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  1. WTF, seems i did it agian.

    2 nights ago i had a dream about a friend being in a coma. something happened involving a near deadly neck injury. something with a slash to the front and impact on the back. he in the dream however came out of it but had adverse side effects, includeing almost complete loss of his voice.
    a woman, on purpose or accident is unclear, was the cause. i rember her face.

    anyways i learned he was just in a neart fatal accident and is currently in a coma. i dont know the details of his injuries. he was dead but revived. i am gonna contact his family, however i will leave out the part about the dream.

    ironicly this isnt the first time i have done this sort of thing. happenes to me quite alot, except it is mostly small little shit.

    wierd aint it, or bad luck. personaly i dont really know what to think. fits to much to be just bad luck, but i dont believe in that "orcal" type shit either

    1. The Ultimate DooMer

      The Ultimate DooMer


      God of Faulty...Dreamware???

      (no offence intended though, the joke is based on the dream rather than the accident. I hope he recovers and all that)

    2. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Holy Crap, Seph found blogs!!!!1