. finally got a check refund and i made them pay for the damn shipping. the second i got last week for a repair job, it is DOA! all are PC chips made boards. for now on i am sticking to MSI and ASUS who i have never had any problems with.

    so if u need a new main board stay away from PC chips and aviod the head ache of many DOA boards. This time i want a check refund. i ordered it from a local shop so i will have them trade me for a different brand if i can.

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    2. DooMBoy


      Heh, looks like you got shafted again.

    3. kain


      thats what you get for buying no name brand components.

    4. Quast


      Go for ASUS or something dude...